“Intelligence, Secrecy & Power” N. 654, 30 June 2015

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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 654, 30 June 2015

The leading topics of June 2015 were ISRAEL/PALESTINE (33X noteworthy entries) Israel Plays Tough, UN

Investigates Gaza War; US POLITICS (33X) GOP Presidentals Everywhere, Obamacare Survives, Same-Sex Marriage

OK; MIDDLE EAST (25X) ISIS War, Saudi-Yemen War, Turkey Vote Down Erdogan; US COPS (22X) More Unarmed

Deaths, Trials of Cops Begin; WESTERN EUROPE (22X) FIFA, Migrants, Child Sex & Vatican; US SPYING (18X) NSA

Bill, Cyber Attacks, Spies in UK, France, China & Russia; AFRICA (18X) Bashir Excapes, Tunisian Terror

Attack; US EXTREMISM (17X) Charleston Massacre, Confederate Flag; ASIA (17X) China Island-Building; IRAN

(11X) No Nuclear Agreement Yet; GREECE (10X) No Debt Solution Yet; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (9X) Several

Militant Groups, Several Attacks; CLIMATE CHANGE (9X) Pope & Global Warming; EASTERN EUROPE (9X) More

Sanctions, Russia-Ukraine Conflict Continues; DIVERS (7X).

Last month’s leading topics were: MIDDLE EAST (30X° ISIS Gains, Nuclear Bombs for All; ASIA (26X) Migrants

at Sea, Factory Deaths, China vs. USA over Island; WESTERN EUROPE (26X) More Migrants at Sea, Greek Debt,

Irish Gay Marriage, Progress in Divided Cyprus; AFRICA (24X) Burundi Troubles, Boko Haram Hunted, Tunisian

Truth Commission; US COPS (22X) Cop Trouble in Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis & Minneapolis; US POLITICS

(21X) Amtrak Train Accident, No Death Penalty in Nebraska; NSA (14X) Patriot Act Becomes Freedom Act; DIVERS

(13X); PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (12X) Bloody Conflict Continues; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (10X)Vatican & Palestine,

Israeli Apartheid; LATIN AMERICA (9X) Cuba / USa, Killing the Messenger in Colombia; EASTERN EUROPE (9X);

FBI (7X); ECONOMICS (6X); and CIA (3X).



ISRAEL/PALESTINE (33X) Israel Plays Tough, UN Investigates Gaza War
01 Israel Approves Tougher Penalties for Stone-Throwers
01 Israel- Police remove Jewish protesters trying to block Christian ritual at Jerusalem
03 Israeli military backs off on soldier’s jail time for non-kosher sandwich
05 French Telecom Executive’s Remarks on Israel Incite Furor [boycott threat]
06 A sign in Bethlehem, in the West Bank, calls for a boycott of products from Israeli settlements in the

occupied territories – Israel’s Allies in US Challenge Boycott
06 Israel ‘crimes against children’ cited in UN report
09 Israel not on UN list of parties that kill, injure kids
11 Palestinians to Send War Crimes Reports to World Court
12 Controversial theater play sparks debate in Israel – After decision by Israel’s new education minister to

halt the performances for high school students
15 Israel stops UN rapporteur from visiting Palestinian territories
21 In Norway, the first Web site for themovement Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel

has started operations
23 UN Report on Gaza Finds Evidence of War Crimes by Israel and by Palestinian Militants
28 MK Ghattas to Netanyahu: Keep security forces away from flotilla

US COPS (22X) More Unarmed Deaths, Trials of Cops Begin
03 The campus of the University of Texas at Austin, where the new gun law would take effect next year –

Texas Lawmakers Pass a Bill Allowing Guns at Colleges
08 Texas Officer on Leave After Video Shows Him Pushing Teen
09 Cleveland Leaders Bypass Prosecutors to Seek Charge in Tamir Rice Case – Tamir Rice, 12, was shot and

killed by a Cleveland police officer last November
09 Ex-South Carolina Officer Is Indicted in Shooting Death of Black Man
09 Mayor laments suicide of man jailed for 3 years as teenager
12 Cleveland Judge Finds Probable Cause to Charge Officers in Tamir Rice Death
14 After the fatal confrontation with the police on Staten Island was captured on video, the focus on an

officer’s chokehold left many questions unexplored

US POLITICS (33X) GOP Presidentals Everywhere, Obamacare Survives, Same-Sex Marriage OK
03 Poll Shows Americans Favor an Overhaul of Campaign Financing
04 Inequality Troubles Americans Across Party Lines, Times/CBS Poll Finds
14 Hillary Clinton, in Roosevelt Island Speech, Pledges to Close Income Gap
15 Hillary Clinton Urges Obama to Listen to Democrats on Trade Deal
25 A Good Day For America – The Supreme Court Upheld The Affordable Care Act And The Fair Housing Act
26 Today, Love Wins – The Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage In Every State
27 No Republican presidential candidate supports allowing same-sex couples to marry, and the degree of

difference between them is largely a matter of how aggressively they will continue to resist

AFRICA (18X) Bashir Excapes, Tunisian Terror Attack
11 Burundi UN mediator Said Djinnit quits role
15 Bid by Omar al-Bashir of Sudan to Avoid Arrest Is Tested in South Africa
19 South Africa – Zuma and security cluster ministers secretly plotted al-Bashir’s getaway: report

[solidarity among Africa strongmen]
26 Attack near 2 Tunisian tourist hotels leaves 28 dead
26 Somalia attack: Al-Shabab ‘kills 30’ at AU military base
29 Burundi Holds Elections After Night of Gunfire and Grenade Attacks

US EXTREMISM (17X) Charleston Massacre, Confederate Flag
16 Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case on Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds
19 Church Massacre Suspect Held as Charleston Grieves
19 Dylann Roof, Suspect in Charleston Shooting, Flew the Flags of White Power
23 Nikki Haley, South Carolina Governor, Calls for Removal of Confederate Battle Flag
25 Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll Than Jihadists in US Since 9/11

MIDDLE EAST (25X) ISIS War, Saudi-Yemen War, Turkey Vote Down Erdogan
07 Egyptian court overturns naming Hamas terror organization [perhaps the regime is making peace with Hamas

ally and backer, the Muslim Brotherhood]
08 Turkey’s Ruling Party Loses Parliamentary Majority
11 Suicide bomber targets ancient Egyptian temple in Luxor; 4 people wounded
13 Egypt opens Rafah crossing into Gaza in sign of easing tensions
30 Egypt – Hisham Barakat, Prosecutor Assassinated in Egypt, Is Most Senior Official to Die in Insurgency

WESTERN EUROPE (22X) FIFA, Migrants, Child Sex & Vatican
06 Catholic Archdiocese in Minnesota Charged Over Sex Abuse by Priest
07 Ships rescue thousands of migrants stranded in Mediterranean
11 Pope Creates Tribunal for Bishop Negligence in Child Sexual Abuse Cases
12 Tim Hunt – Women Respond to Nobel Laureate’s ‘Trouble With Girls’
23 EU Begins Naval Operation in Mediterranean to Stop Trafficking of Migrants

US SPYING (18X) NSA Bill, Cyber Attacks, Spies in UK, France, China & Russia
01 The fact that Congress allowed counterterrorism laws to lapse is an extraordinary moment in the story of

the tensions between post-9/11 policies and privacy rights
05 Data Breach Linked to China Exposes Millions of US Workers [just when Obama says NSA needs to continue

sweeping the Internet against “terrorists”]
09 USA FREEDOM Act Reinstates Expired USA PATRIOT Act Provisions but Limits Bulk Collection

PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (9X) Several Militant Groups, Several Attacks
05 Pakistan court acquits 8 of 10 men charged with Malala attack
12 Pakistan shuts down Save the Children offices, officials say
13 Pakistan Widens Crackdown On NGOs; Gets Rebuke From US

ASIA (17X) China Island-Building
02 Hundreds missing after ship sinks in China’s Yangtze River
07 US struggles for strategy to contain China’s island-building
12 Zhou Yongkang, Ex-Security Chief in China, Gets Life Sentence for Graft

CLIMATE CHANGE (9X) Pope & Global Warming
16 Pope blasts global warming deniers
18 Pope calls for ‘action now’ to save planet, stem warming, help poor

EASTERN EUROPE (9X) More Sanctions, Russia-Ukraine Conflict Continues
15 Will Retaliate if US Weapons Stationed Near Our Borders: Russia
18 EU Agrees to Extend Economic Sanctions Against Russia

GREECE (10X) No Debt Solution Yet
27 Greek Prime Minister Calls for Referendum on Bailout Terms

18 As civil wars spread, world’s refugee population at post-WWII high, UN says

IRAN (11X) No Nuclear Agreement Yet