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World Media – Synthesis Based on the Analysis of All 1 June 2018 to 15 June 2018 Entries

Major topics and events of the last fortnight include the following:

4 June – In Unanimous Vote, House Says No Legal Right to Attack Iran / Truthout
5 June – MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace has had enough of the endless stream of lies coming from the White House and President Donald Trump’s family / Alternet
8 June – Trump to skip climate portion of G7 after Twitter spat with Macron and Trudeau / CNN
8 June – President Donald Trump on Thursday took more jabs at Canada and France on the eve of the G-7 summit / CNBC
10 June – Trump retracts his endorsement of G7 final statement / Reuters
10 June – Trump Refuses to Sign G-7 Statement and Calls Trudeau ‘Weak’ / NYT
10 June – Justin Trudeau Fires Back at Trump with Retaliatory Tariffs / Daily Kos
10 June – Donald Trump’s Executive Order of April 12 [to dismantle the US Post Office] / Alternet
11 June – Robert De Niro Says ‘F**k Trump’ Twice At Tony Awards / HuffPost
11 June – There’s a ‘special place in hell’ for Trudeau after his G7 ‘stunt,’ top WH Trade Adviser Peter Navarro says / Fox
11 June – ‘He’s Mentally Ill’: Trump Ghostwriter [Tony Schwartz] Warns ‘Fragile’ and ‘Unstable’ Trump Will Continue Attacking US Allies / Raw Story
12 June – Trump and Kim sign document committing to ‘work to complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula’ / CNN
13 June – Republican Voters Embrace Trump-Style Candidates / NYT
13 June – US to host 2026 World Cup with Mexico and Canada after Trump promises not to discriminate / Think Progress
15 June – Reporters fact-check Trump on family separation to his face, Trump keeps lying anyway / Think Progress
15 June – This Award-Winning Cartoonist [Rob Rogers] Was Just Fired After 25 Years [with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] Because of Political Cartoons Critical of Trump / Daily Kos

1 June – Professor Targeted by Right Wingers for Teaching Course on ‘White Racism’ – Ted Thornhill taught a class on the history of racism — and was attacked by racists: “I didn’t cede any ground” / Salon
2 June – Anger in Louisiana After Driver in Deadly Accident Laughed and Used racial Slurs About the Victim / Daily Kos
3 June – Black Doctor [Covey Banks] and Family Called ‘Black B*tches’ and ‘N*ggers’ in Attack at Florida [Omni] Luxury Resort Pool / Raw Story
5 June – Eagles Star Slams Fox News for Passing-Off Photo of Him Praying in Segment About Players Kneeling / Raw Story
8 June – The longtime mayor of Palisades Park, NJ, apologized on behalf of his mother for penning a racist rant at the city’s populous Korean population / NYDN
10 June – Documents Show Political Lobbying in Census Question About Citizenship / NYT
11 June – Domino’s Manager Hurls N-Word At Black Customer After Throwing His Pizzas on the Ground / AlterNet
12 June – Georgia church expelled from Southern Baptist Convention over racial discrimination charges / Tennessean
14 June – As Pence praises Trump, Southern Baptists affirm support for immigrants/ Vox
15 June – In defense of separating immigrant families, Sessions cites same Bible passage used to defend slavery / WP
15 June – The Bible verse Sessions used to defend family separation was popular with slavery proponents/ Think Progress

1 June – Border Patrol Agents Seize 64-Year-Old American’s Life Savings — And Won’t Return It Despite Not Charging Him With a Crime / Raw Story
2 June – Family awarded 4 cents for man’s death by cop [a St. Lucie County deputy]/ WPTV
4 June – After senator [Jeff Merkley (D-OR)] tries to inspect conditions at immigrant detention center, supervisors call the cops / Think Progress
6 June – Alabama Sheriff [Todd Entrekin] Who Pocketed Around $750,000 in Prison Food Money Loses Re-Election Bid / Daily Kos
7 June – Horrifying Footage Shows Chicago Cops Handcuff a Terrified Black 10-Year-Old/ AlterNet
7 June – Ronal Francisco Romero Died in Agony in ICE Custody. Now His Family Is Preparing to Sue / Daily Beast
8 June – An unarmed man who was beaten by Arizona police officers last month said Thursday that he wants changes in the Mesa Police Department so that it doesn’t / NBC
10 June – Arkansas Police Wrongfully Arrest Addicted Mom For Murder After Preterm Birth / Daily Kos
10 June – In Newark, anyone with Internet access is allowed to watch [surveillance cameras monitored by the police – good way to prepare a bank robbery or a terrorist attack] / NYT
12 June – The DHS has a “Northern Border Strategy” to protect the United States against threats originating in Canada / Secrecy News
14 June – How Garrisoning Schools With “Armed Resource Officers” Normalizes Authoritarianism / BuzzFlash

5 June – Howard Schultz steps down at Starbucks, may consider run for president / CNN
8 June – The agency [EPA] has decided that it will not look at air, water or ground contaminants when it determines the health and safety risks of potentially toxic chemicals / NYT
11 June – Supreme Court Gives Republicans Another Tool to Rig Elections with Voter Purge Decision / Daily Kos
13 June – Mueller unveils more proof Manafort led Ukraine lobbying in US / Politico
14 June – Inspector general finds Comey mishandled FBI’s Clinton email probe / ArcaMax
15 June – GOP to Americans With Health Problems: Drop Dead / NYT
15 June – Comey Cited as ‘Insubordinate,’ but Report Finds No Bias in FBI Decision to Clear Clinton / NYT
15 June – Ohio’s Dirty Postcard Trick Led the Supreme Court to Approve Jim Crow Voter Purge / Truthout

3 June – Far-Right German Leader Dismisses Nazi Era as “Speck of Bird Poop” in Country’s History / Slate
3 June – Southern Baptist Seminary President [Paige Patterson] Said It Was ‘Good’ Student was Raped / Raw Story
4 June – Trump Has Access to Everything a Dictator Could Want / Esquire
8 June – Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker…released a campaign ad comparing the judge who recently struck down the unconstitutional “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy to Al-Qaeda / Think Progress
14 June – Senate GOP shuns Stewart in Virginia [a vocal defender of Confederate monuments and an ally of white supremacists]/ Politico
14 June – Republican Party Chair [Ronna Romney McDaniel] Appears to Threaten Americans Who Don’t Support Trump [“you will be making a mistake”] / Daily Kos
15 June – President Trump Says He Wants Americans to Obey Him Like North Koreans Obey Kim Jong-un / Raw Story

1 June – The US Government Has Spent More Than 4 Times the Cost of Mueller’s Investigation to Let Trump Play Golf / Daily Kos
3 June – Free Cash to Fight Income Inequality? California City [Stockton] Is First in US to Try / NYT
3 June – The United Nations Just Published a Scathing Indictment of US Poverty /
3 June – Report of the [UN] Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on his mission to the United States of America / UN

1 June – Teens Are Abandoning Facebook – For Real This Time / Slate
4 June – Facebook Gave Device Makers Deep Access to Data on Users and Friends / NYT
5 June – Facebook Back on the Defensive, Now Over Data Deals With Device Makers / NYT
6 June – Facebook Gave Data Access to Chinese Firm [Huawei] Flagged by US Intelligence / NYT

5 June – Head of Illinois NRA affiliate accidentally admits gun restrictions stop mass shootings / Think Progress
9 June – For the Last 3 Years, Toddlers Have Been Shooting Themselves and Others on a Weekly Basis – Since 2015, toddlers have on average shot someone every single week/ Daily Kos
9 June – Florida Stopped Doing Gun Permit Checks for More Than a Year [it costs a lot of money and, after all, guns aren’t responsible for school shootings] / AP

6 June – Israel scores painful own goal in run-up to the World Cup [Argentina’s cancellation of a friendly match] / James M. Dorsey
14 June – Amid Scathing Accusations of War Crimes, UN Votes to Condemn Israeli Violence Against Palestinians / Common Dreams


2 June – Google Will Not Renew Pentagon Contract That Upset Employees / NYT

5 June – Afghanistan Loya Jirga suicide bombing attack in Kabul sees Islamic clerics targeted after fatwa / CBS

14 June – Antarctica Is Melting Three Times as Fast as a Decade Ago / NYT

The major topics of the previous issue of “Intelligence, Secrecy & Power” (ISP, n. 718, 31 May 2018) were: Trump (361X), US (183X), UN (88X), Korea (85X), Summit (71X), EU/European Union (42X), Kim Jong Un (41X), Russia (50X), Iran (38X), Trade (33X), School Shooting (30X), Italy (29X), Roseanne Barr (27X), Venezuela (26X), Israel (24X & Gaza 15X), Mueller (23X), Abortion (23X), Tariffs (22X), and Sanctions (22X).

Since the N. 700 issue of “Intelligence, Secrecy & Power” (ISP), we furnish systematic descriptive statistics for each issue. Based on the Word Count below of this issue, and at a very general level, the major topics of this 719 issue for the first fortnight of June 2018 are: Trump (364X, stable), US (129X, down from 183X), UN (96X, slightly up from 88X), Summit (62X, down from 71X), Kim Jong Un (55X, up from 41X), Korea (55X, down from 85X), Trade (45X, up from 33X), CHINA (39X, new on the list), FBI (34X, up from 21X), Iran (29X, down from 38X), Tariffs (29X, up from 22X), Russia (24X, down from 50X), School (24X, previously School Shooting 30X), Israel (23X, stable). Those that were in our preceding Word Count but not here are: EU/European Union (42X, new on the list), Italy (29X, new on the list), Roseanne Barr (27X, new on the list), Venezuela (26X, new on the list), Mueller (23X, previously 25X), Abortion (23X, new on the list) and Sanctions (22X, new on the list).