About the ADI & Changes at the ADI

The French Association for the Right to Information (ADI or Association pour le Droit à l’Information) will soon be moving activity from its Web site at http://intelligence-adi.pagesperso-orange.fr/ to this blog. The same free material will be available upon request on intelligence-adi@wanadoo.fr.

ISP Special Reports & 2013 Subscriptions

Subscription rates to journal Intelligence, Secrecy and Power (ISP) for 2013 have not changed and remain 380 Euros for organizations and seriously reduced rates for individuals.

All 2013 subscribers will receive free of charge our forthcoming country reports which include at least one on Syria and one on Egypt. They will also receive free of charge the 2012 ISP Strategic Report based on the analysis of the over 7,400 media entries that ISP published in 2012.


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