ISP Headlines from 1 to 15 September 2015

ISP Headlines from 1 to 15 September 2015
(* for noteworthy news)


*Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many US Cities
As His Term Wanes, Obama Champions Workers’ Rights
Migrant Crisis Tests Core European Value: Open Borders
Protests in Iraq Bring Fast Promises, but Slower Changes
Violent Protest Follows Kiev Vote on Autonomy for East Ukraine
U.N. Confirms Destruction of Temple of Baal by ISIS
California Defends Its Review Process in Appeal to Preserve Death Penalty
Prosecutors Say Shannon Miles Shot Texas Deputy 15 Times
Transgender Inmate Who Sued Georgia Gets Unexpected Parole
*Obama Makes Urgent Appeal in Alaska for Climate Change Action
3,000 Miles From Denali, Ohio Fumes Over Renaming of Mount McKinley
Judge Allows Moral, Not Just Religious, Contraception Exemptions
A Wild Month on Wall St. Ends Quietly
Greenlight Capital Down 14% for Year; David Einhorn Surveys Investors
The Bustle in the Frozen Food Aisle
*Palmyra, the ancient pearl of Syrian desert scarred by IS
Violent protest follows vote on autonomy for Eastern Ukraine – video
*Hundreds of migrants [more than 2,500] rescued off Greek islands
Vice News Journalists Detained in Turkey on Charges of ‘Aiding a Terrorist Organization’
Ironman Putin has steak for breakfast
At least 3 killed, 43 wounded, in suicide attack on Pakistan forces
One killed after chemical factory explodes in eastern China
Journalist Alan Morison and colleague acquitted of defaming Thai navy
Lien supports idea of Taiwan, mainland China writing history jointly
At China’s big parade, North Korea’s stay-at-home leader will be a no-show
Pakistan – President Mamnoon Hussain embarks on four-day China visit
Auschwitz ‘showers’ offend some visitors to the former Nazi camp
Storms take aim at Florida and Hawaii
Singapore ruling party for first time faces election fight for every seat
Thai police reward themselves after mysterious bomb suspect nabbed
Singapore, Egypt hail longstanding ties
*Threat from terror groups continues to emanate from Pakistan: US
France to build Calais camp for 1,500 migrants
Japan firms invest less as China fears grow, keeps BOJ pressured


Obama Nears Needed Votes on Iran Nuclear Deal
*Kentucky Clerk Denies Same-Sex Marriage Licenses, Defying Court
Big Leaps for Parental Leave, if Workers Actually Take It
Pope Francis Eases Path to Absolution for Abortion
As China’s Economy Falters, Military Parade Offers Chance to Burnish Image
Train Station in Budapest Cuts Off Service to Migrants
*After a Killing, Body Cameras Are Expanded in San Antonio
California Agrees to Overhaul Use of Solitary Confinement
Louisiana Lays Bare Difficulty in Push to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding
A Fellow Outsider, Ben Carson Rivals Donald Trump in Polls, if Not in Pomp
CNN Alters Debate Criteria, Which Could Help Carly Fiorina
Historical Symbols in Midst of a ‘Purge Moment’
Union Accused of Betraying Migrant Carnival Workers
President Pena Nieto – Pessimism Pervades Mexico as Economic Promises Fall Short
Bloomberg News, Refocusing Its Coverage, Will Lay Off About 90
18 Turkish workers kidnapped by masked men in Baghdad
Hungarian Police Struggle to Control Migrants
Azerbaijan Jails Prominent Investigative Journalist for ‘Economic Crimes’
Paris apartment building fire leaves 8 dead; police investigating
EU migration crisis: Trespassers ‘on Eurostar train roofs’ as passengers wait …
*Large Numbers of Refugees Landed on Greek Shores Overnight
Catholics and abortion: Welcome to the 20th Century, Pope Francis
Suspect in Bangkok Bombing Has Chinese Passport, Thailand Says
Lebanon’s garbage crisis: Can activists move beyond trash to politics?
*CIA, Special Operations forces reportedly launch drone war against ISIS in Syria
Guatemala’s Congress strips President Perez’ immunity amid graft scandal
No server browser for Star Wars Battlefront on PC
*UN: Gaza Strip could become uninhabitable by 2020 [perhaps sooner if the Israeli government can help]
UK – EU referendum: ‘Significant’ changes to campaigning rules
Turkey arrests more journalists, alleging ‘terrorist’ links to Erdogan opponent
New Zealand may ditch Union Flag
*Netanyahu: Israel to weigh changing open-fire orders on those throwing rocks
Japan surrenders in WWII – 70th anniversary
Syria – UN images confirm destruction of temple
HRW: Houthis, Pro-Hadi Fighters Abused Detainees in Aden
Experts: Ratification of arms treaty will reduce world’s conflicts
Al-Shabaab militants overrun AU base, killing scores


China’s Military Parade Celebrates World War II Victory
*Hungary – Migrants Rush Into Hungary Train Station as Police Retreat
“Humanity washed ashore” – Syrians en route to Europe
At least 14 killed as boat capsizes off Malaysia
Obama to assure Saudi king of US help to counter Iranian threat
China says naval ships in Bering Sea on normal drills
President’s office: Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina resigns in face of …
Thai Police Name New Suspect Connected to Bangkok Bombing
*Migrants targeting UK bound passenger trains taking ever greater risks
ISIS claims responsibility for bombings at Yemeni mosque
Eight die as fire engulfs apartments at Montmartre in Paris
UN Urges Help for 13 Million Kids Kept From School by Conflict
UK – Pressure mounts on Cameron to accept more fleeing migrants
*CIA, US special forces launch drone campaign in Syria: media
India/USA – Over 45,000 register for Narendra Modi’s Silicon Valley reception
Iran nuclear deal figures big in ‘Day 1’ presidential candidate promises
Azeri court jails corruption-busting journalist
*Four Turkish police officers killed in bomb attack: security sources
*Pak prez makes surprising claim about eliminating Uighur ultras
Britons reflect on life under Queen Elizabeth II
Coordinated Strategy Brings Obama Victory on Iran Nuclear Deal
*China Announces Cuts of 300,000 Troops at Military Parade Showing Its Might Keleti train station in central Budapest.
Squalid Migrant City Rises in Budapest as Europe Seeks Solutions
Unicef Warns of Lost Generation of War Children Out of School
A Vacation That Ended With the Legion of Honor
*Prison Officials Join Movement to Curb Solitary Confinement
Kentucky Clerk Who Said ‘No’ to Gay Couples Won’t Be Alone in Court
Advocates in Denver, Home to Legal Marijuana, Seek Public Place to Smoke
A Once-Sunny Jeb Bush, Bristling in the Long Shadow of Donald Trump
Biden Trip to Florida Raises Speculation About Presidential Run
Obama Takes Climate Message to Alaska, Where Change Is Rapid
Low-Income Workers See Biggest Drop in Paychecks
No Resting on Laurels, European Central Bank Leader Faces New Threats
Backpack Makers Rethink a Student Staple


Britain bows to pressure to accept more Syrians
Father of drowned boys returns bodies to Syrian hometown of Kobani for burial
*Guatemala’s president quits, jailed pending hearing on corruption
Two VICE Journalists Have Been Freed in Turkey but Their Translator Remains
Top Malaysian Graft Buster Says the Government Is ‘Meddling’ in Massive [inquiry]
Putin Pitches for Foreign Investment in Russia’s Far East
Saudi king to meet with Obama amid Gulf concerns over Iran deal
At least 15 die, dozens missing after boat sinks off Malaysia
*Gulf states under pressure to take Syrian migrants
Turkey extends mandate to send troops to Syria if needed
Erdogan, Hollande talk refugee crisis
*Russia Puts Boots on the Ground in Syria
Migrant crisis: Australia PM says stopping boats key for Europe
Greek snap election may backfire
The Hague: Warlord Offers a Defense [Congolese Bosco Ntaganda]
Nigeria’s Buhari gets mixed report for first 100 days
*Aziz [Pakistan National Security Advisor] to revive talks between Afghan government, Taliban [looks like simple window-dressing since Aziz refused anti-jihad talks with India]
*Migrant Chaos Mounts While Divided Europe Stumbles for Response
Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala Is Jailed Hours After Resigning Presidency
Ms. Davis in jail Thursday – Clerk in Kentucky Chooses Jail Over Deal on Same-Sex Marriage
Friendship Between Putin and Xi Becomes Strained as Economies Falter
Migrant Smuggling in Europe Is Now Worth ‘Billions’
Numbering of Migrants by Czechs Brings Outcry
Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for Dylann Roof in Charleston Shootings
Texas Abortion Providers Ask Supreme Court to Reverse Ruling on Clinics
*Justice Dept. to Require Warrants for Some Cellphone Tracking
Guard for Donald Trump Hits Protester
Biden Again Expresses Uncertainty About 2016
Legion of Tech Volunteers Lead a Charge for Bernie Sanders
Chinese Rail Firm Makes Inroads with U.S. Factory and Boston Transit Deal
Indian Automaker Tata Aims to Restore Jaguar’s Cachet in U.S.
Hedge Funds Faced a Test in August, and Faltered
UN’s Figueres is optimistic about climate plans
UN official mediates fresh round of Libyan peace talks
Chadian soldiers allegedly abused civilians in CAR, says UN panel
Putin: Syrian president is amenable to sharing power, parliamentary elections
Guatemala’s president resigns, is arrested on corruption allegations


Thousands of Migrants Reach Austria as New Groups Set Off
Houthi Rebels Were Behind Attack That Killed 45 UAE Soldiers in Yemen
Protests in Southern Syrian City After Druze Cleric Killed
*Foreign Affairs Committee head points to Arab states for not taking refugees
How Russia’s move to send a military advance team to Syria poses concerns for US
World’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, dies at 75
In Guatemala, a justice experiment gone right
Bridge builder: ‘The Pope of mercy’ is showing the way
Vancouver memorial set for two drowned Syrian boys
*US shares Saudi concerns on Yemen — Obama
Black Head Beach shark attack: Man suffers severe leg injuries
UN criticises EU over response to migration crisis
Boko Haram in Lagos, Enugu: What Has Become Of Traders And Markets
Boy, 11, shoots 16-year-old intruder in the head in St Louis, Missouri
The Queen is ‘a still point in a tumultuous world’
Thousands rally in Beirut calling to elect president by popular vote
Tajik police say close in on rebel general after clashes
Thai Police Seek 10th Suspect in Deadly Bangkok Bombing
UN cuts food aid for Syrian refugees
France considers air strikes on Islamic State in Syria: Le Monde
Migrants Cross Austria Border From Hungary
Exodus of Syrians Highlights Political Failure of the West
Jobs Report Gives Ammunition to Both Sides of Fed Rate Debate
*Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for U.S.
Treatment of Migrants Evokes Memories of Europe’s Darkest Hour
*Germany and Sweden Are Said to Help Make Afghan ‘Kill Decisions’
At West Point, Annual Pillow Fight Becomes Weaponized
Iowans Question G.O.P. Talk on Illegal Immigration
Marriage Licenses Issued in Kentucky County, but Debates Continue
Obama and Saudi King Sidestep Dispute Over Iran Nuclear Deal
Talk in GOP Turns to a Stop Donald Trump Campaign
Race Pulls Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton to Puerto Rico
For Labor Day Drivers, Lowest Gasoline Prices in 11 Years
New Type of Drug-Free Labels for Meat Has U.S.D.A. Blessing
A sign in a Manhattan window. The unemployment rate has fallen to 5.1 percent, the lowest since early 2008. Israel’s fault lines spill onto the soccer pitch


*Europe’s migrant crisis continues, as Germany’s patience may be wearing thin
Vigil Held For Young Boys Who Drowned Trying to Flee Syria
Kerry Tells Lavrov US Concerned Over Reports Of Russian Military Move In Syria
Thai Draft Constitution Is Rejected by Junta-Backed Council
Probe into Spanish rally car race where six died
Finnish PM Juha Sipila offers his spare home to relieve distressed refugees
*In Syria, Assad’s forces blamed for more killings than IS
Warplanes Pound Yemen Rebels After Gulf Troops Killed
After graft scandal, Guatemala election seen heading to run-off
Russia is sending ships loaded with tanks and trucks to support regime of [Astrakhan region]
Tajik Forces Hunt For Renegade Ex-Deputy Minister
South Korean fishing boat capsizes; at least 10 dead
Britain poised to take in 15,000 Syrian refugees
From stuffy to selfies: Elizabeth II tries to change with the times
Japan lifts evacuation order for town near nuclear plant
Australia ready to take more refugees from Syria, Tony Abbott says
US, allies launch 25 air strikes in Iraq, eight in Syria – US
UK – Civil service voluntary redundancy: Theresa Villiers says government will fund …
World’s shortest man dies from pneumonia
Trinidad PM in election fight over crime, corruption claims
Germans Welcome Migrants After Long Journey Through Hungary and Austria
Hillary Clinton Relying on Southern Primaries to Fend Off Rivals
A mural of Pope Francis on a building in Manhattan – Pope Francis’ Visit to U.S. Is His First Ever, for Several Reasons
Wealthy Gulf Nations Are Criticized for Tepid Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis
As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Some Wonder How to Make Acceptance Last
Guatemalans Ousted President Otto Perez Molina. Now What?
Food Industry Enlisted Academics in G.M.O. Lobbying War, Emails Show
Carbon Cuts So Sharp Even California Democrats Are Divided
Uneasy Truce on Gay Marriage Is Shaken by Kentucky Clerk’s Defiance
U.S. Warns Russia Over Military Support for Assad
Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone Feels the Agony of Victory
A Basketball Arena Battles for San Francisco’s Heart
Hellas Telecommunications, once Greece’s third-largest mobile phone operator, was taken over in 2005 by two giant private equity outfits – Judge’s Ruling Offers Peek Into Private Equity’s Secret World


Germany Agrees to Spend $6.7 Billion More on Asylum Seekers
Refugee crisis: Britain should take 500,00 or more refugees ‘if we can’, says …
North and South Korea begin talks for rare post-war family reunions
Comedian Set to Win Presidential Elections in Guatemala
Turkish military jets strike PKK targets after deadly militant attack
Experts dismiss Mexico’s account of apparent student massacre
*Mother of killed West Bank toddler dies of wounds
10 dead after South Korea boat capsizes, search on
Spain – Girl (13) among six killed in rally tragedy
Thai military council rejects new draft constitution
More than 60 Indonesians dead after migrant boat capsizes
Pope calls on Europe’s Catholics to take in refugees
*The French Agent Who Bombed the Greenpeace Ship Rainbow Warrior Apologizes
Canadian candidate Stephen Harper apologises for urinating into coffee cup
World’s shortest man dies
Lightning Kills 22 People in Southeastern India
U.S. Revamping Rebel Force Fighting ISIS in Syria
As Europe Grasps for Answers, More Migrants Flood Its Borders
Ousted as Gay, Aging Veterans Are Battling Again for Honorable Discharges
*Experts Reject Official Account of How 43 Mexican Students Were Killed
*Netanyahu Rejects Calls for Israel to Accept Syrian Refugees
Thailand’s Military Junta Rejects Draft Constitution
Flicker of Hope for Children With Rare and Devastating Disease
Threat to Arizona’s Salt River Horses Spurs New Battle Over Western Lands
Jailed Kentucky Clerk Starts Federal Appeal
Jeb Bush, Family Ties and a Museum That Never Materialized
Visiting 99 Counties in Iowa Doesn’t Get Candidates as Far as It Used to
Carly Fiorina at the New Hampshire Education Summit in Londonderry, N.H., last month.
Workers Organize, but Don’t Unionize, to Get Protection Under Labor Law
Financial Leaders Agree to Act to Bolster Growth
Apple Unveils New Products, and Stephen Colbert Returns to Late Night


*Migrant crisis: More troubles in Hungary as Austria, Germany near tipping point
MPs to debate UK plan to take 20000 Syrian refugees
*Migrant crisis: Greece acts over Lesbos ‘explosion’ fears
Officials deny Syria oil field captured by Islamic State
North and South Korea agree to family reunions in October
*Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in northern Iraq: officials
*UN climate talks in Paris could fail: French President Francois Hollande [hedging bets to blunt the Mysterious fireball lights up Bangkok sky
In Pakistan, a prime minister and a country rebound — at least for now
Nepal police search for body of slain Texas teacher
Tickets to Be Available Online Tuesday for Pope’s Speech
Top Italian court explains Amanda Knox’s release in final, final word on epic case
Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion goes back to work
4 more Mexican officials held in ‘El Chapo’ prison escape
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi calls for free and fair elections as campaign starts
Refugee crisis: Denmark discourages asylum seekers with newspaper adverts in …
Egyptian agriculture minister arrested over corruption charges
*Thousands of Palestinian structures under Israeli demolition orders
Australian Surfer Says He’s Lucky Not to Lose Arm to Shark
Pakistan claims use of first indigenous armed drone
*Apple and Other Tech Companies Tangle With U.S. Over Data Access
Migrants Who Survived Shipwreck Are Grateful, but Disillusioned
Melting Ice Isn’t Opening Arctic to Oil Bonanza
*A Steady Flow Staggers Into Europe, Outpacing Pledges of Shelter
Russia Answers U.S. Criticism Over Military Aid to Syria
Former Leader of Chad Hauled Into Court as Trial Resumes
What Are a Hospital’s Costs? Utah System Is Trying to Learn
Yazidis Settle in Nebraska, but Roots Run Deep in Iraq
A Los Angeles Plan to Reshape the Streetscape Sets Off Fears of Gridlock
Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say
Republicans Fear Donald Trump Is Hardening Party’s Tone on Race
A Jogging Biden Hears Calls to ‘Run, Joe, Run!’
Companies Struggle to Comply With Rules on Conflict Minerals
China, Trying to Bolster Currency, Taps Foreign Reserves
Patrick Drahi Positions Himself to Be a Player in U.S. Cable


*European Commission President Calls for Continent to Take In 160,000 Refugees
British Airways plane catches fire in Las Vegas
Queen Elizabeth II surpasses Queen Victoria’s long reign
Moscow accuses US of ‘boorishness’ over Russian flights to Syria
Camerawoman fired after kicking and tripping migrants
Japan – Nikkei rebounds on fresh Abenomics hopes, pension buying
Australia to take 12000 refugees, join coalition airstrikes in Syria
India says boats carrying Indians bombed by aircraft traveling between Yemen and Somalia
7 Middle East crises that are a bigger problem than Iran’s nuclear program
Syrian air base falls to rebels, troops exit: state TV
Deadly sandstorm sweeps across Middle East
Angelina Jolie warns Islamic State using rape on unprecedented scale
South America – Pupils Speak Out: Rich and poor schools
Aung San Suu Kyi calls on the world to monitor Myanmar’s general election
Pacific Islands set to benefit from new broadcasting deal
Syrian refugees find mercy on the island of Lesbos: Margaret Evans
Europe makes room for refugees; Japan asks: Why not us?
Kenya shopping mall evacuated after bomb scare, three arrested – police
North Korea – Kim Jong-un meets first foreign delegation in more than two years
Tehran or bust? [stock exchange]
United C.E.O. Is Out Amid Inquiry at Port Authority
China Flexes Tech Muscles Before a State Visit
*A New Wave of Migrants Flees Iraq, Yearning for Europe
Pope Francis Announces Changes for Easier Marriage Annulments
Students in South Africa Protest Slow Pace of Change
Britain Won’t ‘Hesitate’ on Drone Strikes in Syria
Chicago’s Fiscal Problems Dog Rahm Emanuel’s 2nd Term as Mayor
Kim Davis, Released From Kentucky Jail, Won’t Say if She Will Keep Defying Court
*Baltimore Announces $6.4 Million Settlement in the Death of Freddie Gray
Hillary Clinton, Citing Her ‘Mistake,’ Apologizes for Private Email
As New Mexico Scandals Grow, Democrats Hope to Tarnish Governor
Donald Trump Likens His Schooling to Military Service in Book
Investment Strategies Meant as Buffers to Volatility May Have Deepened It
Austin Beutner Ousted as Los Angeles Times Publisher
Parents May Spend Less This Year on Back-to-School Supplies, Despite Growing Need
*Black Tennis Star Tackled By 5 White Police Officers [Will Mr. Presidnet be next?]
Report: Human rights are lacking in Ukraine conflict
IAEA: North Korea is expanding nuclear weapons facilities
UN special envoy Jolie urges action to halt sexual abuse by militants


*Thousands more migrants [3,700] stream into Austria from Hungary
Japan city Joso hit by ‘unprecedented’ flooding
Al-Qaida Says ISIS is Poaching Militants
Labour leadership: Voting set to close amid fresh turmoil
*Bangkok Bombing Investigation Reveals Further Links to China
Vegas plane fire passengers escaped with lives _ and bags
Beijing stance in the spotlight as Islamic State takes Chinese hostage
Why did Trump show up at DC rally? He’s becoming (gasp) a politician
Taiwan Simulates Attacks by Political Rival China
UK honours Queen Elizabeth’s 63-year reign
*Lebanon Nears End to Trash Crisis That Sparked Violent Protests
France ‘to launch Syria air strikes to help stop flow of refugees’
REM [rock band] bashes Trump, Cruz for using ‘It’s the End of the World’ at rally
Ukrainian Chocolate Cafe Melts Pro-Russian Rebel Hearts
Ireland – Taoiseach intervenes in effort to prevent Stormont collapse
Syria’s Idlib airbase falls to anti-Assad rebels with army withdrawing from …
Malala: The World’s Response to Refugees Has Been Pitiful
Tropical Storm Henri forms in Atlantic southeast of Bermuda
Analysis: A (moderately) hopeful sign for Israel from Cairo [raising of the flag above the Israeli Embassy]
Indo-Pak DG-level border talks begin in Delhi; ceasefire violation, cross …
Rants On Iran – Republican Presidential Candidates Fear-Monger While Experts Support Deal
Egypt throws the dice with partial lifting of stadia ban
China’s Response to Stock Plunge Rattles Traders
*Justice Department Sets Sights on Wall Street Executives – Sally Q. Yates, the deputy attorney general and the author of the memo.
*EU Nations Urged to Accept 160,000 Migrants
Report Renews Hope and Doubt on Missing Students in Mexico
Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Britain’s Longest-Reigning Monarch
Senior Sinn Fein Member Arrested in Northern Ireland Murder
Fires in West Have Residents Gasping on the Soot Left Behind
Seattle Teachers Go on First Systemwide Strike in 30 Years After Talks Collapse
*How an Area’s Union Membership Can Predict Children’s Advancement
Jeb Bush Tax Plan Makes Forays Into Populism
*Iran Deal Debate Delayed as Talk of Secret Deals Divides GOP
Judge Rules House Can Sue Obama Administration on Health Care Spending
The Bloomberg Terminal, a Wall Street Fixture, Faces Upstarts
The Rail Executive United Airlines Tapped to Lift Its Fortunes
National Geographic and Fox Form a Commercial Media Company


Polls Open in Singapore for Election Seen as Referendum on Ruling Party
USA – Key reasons why opponents hate the Iran nuclear deal
Japan flooding: 3 deaths, levee breaks, many missing
Turkey’s crackdown against Kurdish militants raises tension
Venezuela’s Leopoldo López sentenced to jail for nearly 14 years
South Korean man gets 12-years prison for slashing US ambassador
*Canada among small group of countries to oppose Palestinian flag at UN [Canada no longer has a foreign China says man reportedly held by Islamic State ‘matches characteristics’ of …
*Isis ‘manufacturing and using chemical weapons’ in Iraq and Syria, US official …
*Some 7,600 migrants enter Macedonia from Greece in 24 hours
LinkedIn Sexism Row
Northern Ireland in political chaos as killings, accusations stir old ghosts
UK – Homecoming hero Jeremy Corbyn can’t stop campaigning
Mumbai blasts 2006: India court finds 12 men guilty
Trump, Republicans under fire from rock stars over campaign songs
*In north, Lebanese denounce government plan to dump trash
An asylum seeker takes a selfie with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on September 10, 2015. On Catalans hold mass rally for independence from Spain
Obama tells administration to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees over next year
India asks Saudi to help with diplomat ‘rape’ investigation
*Democrats Hand Victory to Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal
*Influential Pro-Israel Group Suffers Stinging Political Defeat [American Israel Public Affairs Committee]
In Second Republican Debate, Donald Trump’s Rivals Seek Points, Not Knockout
As a Boom Fades, Brazilians Wonder How It All Went Wrong
Migrants Meet Rain, Resistance and Confusion at Border Crossings
Japan Faces Severe Flooding After Heavy Rain in the East
USA – Duke Energy to Pay Fine Over Power Plant Violations
For California, El Niño’s Dark Clouds Could Mean Rain but Also Trouble
*Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death to Be Tried in Baltimore
Joe Biden, in Colbert Interview, Expresses Doubts About Bid for President
Donald Trump Finds Defenders and Detractors Among Conservatives
Jeb Bush’s Populist Tack on Taxes Finds Echoes in Unlikely Sources
Justice Dept. Vow to Go After Bankers May Prove a Promise Hard to Keep
As Head-Up Displays Become Common, Distraction Becomes an Issue
The Dubious Case of Dewey & LeBoeuf
Fresh round of Yemen talks planned
Group: Sudanese counterinsurgency force responsible for killings, sexual abuse in Darfur
Unnamed US official suggests Islamic State making chemical weapons
Deadly ambush on humanitarian workers in Darfur UN Radio (9/10)


Saudi official blames high wind for Mecca crane collapse; 107 dead
With Jeremy Corbyn Elected as New Leader, Britain’s Labour Party Takes a Hard …
Thousands may join refugee solidarity marches across Europe
*Egypt’s Cabinet Resigns Days After Detention of Former Minister
82 People Killed in Explosions at Central India Restaurant
Saudi Says Hundreds of Thousands of Syrians Given Residency
Pope Francis looks to Cuba, and sees an unfinished mission
Singapore PM hails election landslide for party that has ruled for half-century
*UN votes to allow flag of Palestine to fly at HQ
Iran says finds unexpectedly high uranium reserve
Sources say Russian weapons in Syria are defensive, housing erected for 1500 …
OSCE head Zannier says Sept. 1 cease-fire in eastern Ukraine still holding
White House: Obama wants to admit more Syrian refugees
India – Defence lawyers say they plan to go to high court
Bombs in northeast Nigeria kill at least 12
Watch what ‘Siri’ has to say about ‘America and Iran’s Nuclear Deal’
Turkey Faces Threat of Growing Unrest
‘I wasn’t in charge when boat capsized’ says father of Aylan Kurdi, drowned …
Japan flooding: 2.8 million advised to evacuate
Turkey’s ruling AKP holds congress in shadow of Erdogan
U.S. Drops Charges That Professor Shared Technology With China
California Legislature Approves Assisted Suicide
Empathy and Angst in a German City Transformed by Refugees
Nuclear Deal Sealed, Obama Must Now Make It Work, and Mend Fences
Scores Killed in Mecca as Crane Crashes Into Grand Mosque
Islamic State Ordnance Shows Traces of Chemical Agents, U.S. Says
Lower Blood Pressure Guidelines Could Be ‘Lifesaving,’ Federal Study Says
Baltimore’s Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Won’t Seek Re-election
Richard Glossip – Oklahoma Inmate the Focus of Renewed Attention as Execution Date Nears
Hillary Clinton’s Long Road to ‘Sorry’ Over Email Use
As the Nation Watches, Joe Biden Struggles With Whether to Run for President
Rick Perry Ends His Run for President
Automakers Will Make Automatic Braking Systems Standard in New Cars
Report Finds Vulnerabilities in Guardrails Lining U.S. Roads
Banks to Settle With Investors in Suit Over Financial Crisis


Jeremy Corbyn victory: Unite behind leader, Tom Watson tells Labour
Yemen’s exiled president backs out of talks with rebels
Mecca: Saudi king vows to find cause of hajj crane tragedy
The Latest: Germany Backs Funding for Syrian Refugee Camps
*Palestinians clash with police in Jerusalem in Al-Aqsa mosque dispute
Thai police seek ‘Chinese’ man over Bangkok bomb
Egypt forms new cabinet after government resigns
*Indian police seek man blamed for deadly explosions
Foreign Ministers Make Headway on Ukraine Conflict
Turkey – PKK bombing, clashes kill eight in Turkey, curfew declared in Diyarbakir city
Russia Gives Roy Jones Jr. Citizenship
Three people remain in hospital after fatal India train crash
Egypt operation kills 296 jihadists
Excluding Syrian army from fighting ISIS is absurd – Lavrov
Death toll rises to five after Japan flood
Kenya unveils memorial to those tortured during British rule
Singapore Grand Prix on alert over haze threat
China, US reach consensus on cyber security
Flood warning as Britain faces week of torrential rain with Storm Henri …
Body found in Spain likely that of missing American woman
Eastern Bloc’s Resistance to Refugees Highlights Europe’s Cultural and Political Divisions
Airstrikes Take Toll on Civilians in Yemen War
Gloomy Republican Campaigns Leave Behind Reagan Cheer
A Hunting Ban Saps a Village’s Livelihood
With Jeremy Corbyn Elected as New Leader, Britain’s Labour Party Takes a Hard Left Turn
In Pakistan, U.S. Aid Agency’s Efforts Produce Dubious Results
Body Blow on Texas Referee Shakes School and Sport
With Website to Research Colleges, Obama Abandons Ranking System
Nashville’s Mayor-Elect Finds Path Between Liberalism and Commerce
Donald Trump Gets Rock Star Greeting in Iowa
Scott Walker Cancels Stops to Focus on Iowa and South Carolina
Justice Breyer Sees Value in a Global View of Law
How Stanford Took On the Giants of Economics
Walt Disney, a Visionary Who Was Crazy Like a Mouse
The Fed’s Policy Mechanics Retool for a Rise in Interest Rates


*Refugee crisis: Britain set for crunch EU talks as Germany brings in border controls
*Afghan Taliban Storm Ghazni Prison, Free Hundreds
Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet: Union bosses threaten civil unrest – live
Indian Leader Narendra Modi Will Join a Q&A Forum With Facebook CEO Mark …
Japan’s Mount Aso Erupts, Blackening Sky, Disrupting Flights
Australia – Liberal leadership challenge: Who’s who
Refugee boat sinking: dozens including children drown off Greek island
Bangkok Bombing: Three Detained in Malaysia in Connection With Blast
Malaysian PM announces $4.6 billion boost to share market, rules out capital …
*UN condemns Al-Aqsa violence after 200 Israeli troops storm compound
At least 10 killed in suspected suicide bomb attack in Pakistan
Egyptian government resigns amid corruption claims
Saudi forces launch fresh offensive in Yemen
Turkey’s PKK Conflict Takes Toll on Kurdish City
Indonesia rules out evacuations in forest fire areas
US and Iran Both Conflict and Converge
Top officials hail ‘progress’ on Ukraine deal
Kate Middleton Looks Gorgeous With New Hairstyle, Rides With Prince William in …
Police: Man urinated on passengers aboard JetBlue flight
*Germany Orders Curbs at Border in Migrant Crisis
U.S. and Iran Both Conflict and Converge
Pitfalls for the Unwary Borrower Out on the Frontiers of Banking
*Egypt Forces Kill Tourists From Mexico
U.S. Wants Former Salvadoran Ally to Face Justice in 1989 Massacre
*Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn May Help Tories in Next British Elections [this supposes that the UK public hasn’t become fed up with Tory promises]
One Symptom in New Medical Codes: Doctor Anxiety
Moving Fast, Fire Scorches Community in California
*Panel Studying Racial Divide in Missouri Presents a Blunt Picture of Inequity
Jeb Bush’s Cerebral Debate Style Faces a Test: Donald Trump
Ben Carson Works His Way Up the Donation Ladder
*Ad Contrasts Ronald Reagan’s Views With Republicans’ Words on Immigration
Rivalry Builds Off the Field as Talent Agencies Turn to Sports
Consumers and Lawmakers Take Steps to End Forced Labor in Fishing
Participant Media Delivers Batch of Films and Unfolds DreamWorks Idea
*James Blake Says [NYPD] Officer Who Arrested Him Should Be Fired, for a Start
*US Drops Charges That Professor [Xi Xiaoxing] Shared Technology With China [FBI & prosecutors assumed he was guilty until proven innocent]
Peace agreement appears likely for Libya, says UN envoy
Sides in South Sudan commit to UN meeting
Monitor sees progress toward political settlement in Ukraine
WFP food trucks are attacked in Afghanistan
Taliban assault on Afghanistan jail frees more than 350 prisoners
Tourist convoy mistakenly attacked by Egyptian troops, killing 12 civilians


*North Korea confirms nuclear reactor restart after hints of missile launch
*Hungary Detains Migrants in Border Crackdown
Australia’s new PM a progressive, self-made multi-millionaire
Philippines – PH universities slip in QS World Rankings
*Israeli police, Palestinian protesters clash for third day at Jerusalem holy site
Southeast Asia wheezes in haze, Indonesia cracks down on land burning
*Iran says wants China’s help to resolve Middle East tensions [is Iran indicating that the US and Western Europe can’t do it]
Je suis Charlie? Satirical magazine mocks Syrian toddler Aylan in latest cover
*Topless protesters interrupt Muslim preachers discussing wife beating
Eid Aal-Adha: 5 things you need to know
Sri Lanka Lays Out Plan for Reconciliation
Syria: Suicide Attacks by Islamic State Target Cadets and a Militia in the North
Stop everything! Kate Middleton has a new fringe
*France pledges equipment, intelligence support for MNJTF [Multinational Joint Task Force in Africa]
In times of peace and war “Papa Francisco: The Pope Francis Story”
Ex-Greek PM rejects ‘unnatural’ coalition
UK – Unionists ‘should consider Scottish devolution referendum’
UN Urges Venezuela to Stop Abuses as Colombians Deported
*Taliban attack frees 355 from Afghan prison
Iran Claims Head of UN Nuclear Watchdog to Visit Tehran
Democrats Lay Groundwork to Expand Use of ‘Super PACs’
*Russian Moves in Syria Widen Role in Mideast
*More Border Controls as Europe Stalls on Migrant Quotas
Amid California Wildfires, Escapes and Choices
Malcolm Turnbull Defeats Tony Abbott to Become Prime Minister of Australia
Egyptian Military Said to Fire on Mexican Tourists During Picnic
*A Sense of Instability Settles Over Turkey as Conflict With Kurds Flares
Kentucky Clerk Allows Same-Sex Licenses, but Questions Legality
Virginia Has Solitary Confinement Case, if Justices Want It
These Public Libraries Are for Snowshoes and Ukuleles
The Lobbyist With a Six-Figure Government Job
Cheers, Puns and Protest Welcome Donald Trump in Dallas
Students at Liberty University, an evangelical Christian college in Virginia, prayed before a talk by Senator Bernie Sanders, who was seeking to build
A Vinyl LP Frenzy Brings Record-Pressing Machines Back to Life
Hispanics in Congress Ask Treasury to Prevent ‘Catastrophe’ in Puerto Rico
Porsche, Aiming at Tesla, Unveils Electric Concept Car
*Sierra Nevada snowpack lowest in five centuries
*ALGERIA: Bouteflika sacks his spy chief [after 25 years at the top]


Intelligence, Secrecy & Power N.656, 31 August 2015

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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 656, 31 August 2015


The leading topics of August 2015 were: MIGRANTS (25X) Calais, Kos, Macedonia, Austria & Libya; ISRAEL (23X) Jewish extremism, Racist underground, Boycott Israel Movement & Hunger-striker; US COPS (21X) Shoot first policy, Racial justice & Prison “Beat Up Squad”; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN/INDIA (18X) Pakistan controlled by jihadists & the A bombs?; MIDDLE EAST (17X) ISIS beheadings & Sex slavery, & Beirut trash crisis; ASIA (17X) Tianjin explosion, Bankok bombing & Koreas deal; US POLITICS (14X) Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump & the others; AFRICA (10X) Burundi trouble, Boko Haram & South Sudan; ECONOMICS (9X) Puerto Rico, China & Greece; IRAN DEAL (7X); JIHADISTS (6X); USA GUNS (5X); ENVIRONMENT (5X); NSA SPYING (4X) Assange soon free?; WORLD (4X); EASTERN EUROPE (3X); WESTERN EUROPE (2X); LATIN AMERICA (1X)

Last month’s leading topics were: AFRICA – Boko Haram, Burundi, Rwanda & Obama; ISRAEL – More and more extremist & anti-everything, including Iran; US POLITICS – Trump, the Popo & gay Boy Scouts; WESTERN EUROPE – Migrant troubles & UK politics; IRAN – Deal made while Israel screams; MIDDLE EAST – ISIS, Taliban & Al-Qaida; US COPS – NYC, Baltimore, Cincinnati & Texas; ASIA – China crash, Myanmar & Japan; GREECE – Debt relief & bailout; US GUNS – Roof, Chattanooga & Lafayette; NSA – Still spying on everybody, including Germany & Japan; CONFEDERATE FLAG – Comes down in South Carolina after church massacre; CIA – Psychologists, torture & hackings; LATIN AMERICA – Cuba, USA & Colombia; and DIVERS – BP, WHO, Ebola & Ukraine.


MIGRANTS (25X) Calais, Kos, Macedonia, Austria & Libya
01 *Harriet Harman: France should compensate British hauliers and holidaymakers [for migrant troubles in Calais]
02 *Calais migrant crisis: David Cameron accused of ‘playing politics’
05 *Fears for migrants after boat capsizes in Mediterranean
06 *200 migrants feared dead after fishing boat capsizes in Mediterranean
07 *Squalid, crowded migrant camp in Calais takes on air of permanence
08 *In a First, a Sudanese Migrant Nearly Crosses the English Channel on Foot
09 *UK Considers All Options to Block Migrants From Channel Tunnel
10 *Migrant crisis alarms Britain — but fears clash with facts
12 *Refugees stream into Greek island [Kos], meet wretched conditions
18 *Europe struggles to respond as migrants numbers rise threefold
19 *Merkel Shifts From Greece to Refugees as Numbers Surge
20 *Macedonia Declares Emergency at Borders Over Migrant Surge
20 *Migrant focus switches to Belgian and Dutch ports [the search for the weakest point]
21 *Macedonia migrants: Hundreds rush border forces
22 *Macedonia migrants: Thousands break through at Greek border
22 *Macedonian Police Clash With Migrants on Border With Greece
23 *Chaos at Macedonia border as refugees tear through police lines
23 *Italian navy rescues 3,000 migrants in Mediterranean
25 *Up to 3,000 refugees, migrants expected a day in Macedonia: UNHCR
27 *Another tragedy on the Mediterranean – dozens of bodies [51] found on a migrant ship
28 *An abandoned truck carrying the dead bodies of people assumed to be migrants was found in Austria on Thursday.
29 *Libya recovers 105 bodies after migrant boat sinks, more feared dead
30 *As tragedies shock Europe, a bigger refugee crisis looms in the Middle East
30 *Chris Christie Proposes Tracking Immigrants the Way FedEx Tracks Packages [why not tatoo them with serial numbers, it’s cheaper]
31 *EU to Hold Extraordinary Talks on Response to Migrant Crisis

ISRAEL (23X) Jewish extremism, Racist underground, Boycott Israel Movement & Hunger-striker
01 *Israel – Jewish Arsonists Suspected in West Bank Attack That Killed Palestinian Toddler
01 *Palestinians to haul Israel before ICC in wake of arson attack, Abbas says
03 *Israeli Justice Is Seen to Be Often Uneven Among Palestinian Cases
03 *Teen stabbed at Gay Pride march dies as pressure mounts on Israel
04 *Vigilante Effort After a Child’s Death Underlines Stark Change in West Bank
05 *Israel Detains Meir Kahane’s Grandson, a Scion of Jewish Militancy
05 *Israel in ordeal over rising Jewish extremism [the  normal consequence of successive far-right governments]
05 *Israel struggles with racist underground [it’s hardly “underground” at all and more likely condoned by many senior officials]
07 *Soul-Searching in Israel After Bias Attacks on Gays and Arabs
08 *Father of Palestinian Toddler Killed in West Bank Arson Attack Dies in Hospital
08 *Israel behind assassinations of Iran nuclear scientists, Ya’alon hints
09 *Nine suspected Jewish extremists arrested in wake of firebombing
10 *Israel Continues Crackdown on Jewish Extremist Network
10 *Israel releases ‘Jewish radicals’ detained in West Bank
11 *Why No One Ignores The Boycott Israel Movement Anymore
14 *Hawkish parliamentarian named as Israel’s UN ambassador [more to come from the “international spoiled brat”]
15 *Report: Fearing riots, prisons locked down amid deterioration of Palestinian [hunger striker]
17 *Israel Denies Contacts With Hamas on Long-term Truce
18 *Israeli Opposition Leader Fears New Palestinian Uprising
19 *One Palestinian’s Refusal to Eat Puts Israel in a Bind
19 *Report: Doctors confirm Palestinian hunger-striker has brain damage after MRI
20 *Israeli Court Approves Release of Fasting Palestinian [because he was in such a depleted condition that he no longer posed a security threat – just starve them to near death]
20 *Palestinian Lawyer Ends Hunger Strike in Israel [after suspention of his administrative detention (jail without trial)]

US COPS (21X) Shoot first policy, Racial justice & Prison “Beat Up Squad”
01 *St. Louis County Biased Against Black Juveniles, Justice Department Finds
02 *Training Officers to Shoot First, and He Will Answer Questions Later [psychologist William Lewinski]
03 *A Maryland Town Fires Its Black Police Chief, Exposing a Racial Rift
04 *ACLU Sues Over Handcuffing of Boy, 8, and Girl, 9, in Kentucky School
04 *Two shot dead in Toronto after Drake music festival party [has Canada becomes just like the US]
05 *Sandra Bland’s Mother Files Wrongful-Death Lawsuit [death in a Texas jail cell called suicide]
10 *Peaceful rallies in Ferguson give way to violence, gunfire
11 *Emergency Declared in Ferguson After Shooting
12 *After 2 Killers Fled, New York Prisoners Say, Beatings Were Next
12 *Data on Use of Force by Police Across U.S. Proves Almost Useless [because authorities didn’t demande that data on police action be taken seriously, just “get the job done”]
12 *Officer Brad Miller – Arlington, Tex., Officer Is Fired in Fatal Shooting of Christian Taylor
13 *Officer Brad Miller – Texas Officer Who Killed Unarmed Man Made Mistakes, Police Experts Say [the real news is that “police experts” are the ones saying that mistakes were made]
14 *A Police Rookie in Texas at 49, Seeking a Niche in Life
16 *After Protests for Racial Justice, Activists Ask: What Next [Ferguson MO]
16 *Locked in Solitary at 14: Adult Jails Isolate Youths Despite Risk
17 *Exclusion of Blacks From Juries Raises Renewed Scrutiny
17 *Without Release of Video, Police Shooting of White Driver Gets Less Publicity [another unarmed youth killed by the police]
19 *Prison Guard ‘Beat Up Squad’ Is Blamed in New York Inmate’s Death
20 *Tensions High After St. Louis Police Shooting of Black Suspect [is anyone considering disarming the police]
22 *Black Man Shot by Police in St. Louis Died From Bullet to Back
26 *Maryland Restricts Racial Profiling in New Guidelines for Law Enforcement

PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN/INDIA (18X) Pakistan controlled by jihadists & the A bombs?
01 *New Taliban leader purportedly rejects peace process ‘propaganda’
02 *India – Gudaspur attack: Terrorist was wearing gloves with the label ‘Made in Pakistan’
04 *Tensions in Taliban ranks as head of militant group’s Qatar office resigns
05 *Civilian casualties in Afghanistan hit highest number since 2009, UN says
07 *Suicide bomber targets Kabul police academy, casualties reported
08 *Waves of Suicide Attacks Shake Kabul on Its Deadliest Day of 2015
13 *Al-Qaeda leader purportedly pledges allegiance to Taliban
14 *Pakistan raises Kashmir in Independence Day speech
19 *Kashmir separatists invited to meet Aziz [Pakistan’s national security adviser responsile for controlling Pakistanin jihadists attacking Indian Kashmir]
21 *Afghanistan seethes at Taliban meetings it says held in Pakistan
21 *Battle of nerves: India sends a message to Pak ahead of NSA talks
21 *US: No Decision on Blocking Military Aid to Pakistan
22 *India warns Pakistan against meeting [jihadist] separatists, talks on brink
24 *Pakistan rescues Chinese tourist held by the Taliban [Taliban is controlled by the Pakistani ISI and China is Pakistan’s closest ally]
27 *Gunmen in Afghan uniforms kill two US troops in Helmand
27 *Pakistan contacts United Nations over cancellation of NSA-level talks
28 *Nine Killed as India and Pakistan Exchange Cross-Border Fire
31 *US expresses disappointment over cancellation of Pakistan-India talks

MIDDLE EAST (17X) ISIS beheadings & Sex slavery, & Beirut trash crisis
01 *Iraqi Kurds warn PKK [to leave civilian areas] amid Turkey air strikes
04 *EU, US Call for Turkish Restraint Against Kurds
05 *Iran calls military intervention in Syria ‘unacceptable’
08 *Islamic State Executed ‘Unprecedented’ 2,070 Iraqis Around Mosul
08 *Syrian conflict ‘has killed quarter of a million people’
12 *Why America Should Aim To Contain — Rather Than Destroy — ISIS
13 *Turkey, Iran help broker rare truce in Syria
16 *Kidnapping and Sex Slavery: Covering ISIS’ Religious Justification for Rape
19 *ISIS beheads 82-year-old archaeologist in Palmyra, Syrian official says
20 *Militant soccer fans claim responsibility for Cairo bombing
21 *Thinking the Unthinkable: Coming to Grips with the Survival of the Islamic State
21 *IS demolishes ancient monastery in central Syria with bulldozers [ancient monasteries are an insult to IS jihadists but not Western bulldozers that they are incapable of building]
23 *Palestinian President Resigns From Executive Committee
23 *Scores Wounded in Beirut as Thousands Protest Trash Inaction
24 *David Cameron orders MI6 chief to catch ISIS executioner ‘Jihadi John’
26 *Syria’s Assad backs alliance to fight ‘terrorism’
27 *Report: Hamas summons Palestinian factions to discuss terms of ten-year truce

ASIA (17X) Tianjin explosion, Bankok bombing & Koreas deal
02 *Indonesia – National scene: Rachmawati sings praises of Kim Jong
14 *Massive Explosions Rocks Tianjin, China
16 *Chinese chemical blasts: 112 dead, 95 still missing
17 *China explosions: Doubts raised over chemical licences
17 *Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in US
17 *US warns China to stop pressuring expatriates to return home
18 *Bangkok shrine bombing: Thai police hunt for suspect seen in video
19 *UN expert slams China on chemical blast secrecy
20 *Chinese Report Details Role of Political Connections in Tianjin Blasts
20 *Japan Looks For Answers To Rising Chinese Strength
20 *Tensions rise as North and South Korea exchange artillery fire
21 *US Halts Military Exercise With South Korea [is the US “caving in” to North Korea for political reasons or does US intelligence have serious information on the possibility of starting a war]
24 *6 police, 3 protesters killed in violence in western Nepal
26 *Deal Between North and South Korea Defies Their Mutual Disdain
27 *China Accuses 11 Officials of Negligence Over Tianjin Blasts
27 *India deploys army to stop caste-related violence in Gujarat
31 *Huge protest in Tokyo as Japanese citizens refuse war contribution

US POLITICS (14X) Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump & the others
01 *Hillary Clinton Hits Jeb Bush First, and Hard, in Speech on Race
01 *Super PACs supporting Jeb Bush have raised over $108 million dollars.
01 *US Decides to Retaliate Against China’s Hacking
02 *Small Pool of Rich Donors Dominates Election Giving [does the “small pool of rich” have anything to do with the 1%]
03 *Donald Trump Attacks as Republican Rivals Court Donors at Koch Retreat
04 *Planned Parenthood Leader Defends Group as Senate Blocks Bill to End Its Funding
11 *American Schools Are More Segregated Now Than They Were In 1968, And The Supreme Court Doesn’t Care
12 *Jeb Bush Blames Hillary Clinton and Obama for Iraq’s Decline
12 *Number of Uninsured Has Declined by 15 Million Since 2013, Administration Says
13 *Scott Walker Approves Public Funding of Basketball Arena [and possible charges of “charges of corporate welfare”]
14 *Jeb Bush Says His Brother’s Security ‘Mission Was Accomplished’ in Iraq [you can’t throw your big brother to the wolves and expect to keep his friends and backers, so you assume his disasterous calls]
15 *FBI Tracking Path of Classified Email From State Dept. to Hillary Clinton
18 *States Move to Cut Funds for Planned Parenthood
19 *Donald Trump Paints Republicans Into Corner With Hispanics

AFRICA (10X) Burundi trouble, Boko Haram & South Sudan
02 *Burundi’s former intelligence chief, president’s ally, killed: official
03 *Nigerian Troops Rescue 178 People From Boko Haram
04 *Seven killed, about 20 taken in suspected Boko Haram attack in Cameroon
07 *UN envoy: Burundi violence is threat to region
19 *160 dead in Boko Haram massacre in Nigeria – locals
24 *African militaries move closer to deploying force against Boko Haram
27 *Africa – Spyware and the state –  The ethics of HackingTeam’s deals with African governments are under scrutiny as more details emerge of the opposition politicians targeted
27 *Burundi – Hardliners to the fore –  The President thinks a coalition will strengthen him but his suspicion of Rwanda grows as fears of civil war increase [perfect conditions for another genocide]
27 *Kenya – Where did all the money go – The government wants to restrict the powers of the Auditor General after he revealed gross financial mismanagement
27 *South Sudan president signs peace deal despite concerns

ECONOMICS (9X) Puerto Rico, china & Greece
04 *Puerto Rico Defaults on Bond Payment
06 *SEC Approves Rule on CEO Pay Ratio
11 *China Devalues Its Currency as Economic Slowdown Raises Concerns
14 *China Seeks to Calm Markets as It Devalues Currency for 3rd Consecutive Day
14 *Eurozone Finance Ministers Signal Greek Bailout Deal Is Closer
16 *The latest bailout agreement between Greece and its European creditors will go forward without cash from one crucial lender: the International Monetary Fund
17 *Racial Wealth Gap Persists Despite Degree, Study Says
21 *China Woes Send Stocks Into Tailspin
27 *China Falters, and the Global Economy Is Forced to Adapt

03 *American voters oppose Iran deal 2-1 [avoiding war is always an up-hill battle]
05 *Italy invites (Iranian President) Rouhani for official visit to Rome
08 *Fears of Lasting Rift as Obama Battles Pro-Israel Group on Iran
16 *Iran submits nuclear activity information to UN watchdog
19 *Divisions and Inertia in Congress May Hand Obama a Victory on Iran Deal [counting on a “do nothing” Congress]
20 *IAEA says report Iran to inspect own military site is ‘misrepresentation’ [which intelligence service or political entity would have an interest in producing such a “misrepresentation” of the Iran deal]
29 *Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews

05 *Mohammod Abdulazeez – Chattanooga Gunman a Solitary Visitor in Jordan
07 *Another Secular Blogger in Bangladesh Is Killed
08 *Bangladesh blogger Niloy Neel hacked to death in Dhaka
22 *Americans Foil Gunman on Train, French Officials Say
22 *France train gunman identified as known Islamist militant [and his parents don’t believe it, which is a serious problem]
23 *A Shot, a Glimpse of an AK-47, and U.S. Servicemen Pounced on Gunman on Train to France

08 *Life Sentence for James Holmes, Aurora Theater Gunman
11 *White Militiamen, Openly Carrying Large Guns, Descend On Ferguson
19 *USA – In Quiet Woods, a Clamorous Gun Debate [packing heat in national forests]
27 *Father Of Murdered Journalist Blasts NRA, Promises Tireless Fight For Gun Control
27 *Walmart to End Sales of Assault-Style Rifles in US Stores [it makes Walmart look almost “progressive”, which it is not]

01 *Perdue Sharply Cuts Antibiotic Use in Chickens and Jabs at Its Rivals
11 *Japan restarts nuclear reactor, 4 years after Fukushima. What’s at stake?
27 *Jindal Writes Letter To Obama Telling Him Not To Talk About Climate During Katrina Anniversary Visit
27 *Let’s See What Happens When This Group Of Scientists Retests Studies That Contradict Climate Science
27 *The Arctic Is On The Brink: Here’s Why You Should Care

NSA SPYING (4X) Assange soon free?
12 *Sweden and Ecuador in talks as timer runs down on sex allegations against Julian Assange [Sweden doing US bidding for “strategic reasons”]
13 *Assange reaffirms innocence as sex assault case dropped [the US wanted Assange and reportedly forced Sweden to pursue him or have American jet engins for Sweden’s well-selling Gripen fighter jet denied, so Sweden caved in to US pressure]
13 *NSA Used Phone Records Program to Seek Iran Operatives [AT&T & Sprint involved in generalized spying]
16 *AT&T Helped US Spy on Internet on a Vast Scale

04 *Trillions of Dollars Needed For Anti-Poverty Plan, Says UN
12 *Amnesty International approves policy to decriminalize sex trade
14 *11-year-old rape victim who was denied an abortion gives birth in Paraguay
16 *Red Cross Offers Workshops in International Law to Hamas

01 *Vladimir Putin responsible for Alexander Litvinenko’s murder, [UK] inquiry hears
04 *Russia expels Swedish diplomat in what it says is a tit-for-tat move
18 *Fighting Intensifies Along Eastern Ukraine Cease-Fire Line

06 *UK – Kids Company: ‘£3m donation withdrawn amid police probe’
26 *Four killed in France shootout at Roma camp

21 *FARC rebels make unilateral cease-fire indefinite