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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 652, 30 April 2015


The leading topics of April 2015 were: MIDDLE EAST (25X noteworthy entries) Egypt troubles, Iran nuclear deal, IS not yet defeated, Turkey & Armenian genocide, & Yemen (10X) Houthi war with Saudis; US COPS (26X) Black deaths in Indianapolis, Charleston, Chicago, Tulsa, Baltimore; AFRICA (22X) Boko Haram defeats, Kenya student massacre, Somalia attacks, South African violence, 900 dead at sea; ASIA (19X) China corruption & new island, India’s Rafales, Indonesian drug executions; ISRAEL PALESTINE (17X) More typical meanness, UN report on killings at UN Gaza shelters; GLOBAL TOPICS (16X) Death penalties, Climate change, Nepal earthquake, the Pope; PAKISTAN AFGHANISTAN (15X) Pak jihadists rule the roust; WESTERN EUROPE (14X) Google challenge, African immigrants; US DEFENCE & INTEL (9X) Drone attacks & errors; US POLITICS (11X) Hillary hits the campaign trail; US EXTREMISTS (8X) “Islamic Extremists Have Seized Control Of US Cities”; EASTERN EUROPE (7X) Ukraine still a hot spot; and LATIN AMERICA (6X) Obama & Castro, FARC attack.

Last month’s leading topics were Cops, Killings & FBI (41X noteworthy entries), 30X Middle East (30X noteworthy entries, of which 23X ISIS & 7X Yemen), Israel (24X), US Extremists (14X), Iran Nuclear Talks (13X), Africa (12X, of which 8X Boko Harem & 4X Museum Attack), NSA, CIA & World Wide Surveillance (12X), Venezuela vs. Washington (9X), Germanwings Crash (7X), US Torture Policy (5X), and US Declines (3X).

US Cops and the Middle East have changed positions but are still the dominant topics, while Israel, US extremists and Iran nuclear talks have dropped back behind Africa and Asia. Other mid-level topics are now climate change, Pakistan Afghanistan and African immigrants which will probably continue to maintain that level for the summer.

MIDDLE EAST (25X) Egypt troubles, Iran nuclear deal, IS not yet defeated, Turkey & Armenian genocide, Yemen (10X)
01 *Obama Removes Weapons Freeze Against Egypt
02 *Security officials: Sinai attack kills 15 Egyptian troops
03 *Security Officials: Sinai Attacks Kill 10 Egyptian Troops
03 *Iran Agrees to Detailed Nuclear Outline, First Step Toward a Wider Deal
03 *Iranian President Praises Nuclear Deal with West
04 *Americans support Iran nuclear deal, but with major reservations
04 *IS works with al-Qaeda to seize most of Palestinian camp in Damascus
04 *ISIS destroy statues and shrines of 2,000-year-old Iraq city [Hatra] in latest sickening act of war on culture
05 *Residents flee clashes in Palestinian camp in Syrian capital
12 *Isil video shows destruction of 3,000-year-old Assyrian city of Nimrud
12 *PKK documentary axed from Istanbul Film Festival lineup
12 *Pope sparks Turkish ire by referring to Armenian ‘genocide’ on centenary
13 *Pope Calls Killings of Armenians ‘Genocide,’ Provoking Turkish Anger
13 *Turkey recalls Vatican ambassador over comments
13 *US, Europe demand Libya ceasefire as embassies attacked
14 *IS ‘Lossing Ground’ In Iraq
15 *Boots on the ground: The foreign volunteers training anti-ISIS fighters
15 *Egypt moves closer to labelling soccer fans as terrorists
19 *Obama open to ‘creative negotiations’ with Iran [this must be a new utilisation of the term “creative”]
19 *Iraq forces retake most of country’s largest refinery from Islamic State
20 *Saddam Hussein’s former intelligence officer masterminded rise of IS, says report
22 *Egyptian Court Sentences Mohamed Morsi to 20 Years in Prison
22 *Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years
27 *Turkey Rebukes Newly-Elected Turkish Cypriot Leader
28 *Well-known Azerbaijanis condemned by compatriots for calls to express condolence for Armenian Genocide [Azerbaijan has been at war with Armenia for several years]
YEMEN (10X) Houthi war with Saudis
01 *UN Warns of ‘Total Collapse’ in Yemen as Houthis Continue Offensive
01 *Yemen Rebels Seize Base Near Shipping Lane as Saudis Target Aden
02 *Al Qaeda Storms Coastal Yemen City, Frees Prisoners
06 *The Crisis in Yemen Intensifies as Houthi Fighters Push Deeper Into Aden
08 *Yemen conflict escalation to benefit US, Israel: MPs
10 *UNICEF: Children represent 30% of fighters in Yemen
14 *Pakistani PM urges Iran to persuade Yemen’s rebels to talks
15 *UN imposes arms embargo on Houthi rebels
25 *63 killed, dozens wounded in fighting, airstrikes in southern Yemen
26 *Fighting escalates across Yemen, first air strikes on capital Sanaa

US COPS (26X) Black deaths in Indianapolis, Charleston, Chicago, Tulsa, Baltimore
06 *3 kids among 5 people shot in Indianapolis [CBS forgot to mention that it was the police who did the shooting]
08 *Everything The Police Said About Walter Scott’s Death Before A Video Showed What Really Happened
08 *South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death
09 *A protest at City Hall – North Charleston Residents Express Disgust, but Not Surprise, at Police Shooting
09 *Shot In The Back – Officer Charged With Murder After Video Shows Him Shooting Victim As He Runs Away
09 *Walter L. Scott, a South Carolina man, was shot in the back by a police officer in view of cellphone video
10 *California Deputies Are Taped Beating Man in Chase
10 *South Carolina Police Shooting Seen as Crime Strategy Gone Awry
12 *‘Fuck Your Breath’ — Video Shows Cop Mocking Unarmed Man As He Dies From Police Bullet
14 *Robert C. Bates – Volunteer for Sheriff Is Charged in Killing After Mistaking Handgun for Taser
15 *After NBA Player Suffers Broken Leg In Police Encounter, Their Union Investigates [but then the players were blacks]
16 *Chicago Pays $5 Million to Family of Black Teenager Killed by Officer
16 *Did The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Fake Robert Bates’ Training Documents
16 *Helicopter Video Captures Extreme Police Brutality In California [no, the cops are not thugs above the law, they just act that way]
16 *Private Company Conspired With Police To Hold Poor People For Ransom, Lawsuit Charges [no, it’s not just the cops, but the entire legal system]
21 *Protesters on Monday in Baltimore after the death of a man who had been tackled by the police – Baltimore Suspends 6 Police Officers in Inquiry in Death of Freddie Gray
22 *A Judge Just Let A Cop Walk After A Deadly Shooting – Legal Experts Say The Reasoning Is ‘Incredible’
22 *At Supreme Court, Eric Holder’s Justice Dept. Routinely Backs Officers’ Use of Force
22 *Protests in Baltimore on Tuesday over the death of Freddie Gray included Mr. Gray’s mother – Freddie Gray in Baltimore: Another City, Another Death in the Public Eye
25 *Training of Deputy in Tulsa Was Faulted in a Report
26 *Scenes of Chaos in Baltimore as Thousands Protest Freddie Gray’s Death
28 *Amid Violence, Factions and Messages Converge in a Weary and Unsettled Baltimore
28 *Baltimore Enlists National Guard and a Curfew to Fight Riots and Looting
29 *A protester faced off with law enforcement officers during a curfew Tuesday night in Baltimore – Crowds Scatter as Baltimore Curfew Takes Hold
29 *Baltimore Riots Are Another Scar on a City Long Battered by Neglect
29 *Baltimore Riots: Obama Says Too Many Troubling Police Interactions

AFRICA (22X) Boko Haram defeats, Kenya student massacre, Somalia attacks, South African violence, 900 dead at sea
01 *Nigeria’s President-Elect Buhari Says Change Has Come to Nation
01 *Retreating Boko Haram fighters murdered captives held as ‘wives’: UN
02 *Shabab Attack Kenya University, Killing at least 70
03 *Kenya asks for help locating ‘bloodthirsty’ militants
03 *Somali Militants Kill 147 at Kenyan University
12 *Deadly Kenya stampede sparked by fears of Al Shabab campus attack
15 *Shabab Carry Out Deadly Attack on Ministry Building in Somalia
15 *South African Police Patrol Durban CBD After Xenophobic Violence
16 *Police in Italy say Muslim migrants threw 12 Christians overboard on crossing
17 *KENYA – Garissa security shambles -The government failed to heed warnings of imminent attacks and reacted with ill-thought out measures
17 *SOUTH AFRICA – Poison plots and power games – President Zuma cancelled the results of ANC elections in Durban because the wrong candidates won
19 *Buses carrying 700 Zimbabweans in Durban ready [to leave South Africa to return the immigrants]
19 *Up to 700 feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Libya
20 *Islamic State militants allegedly kill 30 Ethiopians
20 *Islamic State Video Purports to Show Killing of Ethiopian Christians
21 *Arrests made over migrant deaths as Italy says 1m may try to cross
21 *Rising Toll on Migrants Leaves Europe in Crisis; 900 May Be Dead at Sea
22 *Somali militants kill at least 10 in restaurant car bomb attack
27 *Africa’s media silent over Mediterranean refugee crisis
29 *Almost 300 women, girls rescued by Nigerian military; none from Chibok school
29 *Nigeria Hails the Freeing of 200 Women and Children but Regrets Continued
30 *Reports: More abducted women and children freed in Nigeria

ASIA (19X) China corruption & new island, India’s Rafales, Indonesian drug executions
01 *US Navy alarmed at Beijing’s ‘Great Wall of Sand’ in South China Sea
03 *China’s Ex-Security Chief Zhou Yongkang Charged With Corruption, Leaking State Secrets
03 *Kim Jong Un demands ‘pleasure troupe’ of women
06 *Bangladesh court upholds death penalty of party official for collaborating in 1971 war crimes
09 *8 dead, 25 hurt in Philippine troops’ clash with Abu Sayyaf
10 *India to buy 36 Rafale fighter jets from France: Modi
11 *Bangladesh hangs 1971 war criminal Kamaruzzaman
14 *South Korea, Japan hold landmark security talks marking thaw in bilateral ties
17 *China Building Runway in Disputed South China Sea Islands
18 *Australia arrests 5 for alleged IS-inspired terror plot
19 *India – 2 cops held for youth’s death in Budgam firing, JK govt orders probe [“underdeveloped” India seems to have the cops more under controled than “developed” USA]
22 *Hong Kong Electoral Reform Plan Ignores Protesters’ Demands
23 *Chinese experts reportedly say North Korea may have 20 nuclear warheads
23 *Wanted list reveals nature of Chinese corruption
26 *Despite Protests, Indonesia Moves Forward to Execute Drug Convicts
26 *Pleas for mercy rain on Indonesia’s president as executions near
27 *In historic sea-change, US, Japan revise defence ties
29 *Australia recalls ambassador after Indonesia executes prisoners
29 *S. Korea Says Kim Jong Un Executed 15 Officials This Year

ISRAEL PALESTINE (17X) More typical meanness, UN report on killings at UN Gaza shelters
01 *Obama’s Next Move May Be Lifting US Protection of Israel at UN [Israel loosing its last ally, besides God]
05 *Abbas rejects Israel’s partial transfer of Palestinian tax revenues
05 *Israel launches lobbying push against Iran deal
06 *PA rejects tax revenues collected by Israel over debt deduction
08 *Two IDF soldiers hurt in West Bank stabbing attack
10 *Miliband to risk split by recognising Palestine
10 *Several flights from New York to Israel over the last year have been delayed when ultra-Orthodox Jewish men have refused to sit next to women
12 *Zionist Union: Israel should seek green light to strike Iran if nuclear deal violated
15 *Watch: Israel nabs dozens of Hamas men in overnight raid in West Bank
18 *Israel says it will transfer frozen tax funds to Palestinians
19 *Israel, Palestinians agree on tax revenue transfer
21 *Israel chides club for racism in bid to fend off FIFA suspension
22 *Palestinian [burned alive by his Jewish kidnappers] teen’s name erased from Israel memorial wall
25 *Israeli Police: 2 Palestinian Shot Dead After Knife Attacks
27 *UN: Israeli Actions Killed 44 Palestinians at UN Shelters
28 *Israel, Palestinians criticized over fighting at UN sites in Gaza [very strange LAT headline when it is largely Israel that was the subject of UN criticism]
30 *Israel returns 15 seized fishing boats to Gaza

GLOBAL TOPICS (16X) Death penalties, Climate change, Nepal earthquake, the Pope
01 *Three Countries [Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia] Were Responsible for 70 Percent of the World’s Executions in 2014 [But China did more than all of them combined]
05 *California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth
14 *Ex-Blackwater Guards Sentenced to Long Prison Terms in 2007 Killings of Iraqi Civilians
19 *California Releases Revised Water Consumption Rules
21 *California is in the final steps of carrying out an executive order by Gov. Jerry Brown that imposes a 25 percent statewide reduction in urban water use – California Court Rules Water Pricing Plan Violates Law
22 *Drone with ‘minuscule’ quantity of radiation lands on Japan PM’s office: media
22 *Super storm lashes Australian east coast for third day
25 *Hundreds Dead as 7.8-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nepal – Avalanches Sweep Everest as Nepal Quake Kills Hundreds
26 *Death toll crosses 22,000 in Nepal earthquake
27 *Earthquake Aftershocks Jolt Nepal as Death Toll Rises Above 3,400
28 *Nepal on ‘war footing’ as quarter of population hit by quake
28 *Pope Francis is to deliver an encyclical this summer on how climate change affects the poor – Pope Francis Steps Up Campaign on Climate Change, to Conservatives’ Alarm
28 *Pope Summons Scientists on Climate Change, Seeks to Shape Debate
29 *Nepal earthquake toll at 5,093; angry protesters in Kathmandu clash with police
30 *Conservatives lash out at the Pope over climate change
30 *Praise be! The Pope’s feminist statement is a revelation – and I’m atheist

PAKISTAN AFGHANISTAN (15X) Pak jihadists rule the roust
10 *Alleged planner of 2008 [Bombay] attacks freed [by Pakistan] ahead of trial
10 *Pakistan Frees Suspected Mumbai Attack Mastermind
10 *Suicide bomb, roadside blast leave 15 Afghan civilians dead
11 *Five aid workers killed in Afghanistan after abduction by Taliban: officials
11 *Pak blames India for insufficient evidence in Lakhvi case
12 *Pakistan takes note of Kamaruzzaman execution
19 *Dozens [34 people] killed in bomb attack outside Afghan bank [in Jalalabad]
19 *Pakistan expects $50 bn investment as China’s Xi Jinping embarks on visit [Pakistan has always been one of China’s best arms against India]
20 *Chinese Leader in Pakistan to Unveil $45B in Investments
21 *Xi hails Pakistan security help in west China; Pakistan vows more [“security help” against jihadists which goes to prove that Islmic extremism depends largely on who you are and your Islmic allies]
25 *Drone Strikes on Al Qaeda Are Said to Take Toll on Leadership in Pakistan
27 *Pakistan rights activist Sabeen Mahmud killed by gunman
29 *Afghan officials warn of influx of insurgents from Pakistan
30 *Pakistan Sentences 10 Men for Malala Attack
30 *Taliban Gains Pull US Units Back Into Fight in Afghanistan

WESTERN EUROPE (14X) Google challenge, African immigrants
01 *Lufthansa Says Germanwings Pilot Reported Deep Depression
01 *Nicolas Sarkozy faces new accusation of fraud over campaign spending
02 *Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings Co-Pilot, Researched Suicide and Cockpit Doors
03 *European Commission Asks Companies to Go Public With Google Complaints
03 *French Parliament approves measure against anorexic models
06 *US ambassador banned from Prague Castle by Czech president [after Schapiro made a comment about Zeman attending a World War II commemoration in Moscow]
09 *Marine Le Pen, Leader of France’s National Front Party, Splits With Her Father, Its Founder
12 *David Cameron: Conservatives will end inheritance tax on properties worth up to £1 million
16 *Europe Challenges Google, Seeing Violations of Its Antitrust Law
16 *Vatican abruptly ends investigation of US nuns
19 *Germanwings Crash Exposes History of Denial on Risk of Pilot Suicide
20 *US Ambassador Apologizes to Poles Over FBI Director’s Holocaust Remarks
24 *EU leaders triple funding for search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean
30 *Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Luz says he will no longer draw Prophet

US DEFENCE & INTEL (9X) Drone attacks & errors
02 *Homeland Security: Action Needed to Better Assess Cost-Effectiveness of Security Enhancements at Federal Facilities [the “another layer of bureaucracy” still having trouble “taking off”]
08 *Russians Hacked White House Via State Department, Claims Report
14 *No Fly List: Govt Offers New Redress Procedures
22 *Michele Leonhart, Head of DEA, to Retire Over Handling of Sex Scandal
24 *David Petraeus Is Sentenced to Probation in Leak Investigation
24 *Obama Apologizes After Drone Kills American and Italian Held by Al Qaeda
25 *Amid Errors, Obama Publicly Wrestles With Drones’ Limits
25 *Declassified Report Shows Doubts About Value of NSA’s Warrantless Spying
26 *Deep Support in Washington for CIA’s Drone Missions

US POLITICS (11X) Hillary hits the campaign trail
04 *Alabama Man Freed After Decades on Death Row – Anthony Ray Hinton was released from prison in Birmingham, Ala.
05 *Corker works overtime to get last few votes to ensure Congress has mandatory of Iran nuke deal
11 *Hillary Clinton to Announce 2016 Run for President on Sunday
12 *Man commits suicide in front of U.S. Capitol Building holding “Tax the 1 percent” sign
12 *With ‘Hillary for America’ Memo, a Campaign Sets Its Mission
14 *House Republicans Want To Strip Protections For People Living In Mobile Homes [the GOP has identified a new “have nots” enemy]
15 *Angela Williamson, an elementary teacher, leaving court after being sentenced to seven years – Atlanta School Workers Sentenced in Test Score Cheating Case
18 *Obama to allow Congress to review Iran deal [and next time when it’s a GOP president and a Democrat Congress?]
24 *Black Mayor Is Voted In and a Small Town’s Staff Empties Out
30 *Insurers Flout Rule Covering Birth Control, Studies Find
30 *Obama Administration Steps Back From Effort to End Federal Death Penalty

US EXTREMISTS (8X) “Islamic Extremists Have Seized Control Of US Cities”
03 *Calif. mom killed by stranger after chuckling at him: cops
07 *Climate Deniers In Denial – Losing Corporate Supporters, ALEC Lawyers Up To Deny That It Is A Climate Denier
08 *Kansas Limits Abortion Method, Opening a New Line of Attack
08 *Tom Cotton Suggests War With Iran Would Be A Breeze
09 *Obama to Call for End to ‘Conversion’ Therapies for Gay and Transgender Youth
12 *‘Professor Of Killology’ To NRA Convention: ‘Sandy Hook Is Just The Beginning’
14 *Islamic Extremists Have Seized Control Of U.S. Cities, Says NRA Seminar [the National Rifle Association is no strange to extremism]
22 *Robert Finn, Missouri Bishop Convicted of Shielding Pedophile Priest, Resigns

EASTERN EUROPE (7X) Ukraine still a hot spot
01 *Ukraine to resume importing Russian gas at $250 – energy minister
14 *Intense fighting in eastern Ukraine reported overnight despite talks
17 *US paratroopers to train Ukrainian soldiers at military facility
19 *Putin warns Israel not to sell Ukraine arms in response to Iran arms deal
21 *US troops in Ukraine to train soldiers, angering Russia [maybe Russia should sent troops to Cuba and Venezuela to help train local forces, and even Mexico if it asks]
27 *Biker blacklist: Russian Night Wolves stopped at Polish border, Germany [letting in pro-Putin bikers is not what Europe means in terms of “freedom of circulation of ideas and persons”]
27 *Russia’s Putin: US agents gave direct help to Chechens

LATIN AMERICA (6X) Obama & Castro, FARC attack
08 *Ambush that killed 15 police in western Mexico a rarity
11 *Obama, Castro hold first talk between nations in 50 years
11 *President Obama greeted his Cuban counterpart, Raoul Castro, before the opening ceremony of the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama City on Friday – Handshake for Obama and Raoul Castro of Cuba
12 *Obama Meets Raoul Castro, Making History
15 *FARC attack on Colombian soldiers kills 10, injures more
19 *Mexico captures chief of Gulf Cartel in Reynosa gun battles

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