ADI First Half of December 2015 Titles

ADI First Half of December 2015 Titles




Air Asia QZ8501: Pilot response to equipment malfunction caused crash

*Turkish Air to Divert Russia Routes amid Jet-Shoot down Sanctions

US Marine Jailed for Killing Transgender Woman in Philippines

Cameron Calls UK Vote on Syria Strikes amid Labour Split

*Pakistan ready to assist in reviving an Afghan-led peace process: Maleeha… [here we go once again]

Syria’s al-Qaida branch releases captive Lebanese soldiers

Germany Set to Join Fight against Islamic State in Syria

US Tightens Visa-Waiver Program in Bid to Deter Militants

*Narendra Modi Could Make or Break Obama’s Climate Legacy

US, S. Korea, Japan to Meet on N. Korea Nuclear Issue

*Burkina Faso Has First Democratic Handover of Power Since 1960

Kosovo Albanian arrested on ‘terrorist’ charges

Royal Renegade Prince Harry: ‘I’m Much Cooler than My Big Brother’

*Russian Airstrikes in Syria Seem to Be Hurting Civilians More Than ISIS

Chinese president arrives for state visit to Zimbabwe

Remains found in burned van in Mexico may be missing Australian surfers

Philippines on South China Sea petition: ‘Right makes might’

North Korean ghost boats, in deadly hunt for fish, wash up in Japan

Egypt experts are ’90 percent positive’ there’s a secret hiding in King Tut’s…

*Calling Terrorism What It Is — The Attack on Planned Parenthood Is Domestic Terrorism and Violence against Women

BURUNDI: UN warns on regional war threat

*China’s Renminbi Is Approved by IMF as a Main World Currency

*How the Paris Attackers Honed Their Assault through Trial and Error

‘Love’ and Disbelief Follow Donald Trump Meeting With Black Leaders

A Path beyond the Paris Climate Change Conference

*Two Jewish Teenagers Found Guilty of Murdering Palestinian, 16

Korean County Achieves Its Goal: Less Birth Control, More Babies

New Diabetes Cases, at Long Last, Begin to Fall in the United States

US Tightens Visa-Waiver Program in Bid to Deter Militants

*Four Charged in Shooting of Minneapolis Protesters – white men accused of shooting five Black Lives Matter protesters

*No Shutdown Expected on Planned Parenthood [thanks to a mass murder]

Ted Cruz’s Senate Bid That Didn’t Stop at the Senate

As a Deadline Looms, Paul Ryan Finds Himself in a Boehner-Like Spot

New York Proposes New Banking Rules to Staunch Flow of Illicit Financing

An Anonymous Satire of Silicon Valley Now Has a Publisher

The Choice Facing China as Its Currency Becomes More Global




UK Parliament to vote on whether to bomb ISIS in Syria

NATO formally invites Montenegro to join alliance, rankling Russia

*Russia Accuses Turkey’s Erdogan of Involvement with ISIS Oil Trade

Iraq briefed on US Special Forces plan, Kerry says

Russia: Turkish President Benefits From IS Oil Trade

Aung San Suu Kyi and Myanmar General Meet, Taking Steps toward Sharing Power

*100 Boko Haram Fighters Killed, 900 Hostages Freed in Cameroon Operation

Indonesia says faulty part, crew action factors in AirAsia crash

India – Worst Rain in Century Shuts Airport, Disrupts BMW in Chennai

Gollum Experts Called In for Case Involving Turkey’s Erdogan

*France shuts down three mosques in state of emergency crackdown

Pipe bomb explodes on overpass near Istanbul metro, five hurt: local mayor

*Pakistan Hangs 4 Militants Over [army-run] School Attack [and why not the same punishment for attacks against normal schools]

EU presses Greece over migrants, weighs Schengen threat

Over 80% of South Africans believe corruption on the rise

US Congratulates Burkinabe President-Elect Kabore

Philippines – Can Pemberton, convicted of homicide, get out on bail?

Kenya Court Sentences Briton Terror Suspect to 9 Years

Terrorism trial begins in Paris as authorities hunt attack suspects

Read Retired Cambridge Researcher’s Stunning Response to 13-Year-Old Israeli…

The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing

For Robert Dear, Religion and Rage Before Planned Parenthood Attack

ISIS Promise of Statehood Falling Far Short, Ex-Residents Say

Months after Russian Annexation, Hopes Start to Dim in Crimea

*Young Palestinian Women Join the West Bank Turmoil

Spain’s Prized Iberico Hams Can’t Cure Fast Enough for China

*Mayor Rahm Emanuel Fires Chicago Police Superintendent

Students’ Protests May Play Role in Supreme Court Case on Race in Admissions

US Still in Danger of Losing War on AIDS, CDC Director Says

*Top Republicans who worry that Mr. Trump’s increasingly plausible nomination could result in a sweeping electoral defeat also express a reluctance to take him on

*Votes in Congress Move to Undercut Climate Pledge

Bipartisan Talks Yield $300 Billion Highway Bill

The Good Old Days of the Gold Standard? Not Really, Historians Say

VW Argued for Easing New EU Tests on Emissions

Puerto Rico Begins Choosing Which Debt Payments to Make

*45 percent increase in mortality from law enforcement from 1999 to 2013, report shows [increasingly deadly cops]

*This Has Become Normal – This Year, There Have Been More Mass Shootings than Days

UN’s Kobler: Libyan parties could sign a deal in one month

CAR official: UN peacekeepers need more authority to stave off pre-election violence

Cameroon troops free hundreds of captives in Nigeria

Sri Lanka will launch war-crimes probe




*Pistorius guilty of murder, appeals court rules

*Two dead suspects named after mass shooting that killed 14 at Calif. office party

Putin issues sharp threats to Turkey for downing of Russian warplane

British bombers strike Islamic State oil fields in Syria

Air strikes alone won’t defeat Islamic State, Kerry warns

*Israeli Police Arrest Jewish Extremists over Firebombing

Turkey dismisses ‘Soviet propaganda’, says trying to secure Syria border

Disability Day: When public policy shows intent but not enough action

China in Africa: Five Things President Xi is Looking For

Islamic State: Why Afghanistan isn’t panicking – yet

Greece warned EU will re-impose border controls

*Expanding Beyond Nigeria, Boko Haram Threatens Region

Greeks Strike to Protest Latest Austerity Measures

*Divorced, widowed Saudi women to soon get ID cards of their own

Cleared ‘existing’ misunderstandings with India: Nepal Dy PM

Mum’s the word as Myanmar’s Suu Kyi starts military rapprochement

Merkel says Afghans coming to Germany for better life will be sent back

*Donald Trump on terrorists: ‘Take out their families’

Let’s Stop Calling Anti-Muslim Bigotry ‘Backlash’

*Shooting in San Bernardino Kills at Least 14; Two Suspects Dead

Struggling City Is Traumatized by a Siege and a Loud and Bloody Shootout

Couple Kept Tight Lid on Plans for San Bernardino Shooting

*Firearms take a life every 16 minutes in America, and we’re not even working on remedies.

NATO Unveils Plans to Grow, Drawing Fury and Threats from Russia

*Nuclear Agency Says Iran Worked on Weapons Design Until 2009

British Jets Hit ISIS in Syria after Parliament Authorizes Strikes

Ebola Crisis Passes, but Questions on Quarantines Persist

*William G. Porter at the courthouse in Baltimore on Monday – He is the first of six officers to go on trial in the death of Freddie Gray.

Los Angeles Bridge’s Demolition Is a Sign of Changes Sweeping the City

Once Embraced by Chris Christie, New Jersey’s Muslims Feel Betrayed

Voters, Worried About Terrorism, Look for Leaders at Home on Silver Screen

Ben Carson Sinks on Doubts about His Foreign Policy

Janet Yellen Says Economy Is Ripe for Fed Interest Rate Increase

Wages Up, Prices Low: Shake Shack’s Food for Thought for the Fed

Witness in Insider Trading Inquiry Sentenced to 21 Days

Sudan – Cognitive dissonance – As political negotiations stutter in Addis Ababa, the UN and the European Union turn a blind eye to Khartoum’s heinous rights abuses

*FBI Treats San Bernardino Attack as Possible Terrorism Case

Fear in the Air, Americans Look Over Their Shoulders

Couple Kept Tight Lid on Plans for San Bernardino Shooting

*Scientists Seek Moratorium on Edits to Human Genome That Could Be Inherited

American Muslims are a strong bulwark against Islamic extremism. Last month, a group of demonstrators gathered in New York to condemn the Islamic State’s interpretation of Islam and the terrorist acts carried out by them.

Oscar Pistorius Guilty in Murder of Reeva Steenkamp, Appeals Court Rules

Pakistan Sends 30 Migrants Back to Europe

*Civilian Deaths Raise Questions about CIA-Trained Forces in Afghanistan

A Nation Wonders When Bloodshed Becomes Terrorism

*All Combat Roles Now Open to Women, Defense Secretary Says

Officer’s Lawyers Try to Shift Blame in Freddie Gray’s Death

*Mass Shootings Stoke Ideological Fighting in Congress

Donald Trump and Ben Carson Face a Foreign Policy Test before a Republican Jewish Group

Ryan Throws Down Republican Gauntlet in Outlining House Agenda for ’16

Draghi Announces Further ECB Stimulus Measures, but Investors Are Unimpressed

Why Negative Interest Rates Are Becoming the New Normal

Mixed Verdict for Former Chief of Massey Energy after Coal Mine Blast

In Pennsylvania, a Steel Mill and Its Workers at a Crossroads

Incomplete Reconciliation – Congress Voted To Block Gun Safety, But Made Progress Elsewhere


Ban: New round of Syrian peace talks is galvanizing support

Burundians face threats of violence whether they stay or leave




*Arson attack on Cairo nightclub leaves 16 dead

*Germany Oks Military Mission Against Islamic State Group

*China unveils $60 billion funding pledge at African summit

*India’s capital limits drivers to alternate days to curb dire pollution

18 die in India hospital as floods cut off power

*Belgium seeks 2 tied to Paris suspect Abdeslam

Terror network in Paris attacks said to have UK links

Turkish soldiers training Iraqi troops near Mosul: sources

La Bonne Biere, Cafe Hit in Paris Attacks, Is Back in Business

Matter of degree: Temperature goal an issue in climate talks

5 Questions for WRI’s Dr. Nitin Pandit on India and Solar Energy at the Paris…

Oscar Pistorius: South African authorities issue arrest warrant for athlete

Brazil’s Rousseff faces setbacks in impeachment battle

Northern Ireland slave’s court outburst in defence of evil rapist cult leader…

*Army Injures a Palestinian Child in Hebron, Kidnaps Two in Nablus and Jenin

Kerry: We Can Defeat IS Within ‘Months’ of Syrian Transition

Afghanistan delaying move for border coordination

*Nigeria – Military says [11-year-old] Boy Trained as Suicide Bomber against Refugees

Justin Trudeau Outlines Sweeping Agenda for Canada

Thousands March in New Anti-Government Rally in South Korea

FBI Treating San Bernardino Attack as Terrorism Case

*Shootings in California Reshape the Campaigns

*China Creates a World Bank of Its Own, and the US Balks

How a Conservative-Led Australia Ended Mass Killings

US Presses for UN Resolution to Fight ISIS’ Financing

Venezuela’s Economic Woes Buoy Opposition before Election

Cuba and US to Discuss Settling Claims on Property

Muslims in America Condemn Extremists and Fear Anew for Their Lives

*Tashfeen Malik – Smooth Visa Process for Woman in Attack Is Focus of Inquiry

*Suffocation Described as Likely Cause of Death in Freddie Gray Case

Shootings in California Reshape the Campaigns

Lawmakers near Deal on Billions in Tax Cuts

As Marco Rubio Speaks of Faith, Evangelicals Keep Options Open

Robust Jobs Report All but Guarantees Fed Will Raise Rates

Despite Climate Concerns, OPEC Plans to Keep Pumping Oil While It Can

Puerto Rico’s Debt Relief to Get Supreme Court Hearing




*Yemen’s Aden governor killed in car bombing claimed by Islamic State

French Far Right Party Expected to Make Gains in Sunday’s Elections

*Knife attacker slashes man in London ‘terrorist incident’

Azeri Oil Worker Dies, 30 Missing After Rig Fire, Company Says

UK – Storm Desmond: Army mobilised to help flooded families as David Cameron…

Syria’s Assad Says British Airstrikes Against IS Will Fail

*Netanyahu: Israel Will Not Be ‘Binational State’ [apartheid is better]

Venezuelans may swing to opposition in Sunday’s vote

Aung San Suu Kyi Meets With Myanmar’s Former Ruler, Than Shwe

Xi’s proposals chart course for future Sino-African ties

Commuter Train Hits Passenger Bus in Indonesia; 18 Dead

Life in Ukraine’s buffer zone

In Paris, Buhari makes strong case for Lake Chad, by Garba Shehu

Colombia says it found Spanish galleon; US firm claims half of treasure

Taliban Leader Denies Being Wounded in Internal Dispute

India – Chennai Airport Resumes Commercial Flight Operations after 4 Days

Advisor to Iran’s top leader calls fate of Syria’s Assad a ‘red line’

Turkey Bolsters Military Numbers in Northern Iraq, Hurriyet Says

Why Princess Kate Dresses Her Kids in Spanish Designers

Eight killed in Central African Republic days after pope’s visit

*California Attack Has US Rethinking Strategy on Homegrown Terror [but perhaps not on the availability of guns]

For San Bernardino Survivors, a Day of Screams and Chaos

95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue

With Burundi’s President Sticking to Power, Violence Is on the Rise

Nigeria’s Comics Pull Punch Lines from Deeper Social Ills

A Chinese Folk Artist’s Descendants Are Split by the Government’s Use of Their Family Legacy

*Sisters of San Bernardino Shooting Suspect Say They Saw No Warning Signs [as usual in radicalization cases]

*Officers’ Statements Differ from Video in Death of Laquan McDonald – At least five Chicago police officers present during the shooting supported a discredited version of events

*Fatal Miami Beach Police Shooting Is Caught on Grisly Video

Jeb Bush’s Team Tries to Soothe Donor Concerns

Old Ties Tangle Hillary Clinton’s New Agenda

Ted Cruz Vows to ‘Kill the Terrorists’ in Ad Timed to Big Football Game

Meal Plan Costs Tick Upward as Students Pay for More than Food

The China Factor – In Nigeria, Chinese Investment Comes With a Downside

Martin Shkreli, the Bad Boy of Pharmaceuticals, Hits Back




Venezuela opposition thrashes ‘Chavismo’ to win legislature

France’s far-right comes out strong in post-attacks vote

Syria: Coalition Airstrikes Kill 3 Soldiers in Deir Ezzor

London subway stabbings suspect to appear in court

Strong 7.2 quake strikes in Tajikistan, felt in New Delhi

Storm Desmond: Cameron to visit flood-hit areas – live updates

Africa – Ripples of China’s $60bn will spread

Samsung to pay $548 million in damages to Apple in patent dispute

India’s Foreign Minister to Visit Pakistan amid Fragile Ties

Australian who joined Kurdish forces in Syria sent home

*Sweden-Israel rift deepens over comments on Palestinian deaths

Biden makes trip to Ukraine in sign of US support

Turkey angered by serviceman brandishing rocket on Russian ship passing…

Indonesia – Eighteen die as train crashes into minibus

Ireland – Teenage girl in critical condition after being swept out to sea

Prince William: ‘My George Will Be Bouncing Around Like a Rabbit’ on Christmas

*Muslim Reform Movement decries radical Islam, calls for equality [of the sexes]

India – ‘Judiciary won’t allow intolerance towards anyone’

Ireland – Banking Inquiry in chaos as Joe Higgins and Pearse Doherty refuse to sign off…

India – Rahul Gandhi leads Congress protest against VK Singh in Parliament

Obama Says of Terrorist Threat: ‘We Will Overcome It’

San Bernardino Community Struck by Massacre Seemed on Verge of Turnaround

Tashfeen Malik Was a ‘Saudi Girl’ Who Stood Out at a Pakistani University

Trust and Money at Core of Crucial Paris Talks on Climate Change

France’s Far-Right National Front Gains in Regional Elections

Venezuelan Opposition Claims a Rare Victory: A Legislative Majority

*Some critics have said the authorities, from the police department to City Hall, tried to keep the Laquan McDonald case out of the spotlight as long as possible

*Mayoral Race in Maine Could Help Define City’s Future amid Demographic Shift [a large population of Somali refugees]

Penis Transplants Being Planned to Help Wounded Troops

Marco Rubio, Switching Focus, Aims to Halt Ted Cruz’s Momentum

Republicans Attack Obama’s Address – President Obama speaks to the nation from the White House about the threat of ISIS

Hillary Clinton Urges Silicon Valley to ‘Disrupt’ ISIS

A Revolving Door Helps Big Banks’ Quiet Campaign to Muscle out Fannie and Freddie

Sarcasm and Doubt Precede VW’s Update on Cheating Inquiry

Xu Ming – Chinese Businessman Linked to Corruption Scandals Dies in Prison, Reports Say

Peace initiative by rival Libyan governments rejected by parliament

Cease-fire in Yemen expected to begin Dec. 15 as peace talks start

Finance ministers to examine how to combat funding of terrorism

South Sudan unity government talks to begin on Friday

At least 27 dead in suicide bombers’ attack on Chad market




*Call for police killings, police deaths to be reported as public health data

Oscar Pistorius granted bail ahead of sentencing for murder

Even Hospitals Aren’t Safe From Beijing’s Toxic Smog

Air France-KLM Puts Lost Sales at $54 Million after Paris Attacks

Washington denies US-led coalition hit Syria army camp

*US to deploy spy plane in Singapore amid China tensions

*Understanding ISIS: Leaked document reveals nation-building plans

What is Jubilee? Pope Francis ‘opens the doors’ as Holy Year of Mercy begins…

5 Injured In Blast at Moscow Bus Stop

Official: Palestinian killed in clashes with Israeli troops

*SoCal [San Bernadino] terror probe points to Pakistan, raises trust issue in terror war

Biden warns Ukraine of backsliding on corruption

*Opposition Wins Major Victory in Venezuela

Airport reopens in India’s flood-hit Tamil Nadu

Yemen president confirms proposed 7-day ceasefire for peace talks

Najib Faces New Strains at Malaysia Party Assembly

Twitter’s Top Hashtags, Tweets and Users for 2015

Trudeau’s Canada, Again

Why ISIS Isn’t Going Anywhere

Mumbai: Two killed, 11 injured, many missing after Kandivali slum fire

“You ain’t no Muslim”: Comment in London subway stabbing lauded, stirs online…

*National Security over the NRA – Concrete Steps We Can Take To Defend Against Terrorism

*Killers Were Long Radicalized, FBI Investigators Say

*Donald Trump Calls for Barring Muslims from Entering US

US Strategy Seeks to Avoid ISIS Prophecy

*No Charges for Chicago Officer in 2014 Shooting of Ronald Johnson

*Supreme Court Won’t Hear Challenge to Assault Weapons Ban in Chicago Suburb

*Albuquerque, Revising Approach toward the Homeless, Offers Those Jobs

After Months of Lying in Wait and Watching Rivals, Ted Cruz Sees Payoff in Polls

Paul Ryan Brings Sharply Different Leadership Style to House

Congress Seeks to Keep Momentum Ahead of Funding Deadline

OPEC Won’t Cut Drilling, and Prices Plunge 5%

Gun Shares Have Done Well, but Divestment Push Grows

Despite Push for Cleaner Cars, Sheer Numbers Could Work Against Climate Benefits




*Paris Attacks: Bataclan Bomber Was in Syria in ’13, Source Tells Reuters [identified as Frenchman]

People leave rebel-held area in Syrian truce deal: monitor

Syrian rebel group says Saudi meeting must rule out concessions

Afghans, Pakistan hold firm on ties; India ‘extends hand’ to Pakistan

Greece starts removing stranded migrants at Macedonia border

Residents trapped in ‘sealed casket’ IS stronghold as Iraqi forces close in

*Representatives of over two dozen countries met Wednesday in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad to discuss ways to bring peace to war-torn Afghanistan

Douglas Tompkins, 72, North Face Founder, Dies in Kayaking Accident

Russia launches more strikes in Syria, first from sub

Why China’s slowdown is good news for Africa

South Korean Arrested in Connection With Yasukuni Shrine Explosion

Pope: Mercy trumps moralizing as he opens Vatican Holy Door

Palestinians look to 3G telecoms to add buzz to economy

Venezuela’s Maduro says will veto amnesty laws, reshuffle cabinet

India – Rahul Gandhi on National Herald case: It is pure vendetta coming out of PMO

Leaked ISIS Documents Reveal Terrorist Group’s Plans to Set Up Full Government

ISIS releases first Chinese-language propaganda with Mandarin chant

Russia gives France puppy to replace killed police dog

Brazil’s Congress names impeachment panel stacked against Rousseff

UK – Tony Blair bemoans ‘tragedy’ of Labour under Corbyn

Donald Trump Deflects Withering Fire on Muslim Plan

*World Reaction to Donald Trump’s Proposal Banning Muslims: Befuddlement

*Americans Attracted to ISIS Find an ‘Echo Chamber’ on Social Media

Chinese Glacier’s Retreat Signals Trouble for Asian Water Supply

Joe Biden, His Son and the Case against a Ukrainian Oligarch

A Carved Stone Block Upends Assumptions about Ancient Judaism

*New Chicago Police Video Prompts Rebuke from Mayor Rahm Emanuel

*Police Chiefs Say Scrutiny over Videos Has Radically Changed Their Work

Anxiety Grows in Texas with Syrians Due to Arrive Soon

Obama’s Plans to Stop ISIS Leave Many Democrats Wanting More

*Hillary Clinton Ties Other Republicans to Trump’s Plan to Bar Muslims from US

Jeb Bush Takes Voter Questions, but Has No Answer for Donald Trump

Bill Gates Takes On Climate Change with Nudges and a Powerful Rolodex

*If It Owns a Well or a Mine, It’s Probably in Trouble [Anglo American fires over half of work force]

Dow Chemical and DuPont Are Said to Be in Merger Talks

UNICEF: South Sudan’s government is failing former child soldiers

Security Council presses Sahel-region governments to step up security against militants

Tribunal judges disagree on charges for former Khmer Rouge leader

UN: Central African Republic disarray is aiding Kony’s rebels


10 DECEMBER 2015


*North Korea says it’s ready to detonate H-bomb, but skepticism abounds

How Macri Can Govern With a Minority in Argentina’s Congress

Why the Nobel Peace Prize Is Always Presented on the Same Day

*Paris Attacks: Geneva Police Hunt Suspects; UN Site on Alert

South Korean Labor Leader Leaves Temple to Surrender to Authorities

Poland Continues to Oppose UK Proposal on Welfare Reform

Russia can’t mend ties with US while it backs sanctions: Lavrov

Saudi FM: Syria’s Assad Must Leave or Be Forced Out

Girls’ Rights are Human Rights

Exorcism Ritual Kills Mom at German Hotel; 5 Relatives Arrested

*Paris attacks: Third Bataclan attacker identified

Zuma’s firing of South African finance minister dismays investors…

Oscar Pistorius applies for bail following murder conviction

*5 Charged With Plotting Terror Attack in Australia

*Afghan Spy Chief Resigns, Cites Policy Differences with Ghani

Be Loyal, Najib Tells Party amid Malaysia Political Tensions

*Days at Wheel, Months of Planning for Paris Attack Fugitive

Marine Le Pen ‘Trumps’ Hollande

Meet the “British Bernie Sanders”: Now this is how you push back against the right

Prince William Teases Wife Kate at Charity Event: ‘Catherine, You Can Stop…

James B. Comey, the FBI director, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday – San Bernardino Couple Spoke of Attacks in 2013, FBI Says

Supreme Court Justices’ Comments Don’t Bode Well for Affirmative Action

Colorado Shooting Suspect Declares ‘I’m Guilty’ in Court

As US and Europe Pass the Hat at Climate Talks, China Clings to Developing-Nation Status

Venezuela’s Defeated Ruling Party Riven by Conflict and Scorn

Foued Mohamed-Aggad, who has been identified as the third attacker at Paris’s Bataclan concert hall last month – France Identifies 3rd Attacker at Bataclan Concert Hall

*Chicago’s Mayor Demands Sweeping Police Reform

Officer William G. Porter has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and other charges in the death of Freddie Gray

Assertions of Hate Crime in Seattle after a Somali-American Teenager Falls to His Death

Marco Rubio Quietly Undermines Affordable Care Act

After Making Enemies, Ted Cruz Tries to Make Friends

Obama Calls for End to Bigotry, in Implicit Rebuke of Donald Trump

Donald Trump Loses Luster When Words Reach the Middle East

Regulator Is Said to Fine Fiat Chrysler $70 Million

GM Compensated Some Pre-Bankruptcy Crash Victims


11 DECEMBER 2015


*Syria’s Assad buying ‘a great deal’ of ISIS oil, US official says

Putin says Russia backs Free Syrian Army alongside Assad troops

Israel: Palestinian Assailant Killed, 2 Protesters Dead

Iraq’s Abadi Requests UN Take up Issue of Turkish Troops

*Burundi: 15 Killed in Coordinated Attacks on Military Camps

Explosion rocks central Kabul; Taliban claims ‘suicide attacks’

*Paris Climate Talks to Run Past Deadline as Diplomats Struggle over Disagreements

Assad urges halt to flow of terrorists to Syria and Iraq through Turkey

13 Million People In China Don’t Have The Document That Would Guarantee Them…

Watch: A bouquet of roses kicked off Ukraine’s most bizarre parliament brawl ever

Trump’s Name, Image Removed at Dubai Development amid Uproar

Fresh-faced star of France’s far right is candidate of steel

North Korean Moranbong band prepare for China performance

*Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Tunisia`s guardians of democracy

Wood Green police shooting: Man dies in ‘plot’ to free individual from custody

Syrian Refugees Greeted by Justin Trudeau in Canada

Geneva police authorize public events despite high security

ISIS Truck Bombs Kill at Least 50 in Tel Tamer, Syria

Russia Brings Murder Charges against Khodorkovsky in Absentia

Thousands of cyclists honour Thai king amid crackdown on royal critics

Fear of Terrorism Lifts Donald Trump in New York Times/CBS Poll

*Voter Insecurities Feed Rise of Right-Leaning Populist Politicians

Pentagon Seeks to Knit Foreign Bases into ISIS-Foiling Network

*Syrian Rebels Form Bloc for New Round of Peace Talks

Delegates at Climate Talks Focus on Saving the World’s Forests

*Death Toll from Hajj Stampede Reaches 2,411 in New Estimate

Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics

With Remarks in Affirmative Action Case, Scalia Steps Into ‘Mismatch’ Debate

President Obama Signs into Law a Rewrite of No Child Left Behind

End of Crude Oil Export Ban Is Possible

To Help Jeb Bush Connect, Aides Look to Mitt Romney’s Missteps

Ted Cruz Questions Donald Trump’s ‘Judgment’ to Be President

Foreign Investors Tiptoe Through Minefield of Greek Banking System

VW Says Emissions Cheating Was Not a One-Time Error

Fiat Chrysler Is Fined and Agrees to Fix Safety Reporting System

*Former Cop Found Guilty Of Raping Multiple Women, Faces 263 Years behind Bars

Ban: Climate talks outcome is “most important for humanity”

Yemen peace talks expected to begin Tuesday

Burundi military kill 12 gunmen in attack on army bases

Syrian opposition groups agree to form unified body for peace talks

Interpol arrests Rwandan fugitive wanted on genocide charges

After 3-year hiatus, India and Pakistan to restart talks


12 DECEMBER 2015


*Final Draft of Global Climate Change Deal Is Complete

Afghan forces end siege at Spanish embassy in Kabul

*Saudi women vote for the first time in landmark election

*US Warns Islamic State has Passport-Printing Capability [and why not counterfeit money printing too]

*India, Japan Sign Deals on Military, Train Sales, Nukes

Bouquet and brawl in Ukrainian parliament

Son of late Libyan dictator Qaddafi ‘freed after kidnapping’

Iraq urges UN council to demand immediate Turkish troop withdrawal

*Netanyahu wants Palestinian violence linked to radical Islam [when there’s a stronger link too Israeli intransigence]

*Saudi Prince Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Calls Trump a Disgrace

*Syria’s Assad says he will not negotiate with armed groups

Putin says Russia backs Free Syrian Army alongside Assad troops

  1. Korean band’s performance in Beijing canceled: theater

*UK to End Long-Running Probe into Alleged Phone Hacking [so Murdoch & friends get off again]

Man arrested for liking doctored image of Thailand’s king on Facebook

National Front Faces Tougher Climb to Victory in France

EU Said to Delay Russia Sanctions Decision on Italy Concerns

Vice President [of India] Ansari lays wreath at Monument of Neutrality

IS Claims Northern Syria Suicide Bombings That Killed 26

Libya’s rival factions agree date to sign UN peace deal

San Bernardino Attackers’ Friend Spoke of ‘Sleeper Cells’ Before Rampage

Attack Spurs New Chapter in History of Dread in the US

Alibaba Buying South China Morning Post, Aiming to Influence Media

*Agreement Reached on Draft Climate Accord, UN Officials Say

*Iraqi Forces Advance in Campaign to Retake Ramadi from ISIS

Syrian Refugees Greeted by Justin Trudeau in Canada

*US Police Leaders, Visiting Scotland, Get Lessons on Avoiding Deadly Force

In Rape Case of Oklahoma Officer, Victims Hope Conviction Will Aid Cause

Finding Refuge for Salmon, Cold Water Preferred

High Polls for Low-Energy Campaigners (Like Donald Trump)

Congress Approves Short-Term Spending and Clears Way for More Talks

Ted Cruz Sees Boon to His Campaign in Donald Trump

Martin Shkreli’s Latest Plan to Sharply Raise Drug Price Prompts Outcry

Dow Chemical and DuPont Set Merger and Plans to Split

A Junk Bond Fund Freezes out Investors, and the Chills Spread


13 DECEMBER 2015


*What Does a Climate Deal Mean for the World?

Bomb in Market Kills 12 in Pakistani Tribal Region

*Two arrested on suspicion of terrorism offenses; Geneva remains on alert

The Latest: Merkel Hails Paris Climate Agreement

*Cameron cave-in on EU benefits was always just a matter of time [right-wing view of the UK-EU situation]

*First Saudi Woman Elected Following Landmark Municipal Vote

Russian home for people with mental illness burns down killing 23

Saudi-led air strikes kill 19 Yemeni civilians: residents

2 killed when MTV helicopter crashes in Argentina reservoir

*South China Sea Controversy Update: China Conducts Live-Fire Exercises As…

After Election Win, Suu Kyi Gets to Work Cleaning Up Myanmar

*Gambia president declares country an Islamic republic [no vote, just another Islamic despot]

Blasts near hospital in Syria’s Homs city kill 16

Afghanistan – Spain: Gunmen Entered Embassy in Kabul after Car Bomb Attack

*Turkmenistan starts work on gas link to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India

With eye on Islamic State, Western powers push Libyans to accord

Thousands of Iraqis in Baghdad, Basra protest Turkish deployment in north…

Japan’s premier heading to India

Donald Trump’s Latest Feud Is With a [Saudi] Prince

French far right faces test in regional election runoff

*Global leaders celebrated a landmark accord on climate change on Saturday after nearly 200 nations agreed to the deal.

*US Visa Process Missed San Bernardino Wife’s Zealotry on Social Media

Kricket Nimmons on her way to Philadelphia to see a specialist in gender reassignment surgery.

Climate Accord Is a Healing Step, if Not a Cure – The deal establishes regular reviews to encourage countries to lower emissions over time.

Protesters Are in Agreement as Well: Pact Is Too Weak

Fearful, Haitian Migrants Flee Dominican Republic for Camps along Border

Lives in Balance, Texas Leads Scrutiny of Bite-Mark Forensics

Groups Converge for Mock Shooting near University of Texas

Alan Dershowitz on the Defense (His Own)

Moms and Daughters Debate Gender Factor in Hillary Clinton’s Bid

Paul Ryan Says ‘Inclusive’ House Agenda Must Counter Polarizing Campaign

Ted Cruz Surges past Donald Trump to Lead in Iowa Poll

Smart Car Standoff Pits Social Progress Against Global Competition

Fannie and Freddie’s Government Rescue Has Come With Claws

Today’s Butlers Are Trading Silver Trays for iPads


14 DECEMBER 2015


*France’s [extreme right] National Front Suffers Election Blow

The Hard Reality behind China’s Soft Power

Typhoon Melor Hits the Philippines, 750000 People Evacuated

Russia fires on Turkish ship to ‘avoid collision’ in Aegean Sea

45 Civilians Killed in Bombing of Syrian Rebel Strongholds, Reports Say

*Powers back unity government in Libya to deter Islamic State

Two senior Gulf commanders killed in Yemen – media

23 patients with mental illnesses die in Russia fire

*Burundi Violence Stirs Fears of Wider Conflict

*Sunni militants claim deadly attack at market in Pakistan

Canada PM Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees as US Muslims warn against hate speech

*A Climate Deal, 6 Fateful Years in the Making

*Israeli Officer Questioned in Shooting of Female Palestinian Assailant

Brazilians take to streets to demand Rousseff’s impeachment

Central African Republic voters brave violence in crucial referendum

India – ‘Baccha-Kaccha’ war: Kejriwal, Cong do #SlumPolitics on Twitter

2 killed when MTV helicopter crashes in Argentina

Afghanistan 2015: The Future of the Taliban

Thai military holding junta critic over Facebook ‘like’

Raised plight of minorities in India, Kashmir with Narendra Modi: Imran Khan

*An Inmate Dies, and No One Is Punished [2010 death of Leonard Strickland]

A Climate Deal, 6 Fateful Years in the Making

In Denver, Worries That the Fed Will Chill a Sizzling Recovery

As Economy Lags, Hugo Chávez’s Movement Fades in Venezuela

Exit Polls in France Show National Front Losing Regional Elections

*In Milestone, Saudis Elect First Women to Councils

*Freddie Gray’s Baltimore Neighborhood Watches Trial Warily [death from injuries suffered in police custody]

*Man [Nicholas Robertson] Killed by Deputies in [Lynwood] California Brandished Gun, Officials Say

USA – Sikh Soldier Allowed to Keep Beard in Rare Army Exception

*Republicans on Campaign Trail Largely Ignore the Climate Deal

Rand Paul Will Appear on Main Debate Stage

A Signal to Industry to Go Green in an Era of Carbon Reduction

The Engineering of Volkswagen’s Aggressive Ambition

*In Talks over Seized US Property, Havana Counters with Own Claim [like Guantanamo perhaps]

Paris climate talks bring historic agreement among nations

Diplomats urge Libyans to accept UN-brokered peace plan

UN reports rockets fired at peacekeepers’ base in Gao, Mali

Political violence breaks out in Burundi leaving nearly 90 people dead

Yemen civil war cease-fire to begin today, peace talks to start Tuesday

Shiite Islamic Movement leader Muhammad Turi killed by Nigerian military

*Central African Republic’s constitutional referendum vote interrupted by violence

Turkish officials say their troops are leaving an Iraqi camp after Baghdad ordered them to go


15 DECEMBER 2015


Kerry seeks ‘real progress’ on Syria at Moscow talks

Carter’s Trip Aims to Strengthen Fight against Islamic State

MIDEAST STOCKS-Saudi market gains as oil stabilises; foreign traders exiting Egypt

*Yemen Agrees to Cease-Fire with Rebels before Geneva Peace Talks

India – Has Arvind Kejriwal erred by appointing ‘tainted’ Rajendra Kumar as Delhi…

A Thai Man Faces Nearly 40 Years in Jail for Insulting the King’s Dog

French officials say teacher fabricated story of attack

Bus Crash in Argentina Kills Over 40 Police Officers

Pope Urges Holy Year Amnesty for Prisoners in Peace Message

Samsung appeals $548m it agreed to pay Apple

Do-or-die for WTO in Nairobi

New Zealand chooses alternative flag to take to referendum

This Could Be a Great Election to Win for Spain’s Next Leader

China’s plainclothes officers a force against dissent

Plumber sues dealership for $1 million after truck ends up with terrorists

ISIS News: Newborn Babies With Down’s Syndrome, Congenital Deformities Ordered…

Australia downgrades economic forecasts

Typhoon kills 1, cuts power in wide areas of Philippines

*Pakistan assures support to Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) to curb terrorism, stresses need to counter…

UK – Inside Princess Charlotte’s First Christmas: All the Details on the Royal…

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to Face Court-Martial on Desertion Charges

A Mansion, a Shell Company and Resentment in Bel Air

*As Poland Lurches to Right, Many in Europe Look On in Alarm

Marine Le Pen Far From Humbled by National Front’s Bruising Defeat

West Bank Shopping Complex, a Symbol of Coexistence, Is Shaken

EPA Broke Law with Social Media Push for Water Rule, Auditor Finds

First Trial in Freddie Gray Case Goes to the Jury

*Maryland Man Accused of Tapping Money from ISIS Operatives for a US Attack

At Republican Debate, Candidates Are Likely to Set Sights on Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio’s Wife: A Partner Ready to Puncture His Ego

Donald Trump Releases Medical Report Calling His Health ‘Extraordinary’

Why Very Low Interest Rates May Stick Around

Low Gas Prices Squeeze Industry and Fell a CEO

*Supreme Court Upholds Arbitration in DirectTV Case

7 Topics You Probably Won’t Hear In Tonight’s Debate – GOP Presidential Candidates: All Bluster, No Substance



“Intelligence, Secrecy & Power”, N. 659, 30 November 2015

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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 659, 30 November 2015


The leading topics of November 2015 were: TERROR IN PARIS (21X) 130 dead, hundreds injured; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (20X) Knife Intifada underway; MIDDLE EAST (19X) Anti-Desch coalition set up and attacks; US COPS (15X) Cops charged with murder & videos contradict cops; ASIA (14X) South China Sea still simmering; US POLITICS (11x) Strongly partisan politics as usual; AFRICA (12X) Bamako, Mali, attack & continued jihad killings; ENVIRONMENT (9X) COP 21 & freak food and storms; MIGRANTS (9X) Europe pays to keep migrants at home; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (8X) Kunduz hospital attack & Pakistan backs terrorism; US SPYING (8X) CIA secret prisons & no good at stopping Desch; WESTERN EUROPE (7X) Ireland troubles with women; US GUNS (6X) More mass killings; ECONOMICS (6X) Arbitration can even be religious; LATIN AMERICA (5X) Mexico & immigrants; and DIVERS (5X).

October’s leading topics of October 2015 were: MIDDLE EAST (34X) US Waiting Out Putin’s Moves, but Find Common Goals in Syria; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (32X) Netanyahu Gets the Holocaust Wrong, US “neutral” on Palestinian attacks; ASIA (27X) US Trade Deal, Chinese Claims, Indian Intolerance; US COPS (24X) Black Shootings, Slamming Student & Other Excesses; US POLITICS (20X) Obama Gets Budget Deal & Ryan Gets House Gavel; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (16X) Kunduz Retaken, US Implies Pak Nuclear Cheating & Terrorist Involvement; AFRICA (14X) Nepotism, Atrocities but Nobel for Tunisia; US MILITARY (11X) Kunduz Hospital Razed for a Single Suspected Spy; EU MIGRANTS (9X) Less News but Worse Still Expected; US GUN POLICY (8X) Shootings in Oregon, Tennessee but Major Legal Victory; WESTERN EUROPE (6X) Awaiting Right-Wing Election Victories; ECONOMICS (5X) Uber, Volkswagen, Starbucks & Fiat; US NSA (4X) Snowden & Assange Back in the News; DIVERS; CIA; and LATIN AMERICA.



Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 659, 30 November 2015


TERROR IN PARIS (21X) 130 dead, hundreds injured
*3 terrorist suspects killed, others arrested in raid in Saint-Denis, officials say
*Brussels on Terror Lockdown amid Threat of Paris-Style Attack
*Charlie Hebdo’s new cover spotlights Paris attacks: ‘F—k them. We have…
*EU Backs France’s ‘Mutual Defense’ Request
*French officials: Manhunt in Europe for at least 1 suspect ‘directly involved …
*French PM: France could face chemical attack
*Germany arrests man reportedly suspected of selling guns to Paris attackers
*Heavy Gunfire Erupts as French Police Seek Suspects in Raid [in St.-Denis]
*Muslims in Paris Pay Tribute to Terror Attack Victims
*Paris Attacks Kill More Than 100, Police Say; Border Controls Tightened – Terrorists shot numerous people and took others hostage at The Bataclan concert hall.
*Paris attacks: Possible suicide vest found in garbage can under analysis
*Seven people detained in Belgium for Paris massacre as world leaders call for…
*Strategy Shift for ISIS: Inflicting Terror in Distant Lands
*String of Paris terrorist attacks leaves over 120 dead
*Suspected [Belgian] mastermind named as French police carry out dawn raids [Paris attacks]
*Terrorism Raids in Belgium Yield 16 Arrests
*The Paris Attacks Have Put Europe’s Refugee Crisis under Renewed Scrutiny
*THE PARIS TERRORISTS DID NOT ENCRYPT – Indications Are That the Paris Terrorists Did Not Encrypt Their Communications
*Three Teams of Coordinated Attackers Carried Out Assault on Paris, Officials Say; Hollande Blames ISIS
*Using emergency powers, France puts climate activists under house arrest

ISRAEL/PALESTINE (20X) Knife Intifada underway
*5 Killed in Tel Aviv and West Bank by Palestinian Attackers
*Blade of jihad: Extremists embrace the knife as tool of terror [Palestinian Sheikh Muhammad Salakh]
*EU Move to Label Israeli Settlement Goods Strains Ties
*Filling a Top Post, Netanyahu Reconsiders Nominee Who Insulted Obama
*Getting the US-Israel Relationship Back on Track [with a proposed Israeli foreign minister who insults the American president]
*Israel Is in National Denial Regarding Its Oppression of Palestinians – Haaretz
*Israel Says Palestinian Woman Shot Dead in Attempted Attack
*Israel shuts down Palestinian radio station it says incites
*Israel suspends EU role in peace process with Palestinians
*Israel to Build New Fence; 2 Palestinians Die in West Bank
*Israel: Palestinian shot dead in attempted stabbing
*Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard released from US prison after 30 years
*Israeli Woman and 3 Palestinian Attackers Killed in West Bank
*Jewish activists secretly pray at Muslim holy site
*Netanyahu May Try to Mend Fences in First US Visit since Iran Deal [given his recent moves, “mending fences” doesn’t seem to be what he’s doing at all]
*Palestinian Dies as Undercover Israelis Raid a Hospital
*Palestinian shot and killed after stabbing Israeli police officer in Jerusalem
*The European Union on Wednesday approved guidelines for its member states to specially label products made in West Bank settlements, a move that has already been criticized by Israel as “disguised anti-Semitism” [something the US is very far from being capable of doing]
*THE FRAYING US-ISRAEL TIES – Spy vs. Spy: Inside the Fraying US-Israel Ties – Distrust set allies to snoop on each other after split over Iran nuclear deal; each kept secrets
*Undercover Israeli troops raid hospital, kill Palestinian

MIDDLE EAST (19X) Anti-Desch coalition set up and attacks
*1200 German Soldiers Could Join Fight against ISIS
*80,000 Russians stranded in Egypt after flights grounded
*Change hits Saudi Arabia: 900 women run for office
*Egypt – Confusion reigns at Egyptian airport amid British evacuation
*Emirates Secretly Sends Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen Fight
*Flash Was Detected as Russian Jet Broke Apart, US Military Officials Say
*In Bid to Counter Iran, Ayatollah [Sistani] in Iraq May End Up Emulating It
*Iran nuclear official: Centrifuges are being decommissioned
*ISIS Operatives Boasted about Taking down Russian Metrojet: US Officials
*Kurds Retake Strategic Highway in Iraq’s North from ISIS
*Prominent pro-Kurdish lawyer killed in Turkey
*Russia, Saying Its Jet Was Bombed, Allies with France against ISIS
*Russian Airliner Crashes in Egypt, Killing 224
*Russian plane crash: US officials say ISIS bomb may have brought down jet
*Turkey Seeks to Ease Tensions over Shooting Down of Russian Jet
*Turkey Shoots down Russian Warplane near Syria Border
*Turkish Prime Minister strikes conciliatory tone following downing of Russian jet
*Turkish, US air strikes kill more than 50 Islamic State militants in Syria: agency
*US, Russia fighter pilots communicate directly over Syria in successful test…

US COPS (15X) cops charged with murder & videos contradict cops
*2 Louisiana Officers Charged With Second-Degree Murder in Killing of Boy, 6 [Jeremy Mardis]
*Anger and Doubt Rise After Idaho Man’s Fatal Encounter With Deputies – Jack Yantis went to the scene of a crash involving a bull from his farm – He was shot by sheriff’s deputies, but much about what happened on that rural highway is unclear
*Anger over Killing by Police Halts Shopping in Chicago
*At University of Missouri, Black Students See a Campus Riven by Race
*Baltimore Police Assailed for Response after Freddie Gray’s Death
*Black Leaders in Chicago Push for Investigation of Police Department
*Black Lives Matters Activists Vow Not to Cower After 5 Are Shot
*Chicago Braces After Video of Police Shooting Is Released – Images from a video released Tuesday showing the shooting of Laquan McDonald by Officer Jason Van Dyke.
*Chicago Set for Protests over Shooting by the Police
*FBI Tool to Identify [only Islamic] Extremists Is Criticized
*Prosecutors mulling third trial for Alabama police officer
*Racial Discrimination Protests Ignite at Colleges across the US
*Russian millionaire found dead in Washington, DC hotel [an apparent heart attack, and both the CIA & the ex-KGB have “heart attack” weapons]
*What Police Said About the Killing of Laquan McDonald Before the Video Showed What Really Happened
*White House Is Irked Again by Comments about Police [debate on police scrutiny]

ASIA (14X) South China Sea still simmering
*2 Men Who Published Writings Critical of Extremism Are Stabbed in Bangladesh
*A Year after Democracy Protests, Hong Kong Vote Reflects Split on China
*Bangladesh hands top ULFA [United Liberation Front of Assam] leader [Anup Chetia] over to India
*China says doesn’t want S. China Sea to be focus of East Asia Summit [is this wishful thinking]
*China says up to Philippines to heal rift over South China Sea [in short, China can do no wrong and you’re the problem]
*China says US guilty of ‘political provocation’ in South China Sea
*China security chief calls for greater ‘de-radicalization’ efforts [does “de-radicalization” include all government opposition or just some]
*China will have to ‘rethink approach’ on South China Sea
*Dispute over South China Sea Prompts Asian Officials to Cancel Joint Statement
*Leaders of China, Taiwan to meet for first time in six decades
*Myanmar Election Has Aung San Suu Kyi’s Party Confident of Landslide
*Report: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to visit North Korea
*Taiwan, China leaders to hold first meeting since end of civil war
*US, Amnesty Criticize Maldives State of Emergency

US POLITICS (11x) strongly partisan politics as usual
*[Mass] Mormon Resignations Put Support for Gays over Fealty to Faith
*Canada – Feminist Trudeau to Name Women to Half the Posts in New Cabinet
*Death Penalty Foes Split Over Taking Issue to Supreme Court
*Donald Trump Says His Mocking of New York Times Reporter Was Misread
*Elder Bush Says His Son Was Served Badly by Aides [like Cheney, Rumsfeld & the neo-con men]
*Foul-Mouthed and Proud of It on the ’16 Campaign Trail’ [Rand Paul]
*Houston Voters Reject Broad Anti-Discrimination Ordinance
*In California, Stingy Water Users Are Fined in Drought, While the Rich Soak
*New UAW Contracts Land Best Terms in Over a Decade
*Rail Industry Had Safety Technology Decades Ago [safety is just too expensive and cuts into profits]
*Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case over Planned Parenthood Documents

AFRICA (12X) Bamako, Mali, attack & continued jihad killings
*Boko Haram Actually Kills More People in Terror Attacks than ISIS
*Boko Haram militants kill 15 in southern Niger: sources
*Burundi opposition asks UN to send peacekeepers quickly
*Gunmen hold 170 hostages at Radisson Blu hotel in [Bamako] Mali
*ISIS’ Grip on Libyan City [Mediterranean port city of Surt] Gives It a Fallback Option
*Mali hotel attack: Gunmen barged in, shot at ‘anything that moved’
*Mali Hotel Attackers Are Tied to an Algerian Qaeda Leader
*South Africa moves closer to legal trade in rhino horns
*Tunisia says identifies bus attack suicide bomber, makes 30 arrests
*Two soldiers, 11 suspected Boko Haram fighters killed in Chad attacks
*US airstrike in Libya kills ISIS leader
*West Fears Burundi Is on Brink of Conflict

ENVIRONMENT (9X) COP 21 & freak food and storms
*2015 likely to be warmest on record, 2011-2015 warmest five year period
*Application Denied – President Obama Rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline [first time in history that a world leader has blocked a major infrastructure project because of its impact on climate]
*EPA Revokes Approval of New Dow Herbicide
*Genetically Engineered Salmon Approved for Consumption
*New Edits to Animal Genes Cut Down on Rough Drafts, but Not on Worries
*Paris Climate Talks Avoid Scientists’ Idea of ‘Carbon Budget’
*Second freak storm heads for Yemen, WMO says [“freak” may be the new “normal” in weather]
*Senate Votes to Block Obama’s Climate Change Rules
*World Leaders Gather in Paris for High-Stakes Climate Talks

MIGRANTS (9X) Europe pays to keep migrants at home
*A Mass Migration Crisis, and It May Yet Get Worse
*As morgue fills, aid group pledges more money for refugees in Greece [& legal passage across the Aegean]
*Declaring ‘new beginning,’ EU and Turkey seal migrant deal
*EU Offers African Nations $1.8 Billion to Address Migration
*EU Offers Turkey 3 Billion Euros to Stem Migrant Flow
*European Union Predicts Economic Gains from Influx of Migrants
*Greece carries out first relocation of refugees, to Luxembourg
*Macedonia, other Balkan nations begin turning away migrants
*Turkey to help EU curb migration in exchange for cash, EU membership talks: draft

PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (8X) Kunduz hospital attack & Pakistan backs terrorism
*“Pakistan ready for talks without preconditions” [which, if true, is a major change]
*Afghan hospital attack: US strike was precise, Doctors without Borders says
*Afghan Official: Woman Accused of Adultery Stoned to Death [by reportedly Taliban men]
*Afghan president sacks security officials over fall of Kunduz
*Afghanistan – DCGS DOWN DURING HOSPITAL ATTACK – Army intelligence system said down during hospital attack
*US General Says Kunduz Hospital Strike Was ‘Avoidable’
*Workers trapped in collapsed Pakistan factory plead for help on mobile phones

US SPYING (8X) CIA secret prisons & no good at countering Desch
*5 Yemeni Guantanamo Inmates Are Sent to United Arab Emirates
*After Paris Attacks, CIA Director Rekindles Debate over Surveillance
*GERMANY: NEW CASE OF NSA SPYING – Germany probes suspected new case of US spying: report
*METADATA SURVEILLANCE DIDN’T STOP THE PARIS ATTACKS – And yet intelligence officials and politicians are now saying it could have – They’re wrong. Fringe (Slate 16 Nov)
*Nearly a year after the Senate released a declassified summary of a report on the CIA’s secret prison program, the full document is the subject of battles in the courts and in Congress
*THE PENTAGON’S MISSIONARY SPIES – US Military used Christian NGO as front for North Korea espionage
*TRACK RECORD MASS SURVEILLANCE POOR – US Mass Surveillance Has No Record of Thwarting Large Terror Attacks, Regardless of Snowden Leaks

WESTERN EUROPE (7X) Ireland troubles with women
*British woman jailed for 8 years after wearing fake penis and pretending to be…
*Germany reported to be spying on US, others after Merkel’s outrage
*Irish women tweet details of their periods to PM in abortion row
*Queen to greet line-up of despots at meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Malta
*Same-Sex Marriage is Now Legal in Ireland [but not abortion]
*Soldier Arrested over Role In 1972 Bloody Sunday Massacre [opening an old and very bloody can of worms]
*Thousands protest against Romanian premier after 32 die in fire

US GUNS (6X) More mass killings
*3 Are Dead in Colorado Springs Shootout at Planned Parenthood Center
*Colorado Victims Identified as Iraq Veteran and Woman from Hawaii
*During Planned Parenthood Shooting, a Scene of Fear and Chaos at Nearby…
*Four Dead in Shootings in Colorado Springs
*Manhunt underway after New Orleans gunmen shoot 16
*Rift Emerges Among Gun Owners over Concealing Weapons in Schools

ECONOMICS (6X) Arbitration can even be religious
*Beware the Fine Print – Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice
*Beware the Fine Print – Efforts to Rein In Arbitration Come Under Well-Financed Attack
*Beware the Fine Print – In Arbitration, a ‘Privatization of the Justice System’
*Bipartisan Bill Would Protect Service Members’ Right to Avoid Arbitration
*Chinese Cash Floods US Real Estate Market
*In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law – Organizations can compel their customers and employees to resolve disputes in arbitration proceedings bound not by state or federal law, but by religious edict

LATIN AMERICA (5X) Mexico & immigrants
*Mexican Rights Agency Investigates 150 Bodies Found in Pits
*Mexico Supreme Court takes step toward recreational pot use
*More Mexican Immigrants Leaving US than Entering, Report Finds
*Mudslides Swamp Brazilian Homes as BHP, Vale Dams Rupture
*Number of Migrants Illegally Crossing Rio Grande Rises Sharply

*A Cell Therapy Untested in Humans Saves a Baby with Cancer
*Claims for Cryotherapy Treatment Get New Scrutiny after a Death
*Death Rates [due to suicide and substance abuse] Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds
*Social media campaign launched to tackle violence against women
*Volkswagen Scandal Highlights Europe’s Loose Auto Rules

(… 135 pages cut …)