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N. 647, 15 December 2014
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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 647, 15 December 2014


In several preceding issues, the war against ISIS has been at the top of ISP topics but has now been replaced by the national crisis in the US associated with the police killing of unarmed black youths, a topic that was much less dominant in our preceding issue. The preceding issue’s two new major topics were the continuing Hong Kong protests and the Ebola epidemic, which have both declined in media attention and are now in fourth and sixth place, displaced by homegrown jihadism and immigrant problems in Western Europe and the increasing international recognition of Palestine. The latter is no longer a “middle level simmering conflict” as with preceding issues. However, conflicts such as Ukraine/Russia, Nigeria/Boko Haram and Pakistan/Afghanistan continue to simmer and don’t seem to be changing relative position or number of noteworthy articles. We noted in our last issue that “Israel is clearly loosing the last of its remaining ‘sympathy capital'” and Palestinian sovereignty is now going before the United Nations.

This issue of “Intelligence, Secrecy & Power” (ISP), number 647, covers from 15 November 2014 to 12 December 2014 and includes 45 pages of data, in 513 entries or 24,249 words, and 35* noteworthy entries marked *. Our current ISP format provides information by topic and then by chronological listing of the media reports. In this issue, as with preceding issues, Israel/Palestine, but neither Syria nor Iraq, appears as a separate topic, independent of the general Middle East topic. In this issue US torture police figures in the CIA entries and the US killing of unarmed black youths in the FBI entries. As such these different topics are not strictly comparable with the preceding issues of ISP where these topics may be separate or may not appear at all. The numbers for this issue’s specific topics over the past month are: US DOMESTIC SECURITY (FBI, 88x, 10*, previously 66X) Killing of Unarmed Black Youths, National Crisis; MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 57X, 0*, previously 86X) ISIS Loses More Ground, Instability Everywhere; WESTERN EUROPE (West, 50X, 2*, previously 40) Homegrown Jihadism, Immigration Problems; ASIA (Asia, 46X, 1*, 63X) Hong Kong Stand Off Stops, India & China Active; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 38x, 1*, 58X) More Recognition of Palestine & Netanyahu Shaky; AFRICA (Afr, 37X, 0*, 43X) Boko Haram Dominates, Tunisia Elections OK; US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 35X, 5*, 21X) Senate Investigation of CIA Torture; US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 28x, 2*, 33X) GOP Has to Run Business in Washington; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 26X, 1*, 24X) More Afghan Taliban Attacks; EASTERN EUROPE (East, 24X, 0*, 31X) Ukraine-Russia War Continues; LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 19X, 1*, 24X) Mexico’s Missing Students, Colombia-FARC Talks; GLOBAL TOPICS (Tech, 15x, 2*, 41X) Migrants, Slaves, Ebola & Uber’s Troubles; US EXTREMISTS (Naz, 13X, 5*, 11X) Disgruntled Older Whites & ALEC Active; ENVIRONMENT (Env, 13X, 1*, 17X) Strange Storms & Climate Dealing; ECONOMICS (Eco, 12X, 3*, 19X) Rich & Powerful Misbehaving; US NSA SCANDAL (Spy, 6X, 1*, 22X) US Makes Laws & UK OKs Spying; and US DEFENSE DEPT (DOD, 5X, 0*, 9X) Emptying Gitmo.

This issue’s 35 significant entries are:

US DOMESTIC SECURITY (FBI, 88x, 10*) Killing of Unarmed Black Youths, National Crisis
FBI* 1118 NYT/ State of Emergency Declared in Missouri for Grand Jury’s Decision on Ferguson [since states of emergency are not usually declared for riots by white people, one can only suppose that authorities are counting on black people rioting]
FBI* 1129 NYT/ UN Panel Cites Concerns with US Security Practices [no it’s not just black Americans who seem to have trouble with US cop practices]
FBI* 1129 NYT/ Protesters United against Ferguson Decision, but Challenged in Unity
FBI* 1202 McClatchy/ Former al-Qaeda Hostage Recounts Nightmare – of Dealing with FBI
FBI* 1203 Alternet/ Unbelievable – Cleveland Cops Who Killed Unarmed Black Suspects Sue, Claiming They’re Victims of Racial Discrimination [that cops would do this is an important indication that they now feel they are vulnerable and can no longer do what they want]
FBI* 1203 NYT/ No Charges for NYPD Officer in Eric Garner Chokehold Case [just doing what the manual says]
FBI* 1203 Progress Report/ Not Again – Grand Jury Won’t Charge Officer Who Killed Eric Garner with Illegal Chokehold
FBI* 1205 NYT/ Some Conservatives Say Deadly Force Used to Subdue Garner Didn’t Fit Crime [it is very dangerous for the police to lose right-wing backing]
FBI* 1206 NYT/ Police Killings Reveal Chasms Between Races – Ashley Bernaugh of Florissant, Mo., said that after Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., she was surprised and upset by racist reactions from some family members
FBI* 1206 Rolling Stone/ The Police in America Are Becoming Illegitimate [to not say openly racist]

US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 35X, 5*) Senate Investigation of CIA Torture
CIA* 1210 The Nation/ Why Dick Cheney Is Wrong About the CIA Torture Memos [and for good reason since he would have to recognize that “it’s his baby”]
CIA* 1210 Truthout/ The Missing Photos from the Senate Report on CIA Torture [and also the “disappeared” CIA video that the CIA said did not exist]
CIA* 1210 UN/ UN special rapporteur wants US officials tried for torture
CIA* 1211 NYT/ CIA First Planned Jails Abiding by US Standards [the Cheney-Bush regime intervened]
CIA* 1211 TPM/ Cheney Throws Bush under the Bus on Torture Program [this won’t be the first time Cheney “has been economic with the truth”]

US EXTREMISTS (Naz, 13X, 5*) Disgruntled Older Whites & ALEC Active
Naz* 1115 CBS/ KKK Warns They Will Use ‘Lethal Force’ Against Violent Ferguson Protesters [isn’t that the role of local police, or are the local police & the KKK the same thing]
Naz* 1115 Slate/ Thanks to Massive Republican Tax Cuts, Kansas Is Facing a Budget Crisis
Naz* 1120 Think Progress/ [Wisconsin Governor] Scott Walker – Denying Health Care to Low-Income People Helps Them ‘Live The American Dream’ [did he ask them or is he their speaker]
Naz* 1120 Think Progress/ Incoming Nevada Speaker [Nevada Assembly Speaker-designate Ira Hansen (R)] Said Democrats Have ‘Master-Slave’ Relationship With ‘Simple Minded Darkies’
Naz* 1205 Buzz Flash/ Darren Wilson Reportedly Received a Large Financial Gain as a Result of Killing Michael Brown [why doesn’t Wilson contribute it to the Brown family]

ECONOMICS (Eco, 12X, 3*) Rich & Powerful Misbehaving
Eco* 1115 Jonathan Turley’s Blog/ Seattle City Council to Study Possible “Millionaires Tax”
Eco* 1210 NYT/ Korean Air Executive Resigns Post after Halting Flight over Snack Service [now there’s a real boss]
Eco* 1212 NYT/ Furor over Move to Aid Big Banks in Funding Bill [everyone hates Big Government except when your own money is at risk]

US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 28x, 2*) GOP Has to Run Business in Washington
Pol* 1118 NYT/ For Obama, Executive Order on Immigration Would Be Turnabout [indeed, it would mean “I can solve this country’s problems without you”]
Pol* 1210 NYT/ After Senate Report’s Release, Political Divide about CIA Torture Remains [just like a political divide on climate change, so could it be the same people]

WESTERN EUROPE (West, 50X, 2*) Homegrown Jihadism & Immigration Problems
West* 1201 BBC/ Germans honour slain ‘role model’ Tugce Albayrak [killed on 28 November 2014, was a German teaching student of Turkish descent]
West* 1206 NYT/ Greek Statue Travels Again, but Not to Greece

GLOBAL TOPICS (Tech, 15x, 2*) Migrants, Slaves, Ebola & Uber’s Troubles
Tech* 1202 NYT/ Report on Boeing 787 Dreamliner Battery Flaws Finds Lapses at Multiple Points [was it American made or made in China]
Tech* 1204 NYT/ British Regulator Urges Home Births Over Hospitals for Uncomplicated Pregnancies [which is another way of saying British doctors “complicate” uncomplicated pregnancies]

PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 26X, 1*) More Afghan Taliban Attacks
Paf* 1130 NYT/ Taliban Overrun an Afghan Army Base The insurgents killed as many as 14 soldiers in one of their deadliest attacks against Afghan soldiers this year, local officials said.

ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 38x, 1*) More Recognition of Palestine & Netanyahu Shaky
Isr* 1117 RT/ EU denies reports it plans to sanction Israel [could this be a Mossad media operation to preempt EU action]

ASIA (Asia, 46X, 1*) Hong Kong Stand off Stops, India & China Active
Asia* 1118 USA Today/ Indonesia subjects female police applicants to virginity tests [what does virginity have to do with being a good cop]

LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 19X, 1*) Mexico’s Missing Students, Colombia-FARC Talks
Amer* 1211 CBS/ US infiltrated Cuba’s hip-hop scene to spark change [by using Cuban artists, the CIA discredits all opposition Cuban artists]

ENVIRONMENT (Env, 13X, 1*) Strange Storms & Climate Dealing
Env* 1126 Truthout/ United Nations Calls for an End to Industrialized Farming

US NSA SCANDAL (Spy, 6X, 1*) US Makes Laws & UK OKs Spying
Spy* 1206 NYT/ British Court Rules in Favor of Electronic Surveillance [the British GCHQ functions as the UK appendix of the US NSA]

MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 57X, 0*) ISIS Loses More Ground, Instability Everywhere

AFRICA (Afr, 37X, 0*) Boko Haram Dominates, Tunisia Elections OK

EASTERN EUROPE (East, 24X, 0*) Ukraine-Russia War Continues

US DEFENSE DEPT (DOD, 5X, 0*) Emptying Gitmo