ADI Data – “Obama leads to Trump: 2015-2017 World Media Analysis”

“Obama leads to Trump: 2015-2017 World Media Analysis”, by Karl M. Van Meter

Éditeur : Éditions l’Harmattan, Paris
Prix de vente au public (TTC) : 12 €
70 pages ; 24 x 15,5 cm ; broché
ISBN 978-2-343-16444-1
EAN 9782343164441

Beginning with the year 2006, this series of books with Harmattan has successively analyzed representative samples of the English-language world press covering major national and international conflicts. Such analysis is often called “parapolitics” or the real use of power as opposed to the declared use of power. When you analyze all press reports, conspiracy theories, “fake news” and good old fashion propaganda can be quickly and easily eliminated. Here, we use the method of co-occurrence of key words in texts to form statistically consistent clusters of key words that identify texts associated with specific topics. We then graphically compare these clusters according to their centrality – “everybody’s talking about it” – and density – “it’s tighter, closer organized and more isolated”. The method also allows you to follow these clusters and their texts over time to see if they disappear or become more central or more dense. And there are surprises at every turn. Obama and Trump, in a major instance early in their mandates, experienced almost the same unrecognized political failure. The 2016 presidential campaign started as an opposition between the Democratic establishment (the DNC) and the Republican establishment (the GOP), but that soon turned into a double match between Trump and the GOP, and between Sanders and the DNC. And the Russian, who were already there, applied leverage with the known results.

Karl M. van Meter is an American-French citizen with four university degrees from the US, the UK and France. As a mathematician and research sociologist, he has published widely in French and in English. He is the founding editor of the bilingual quarterly scientific journal, the “Bulletin of Sociological Methodology / Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique”, or “BMS”, once published by Harmattan.


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