Best d’octobre 2018 (français)

1-15 octobre 2018

Voici les “Best” du premier quinzaine d’octobre 2018 (ADI) en anglaise qui peuvent être mise en anglais si besoin il y a.

1-15 OCTOBER 2018

2 Oct – **Confirming Brett Kavanaugh Now Would Destroy The Supreme Court As We Know It
3 Oct – **FBI Is Ignoring Over 40 People With Information on Kavanaugh or His Accusers: Report
4 Oct – ***The “Fix Is In, Folks”: Susan Collins Describes FBI’s Kavanaugh Probe as “Very Thorough” While Admitting She Hasn’t Read It All Yet
– **”A Complete Coverup”: Democratic Senator Argues the FBI Embarrassed Itself in the Brett Kavanaugh Investigation
– **FBI Director Chris Wray Documented Kavanaugh Investigation “Behind the Scenes” to Maybe Make It “Public One Day”: Report
– **North Carolina Republicans Use Fake Photograph to Imply Christine Blasey Ford Was Too Ugly to Rape
– **White House confirms FBI’s Kavanaugh investigation only looked at what Republican senators wanted
6 Oct – **Chuck Grassley: We Haven’t Put Any Women on the Senate Judiciary Committee Because It’s Too Much Work for Them
– **Democrat Promises Kavanaugh Investigation if Party Wins Control
– **Kavanaugh Confirmed to Supreme Court
7 – **”There Will Be Hell to Pay”: Former Dean of Yale Law School Calls Kavanaugh Confirmation “An American Tragedy”
– **White House Counsel [Don McGahn] Prevented FBI From Full Kavanaugh Investigation Even After Trump OK’d It: Report
8 Oct – **Ex-GOP Congressman David Jolly Predicts Republicans Will Crumble After Kavanaugh Debacle
– **Is Trump Driving Women Away From the GOP for Good?
– **Republicans may have traded majorities in Congress for a conservative Supreme Court
9 Oct – **CNN Poll: Majority oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation
– **Trump Calls Kavanaugh Accusations a “Hoax”
15 Oct – **Donald Trump said he doesn’t care if Ford was telling the truth – Trump told Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes the Kavanaugh fight was about winning

1 Oct – **California is 1st state to require women on corporate boards
2 Oct – **IRS Tax Fraud Cases Plummet After Budget Cuts [in IRS functionning]
3 Oct – **UN court orders US to lift certain sanctions against Iran
4 Oct – **Latest Arrests Further Prove White Nationalists in Charlottesville Arrived With Intent to Create Mass Violence
– **Most Twitter Accounts Linked to 2016 Disinformation Are Still Active, Report Finds
5 Oct – **Interpol chief Meng Hongwei reportedly vanishes on visit to China
6 Oct – **Banks Back Democrats in Bid to Rebuild Bipartisan Support
8 Oct – **Kingdom Crackdown: Saudi Women Who Fought for the Right to Drive Are Disappearing and Going Into Exile
9 Oct – **Two and half million children are homeless in America
12 Oct – **Washington state abolishes death penalty
13 Oct – **Facebook says hackers accessed data of 29 mn users
15 Oct – **Brexit deal fails after dispute over Northern Ireland derails talks

1 Oct – **A Veteran Had a Yard Sale to Pay for His Own Funeral – Two Men Helped Him Raise $58,000
3 Oct – **Corrupt from Infancy – Yesterday’s groundbreaking New York Times story found that Trump’s fortune was built on tax fraud and shady dealings, “including instances of outright fraud”
4 Oct – **Migrant Minor Is Held in Adult Detention Facility for Nearly a Year After Dental Exam Found He Was Likely 18
6 Oct – **Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke found guilty of second-degree murder in Laquan McDonald killing
8 Oct – **Popular Bulgarian Journalist Victoria Marinova Raped And Beaten To Death
11 Oct – **GOP House Candidate Compares Welfare Recipients to Hungry Pets — Claims He’s Following “Social Contract and Enlightenment Principles”
12 Oct – **Colin Kaepernick [black NFL quarterback] awarded Harvard’s prestigious W. E. B. Du Bois medal – The award is bestowed to notable individuals “in recognition of their contributions to African and African American culture.”
– **Trump on holding rally during hurricane: I couldn’t disappoint my fans
13 Oct – **Doc charged with involuntary manslaughter in Flint crisis wins top health award [so he must have been doing what “authorities” asked him to do]
– **Facebook Accused of “Full-Frontal Suppression of Dissent” After Independent Media Swept Up in Mass Purge
15 Oct – **Fox News Host Admits There’s No Distinction Between His Network and the Trump White House: “They’re Joined at the Hip”
– **A senator [David Perdue (R-Ga.)] snatched a student’s phone while being asked about Georgia voter registration uproar

2 Oct – **GOP Senator [Joni Ernst] Calls Trump’s Trade Agreement a “Major Win” Before Admitting She Has No Idea What’s in It
– **UK – British Rail Companies Have a Message: We’re Sorry. Very Sorry. Apologies. – “sorry” has been tweeted 417,000 times by train companies
4 Oct – **Voting Machine Vendor [Election Systems & Software] Threatens Election Transparency Group [Americans United for Democracy, Integrity and Transparency in Elections (AUDIT-USA)]
6 Oct – **Officials Literally “Blow Hot Air” to Mitigate Heat in Texas Prisons
8 Oct – **Police in Texas Seized a Handmade Yard Sign Depicting a GOP Elephant with Its Trunk Up a Girl’s Skirt
10 Oct – **GOP State Legislator Snatches Mic From Female Opponent — Then Throws It Back At Her During Debate
– **Tennessee State Trooper Tries to Leak [inside information to Republicans about] Democratic Candidate’s “Muslim Event” That Was Actually Just a Campaign Stop at a Falafel Restaurant
11 Oct – **Republican Official [Brian Kemp] Caught Purging Tens of Thousands of Black Voters from His Own Election for Governor [of Gerogia]
12 Oct – **GOP Senate Candidate [Corey Stewart] Uses Neo-Nazi Sympathizer to Organize Campaign Meet-And-Greet: Report
13 Oct – **Trump Praises Robert E. Lee During Ohio Rally [but Ohio wasn’t with Lee and the South]
– **New Footage Disproves White Woman’s Claim That a Black 9-Year-Old “Sexually Assaulted” Her
15 Oct – **Could the $70 Billion Americans Invest Annually in Their Pets Be Better Spent?
– **GOP Senate Candidate Compares Michelle Obama’s Posture to the Chimpanzee from “Bedtime for Bonzo”
– **Trump: “I think I know more about” NATO than Mattis does


16-31 octobre 2018

17 oct. – Des personnes âgées noires de Géorgie ont reçu l’ordre de quitter un bus qui les amenaient à voter

18 oct. – Le célèbre proxénète du Nevada Dennis Hof devrait remporter l’élection malgré le fait qu’il était mort (et il a gagné l’élection)

18 oct. – Leader évangélique [et donc chrétien] de premier plan [Pat Robertson] sur la crise de Khashoggi: ne courrons pas le risque de perdre “la vente de 100 milliards de dollars d’armes”

18 oct. – Les kits à la maison pour analyser l’ADN ouvrent la voie pour le profilage racial ultime (pour Dédé)

20 oct. – Jusqu’à 9,5 millions de commentaires sur la “Net Neutrality” ont été émis avec des identités volées

22 oct. – La Jordanie demande à Israël de restituer les terres louées en vertu du traité de paix de 1994

22 oct. – L’industrie du haut débit [CTIA, Wireless Association, USTelecom, Broadband Association, American Cable Association, NCTA, Internet & Television Association] poursuit l’Etat de Vermont [et l’Etat de Californie] pour avoir osé protéger les consommateurs et la “Net Neutrality”

23 oct. – Une fausse lune survole une ville chinoise [Chengdu, capital de a province de Sichuan]. Oui vraiment. [pour économiser de l’argent pour les lampadaires]

23 oct. – Enquête sur la mort de Jamal Khashoggi : la directrice de la CIA, Gina Haspel, se rend en Turquie pour travailler sur l’enquête [elle est experte dans la disparation de vidéos sur la torture par la CIA et la mort sous la torture, ce qui pourrait être le cas pour Khashoggi]

25 oct. – Un ancien dirigeant de Monsanto [Aurelia Skipwith] a été choisi par Trump pour diriger la Wildlife Agency [FWS]

25 oct. – Austin, Texas, demande que tout le monde fait bouillir l’eau après une inondation historique dans toute la ville

26 oct. – Le secrétaire d’État (et maintenant gouverneur de Géorgie), Brian Kemp a effacés 340.134 électeurs, affirmant faussement qu’ils avaient déménagés

27 oct. – “La caravane des migrants représente un si petit nombre de personnes s’approchant de notre frontière que ça dépasse la crédulité de dire qu’il s’agit d’une urgence nationale qui exige une action immédiate.”

28 oct. – Les dirigeants turcs, syriens, français et allemands discutent sur l’avenir de la Syrie [aucune représentation de Trump et les USA]

31 oct. – Les manifestants bloquent Trump pendant la Marche pour l’amour et la solidarité à Pittsburgh [après le massacre à la synagogue]


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