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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 646, 17 November 2014


The war against ISIS remains at the top of ISP topics and continues to go up in numbers of reports (now number one twice in a row and prevoiusly number two). Reports concerning US cops have gone up again in numbers to total articles and also for noteworthy articles (and again thecurrent issue’s the hightest number at 9*), and was staid at number two topic in total numbers. The preceding issue’s two new major topics were the continuing Hong Kong protests and the Ebola epidemic (in Africa, the US and Europe). The Hong Kong protests remain an important topics in Asia (which is remains in third place in this issue of ISP). As with the preceding issue, middle level simmering conflicts such as Israel/Palestine, Ukraine/Russia, Nigeria/Boko Haram and Pakistan/Afghanistan continue to simmer and don’t seem to be changing relative position or number of noteworthy articles. However, Israel is clearly loosing the last of its remaining “sympathy capital” as the US gives its one of its first major rebukes and major European countries recognize the state of Palestine.

This issue of “Intelligence, Secrecy & Power” (ISP), number 646, covers from 11 October 2014 to 14 November 2014 and includes 58 pages of data, in 642 entries or 32,115 words, and 57* noteworthy entries marked *. Our current ISP format provides information by topic and then by chronological listing of the media reports. In this issue, as with preceding issues, Israel/Palestine, but neither Syria nor Iraq, appears as a separate topic, independent of the general Middle East topic. In this issue Embola figures in the Global Topics or Tech entries and US torture police figures in the CIA entries. As such these different topics are not strictly comparable with the preceding issues of ISP where these topics may be separate or may not appear at all. The numbers for this issue’s specific topics over the past month are: MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 102X, 2*, previously 86X) IS loses ground to Iraqis, Kurds & air strikes; US DOMESTIC SECURITY (FBI, 73X, 9*, previously 66X) Ferguson fall out, police impunity & brutality, Canada attacks; ASIA (Asia, 63X, 2*, 53X) Hong Kong protests, Obama visits Asia, Asian summit; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 58X, 7*, 33X) Palestinian statehood, deadly Jerusalem clashes, more colonies; AFRICA (Afr, 43X, 3*, 26X) Boko Haram free reign, Tunisia votes, Compaore out; WESTERN EUROPE (West, 42X, 1*, 40X) Vote in Catalonia, Pope evolves, Britain doesn’t; GLOBAL TOPICS (Tech, 41X, 1*, 38X) Ebola spreads but is slowing; US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 33X, 3* 32X) Voting & GOP wins Congress; EASTERN EUROPE (East, 31x, 3*, 30X) creaping Russian annexation, sanctions don’t work; LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 24X, 1*, 11X) 43 missing Mexican students; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 24X, 0*, 24X) continuing war and extremism; US NSA SCANDAL (Spy, 22X, 6*, 8X) bulk Internet surveillance, press on Snowden; US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 21X, 8*, 6X) CIA & US torture policy, some admitting, suggestion of changes; ECONOMICS (Eco, 19X, 1*, 8X) US inequality, child poverty in rich countries, GM deadly cars; ENVIRONMENT (Env, 17X, 1*, 21X)  UN climate change report, several super storms; US EXTREMISM (Naz, 11X, 1*, 5X) Fear-mongering with Ebola, climate change, LGBT, etc.; US DEFENSE DEPT (DOD, 9X, 1*, 7X) Blackwater mercenaries guilty of murder.

This issue’s 57 significant entries are:

US DOMESTIC SECURITY (FBI, 73X, 9*) Ferguson fall out, police impunity & brutality, Canada attacks
FBI* 1012 Truthout/ Truthout Interviews Candice Bernd on Police Retaliation against “Cop Watch” Groups [why is watching on the job work by cops off limits when all other jobbers are watched]
FBI* 1014 Free Thought Project/ Whistleblower Cop – Fellow Officers Getting “Gang Tattoos” to Celebrate Their Shooting Victims
FBI* 1015 Mother Jones/ Rate of Mass Shootings Has Tripled Since 2011, Harvard Research Shows [which means carrying guns and police are not protecting us]
FBI* 1015 Think Progress/ Feminist Speaker Receives Death Threats, Police Say State Gun Laws Won’t Let Them Protect Her [which means freedom to carry concealed weapons comes before freedom of speech]
FBI* 1015 Truthout/ From Chicago to Geneva, a Call for Police Accountability for Violence and Torture
FBI* 1029 NYT/ Investigator in Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Resigns – The investigator who led a review into the Secret Service’s 2012 prostitution scandal quit after he was implicated in his own prostitution episode
FBI* 1102 WP/ Probe of FBI agent leads to release of convicted drug dealers from prison
FBI* 1107 NYT/ Christopher Epps, Former Chief of Prisons in Mississippi, Is Arraigned [receiving money to fill the prisons]
FBI* 1110 NYT/ Police Use Department Wish List When Deciding Which Assets to Seize [sounds a lot like corruption]

US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 33X, 8*) Voting & GOP wins Congress
Pol* 1012 NYT/ Transcripts Kept Secret for 60 Years Bolster Defense of Oppenheimer’s Loyalty [thus showing that McCarthy and sidekicks were wrong and doing a major disservice to the US]
Pol* 1019 NYT/ Obama Could Reaffirm a Bush-Era Reading of a Treaty on Torture [back to torture for anyone Washington doesn’t like]
Pol* 1021 Truthout/ How a US and International Atomic Energy Agency Deception Haunts the Nuclear Talks [with Iran], Gareth Porter
Pol* 1027 The Nation/ This City Came up with a Simple Solution to Homelessness – Housing
Pol* 1028 New Yorker/ Freedom Summer, 2015 [a catastrophe of disenfranchisement]
Pol* 1102 Gua/ From Michael Brown to Assata Shakur, the racist state of America persists – Those who resist are treated like terrorists – as in Ferguson this year, and as I and other black activists were in the 60s and 70s, Angela Davis
Pol* 1103 NYT/ A Flood of Late Spending on Midterm Elections, From Murky Sources
Pol* 1114 NYT/ Obama Plan May Allow Millions of Immigrants to Stay and Work in US [it looks like Obama will take on the GOP all by himself now that the Democrats are out of the picture]

US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 21X, 8*) CIA & US torture policy, some admitting, suggestion of changes
CIA* 1015 NYT/ CIA Study – Arming Rebels Rarely Works [but it’s what the CIA has been doing since its creation]
CIA* 1018 The Intercept/ Blowing the Whistle on CIA Torture From Beyond the Grave
CIA* 1020 Bureau of Investigative Journalism/ Only 4 Percent of Drone Victims in Pakistan Named as Al-Qaida Members
CIA* 1020 NYT/ Obama Could Reaffirm a Bush-Era Reading of a Treaty on Torture
CIA* 1027 NYT/ In Cold War, US Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis – Law enforcement and intelligence leaders believed the ex-Nazis’ intelligence value against the Russians outweighed what one official called “moral lapses” in their service to the Third Reich, according to newly disclosed records
CIA* 1027 NYT/ Peace Prize Laureates Urge Disclosure on US Torture
CIA* 1112 NYT/ US to Revise Bush Policy on Treatment of Prisoners [but does this mean the end of torture or not]
CIA* 1112 Truthout/ UN Scrutinizes Obama Administration’s Policies on Torture [torture would still be possible in CIA “black prisons” abroad]

ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 58X, 7*) Palestinian statehood, deadly Jerusalem clashes, more colonies
Isr* 1014 NYT/ A Symbolic Vote in Britain Recognizes a Palestinian State
Isr* 1017 NYT/ In Exodus From Israel to Germany, a Young Nation’s Fissures Show [the start of an exodus who don’t think hard right Israeli politics will ever stop the violence]
Isr* 1024 IPS/ History of Key Document in IAEA Probe Suggests Israeli Forgery, Gareth Porter [Mossad keeping busy against the declared enemy]
Isr* 1025 James M. Dorsey/ Israel – Beitar Jerusalem fans [the far-right & the government “go off the deep end” together]
Isr* 1028 NYT/ Netanyahu Expedites Plan for More Than 1,000 New Apartments in East Jerusalem
Isr* 1030 NYT/ Israel Jabs Back after US Official Calls Netanyahu a Coward [the “international spoiled brat” is hasty with its last and only ally]
Isr* 1108 JP/ Romney slams Obama for ‘legitimizing’ Khamenei with letter [Israel & JP just don’t like Iran]

US NSA SCANDAL (Spy, 22X, 6*) bulk Internet surveillance, press on Snowden
Spy* 1011 Ars Technica/ Former NSA Director Had Thousands Personally Invested in Obscure Tech Firms – “No conflicts appear to exist” among Keith Alexander’s investments, NSA said [where personal interests and the military-intelligence-industrial complex meets “national security”]
Spy* 1012 Common Dreams/ Snowden Documentary Confirms Existence of New National Security Whistleblower
Spy* 1017 NYT/ FBI Director Hints at Action as Cellphone Data Is Locked
Spy* 1021 New Yorker/ How Edward Snowden Changed Journalism
Spy* 1025 Truthout/ Forgotten [NSA & CIA] Coup – How the US and Britain Crushed Their “Ally” Australia’s Government
Spy* 1028 NYT/ Report Reveals Wider Tracking of Mail in US

AFRICA (Afr, 43X, 3*) Boko Haram free reign, Tunisia votes, Compaore out,
Afr* 1031 Houghton Star/ Boko Haram Crisis Continues in Nigeria [which looks seriously like a “failed state”]
Afr* 1107 UN/ Nigerian civilian groups wage war on Boko Haram [because the army can’t or won’t do it]
Afr* 1111 Bloomberg/ Nigeria Says US Not Giving Enough Support to Fight Rebels [thanks to government corruption, local militias are doing much better than the army and with much less equipment]

EASTERN EUROPE (East, 31x, 3*) creaping Russian annexation, sanctions don’t work
East* 1012 NYT/ Aviation Giant [Antonov] Is Nearly Grounded in Ukraine [welcome to Western capitalism and lose your only major industry]
East* 1012 WSJ/ Putin to Attend Brisbane G-20 Summit in November [official or national boycotts don’t last long when big business is involved]
East* 1114 NYT/ Russia to Curtail Nuclear Security Efforts with US [negative sanctions bring negative reactions]

ENVIRONMENT (Env, 17X, 3*)  UN climate change report, several super storms
Env* 1014 NYT/ Pentagon Signals Security Risks of Climate Change [will climate deniers attack the Pentagon]
Env* 1108 NYT/ USDA Approves Modified Potato. Next up – French Fry Fans
Env* 1112 NYT/ US and China Reach Climate Deal After Months of Talks

MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 102X, 2*) IS loses ground to Iraqis, Kurds & air strikes
Mide* 1012 Renseignor-Kol Israel (1006)/ According to the US McClatchy news service, a French DGSE foreign intelligence officer has joined El Qaida in Syria [if true, this has very serious implications, and if it isn’t true, it also has equally serious implications by implying that Israeli intelligence is now trying to pit Western intelligence services against each other]
Mide* 1013 TRAC Briefing – IS Manifesto Reveals 100-Year Plan for a World Caliphate, Veryan Khan

ASIA (Asia, 63X, 2*) Hong Kong protests, Obama visits Asia, Asian summit
Asia* 1022 NYT/ Thousands of protesters in Hong Kong watched a live broadcast of a debate between leaders of their movement and city officials – On TV, Hong Kong Openly Debates Democracy
Asia* 1023 Reu/ Japan PM’s new minister hit by scandal over racy bar bill [Abe’s government scandals are starting to pile up]

WESTERN EUROPE (West, 42X, 1*) Vote in Catalonia, Pope evolves, Britain doesn’t
West* 1106 BBC/ Police investigate [former Scottish PM] Alex Salmond bonfire effigy [another show of good English tolerance]

GLOBAL TOPICS (Tech, 41X, 1*) Ebola spreads but is slowing
Tech* 1011 NYT/ Officials Admit a ‘Defeat’ by Ebola in Sierra Leone

LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 24X, 1*) 43 missing Mexican students
Amer* 0122 Truthout/ The Latin American Disappeared and Repeating History in Mexico

ECONOMICS (Eco, 19X, 1*) US inequality, child poverty in rich countries, GM deadly cars
Eco* 1014 Buzz Flash/ International Small Farmer Movement Calls Free Trade a Threat to Food Security [and India too]

US EXTREMISM (Naz, 11X, 1*) Fear-mongering with Ebola, climate change, LGBT, etc.
Naz* 1107 Huff Post/ ALEC Corporate Board Chair Quits Over [Denial of] Climate Change, Renewables and Voting Rights

US DEFENSE DEPT (DOD, 9X, 1*) Blackwater mercenaries guilty of murder
DOD* 1015 Fox/ Pentagon withheld information about decades-old chemical weapons during Iraq War, report claims [because reporting them then would have shown that Cheney-Bush had no reason to invade Iraq]

PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 24X, 0*) continuing war and extremism



Free Copy of “ADI – First Half of 2014” Strategic Analysis

Attached here as a seven-page Word file is the ADI’s strategic world media analysis for January-June 2014, “ADI – First Half of 2014”. We are distributing this report free of charge to the entire ADI readership, and the next July-December 2014 report will be free for ADI paid subscribers but cost 10 euros for non-subscribers.




ADI – First Half of 2014*

Summary of Most Significant Developments by Topic


630 (54X), South Sudan & CAR Bloodshed; 634, Anti-gay Uganda, Nigeria’s Islamists; 637, Boko Haram spreads in Nigeria; 641, Rebel attacks in Kenya & Nigeria, Ebola virus spreads


630, Trouble & Protests in Cambodia & Thailand; 634, Thailand clashes; 635, China knife attacks, Flight MH-370; 637, South Korean ferry deaths; 639, Thai coup, 640 (48X); 641, China continues to asset itself


630, Olympics; 631, [pro-Western] Ukraine Protests; 634, West Gets Half of Ukraine & Putin the Rest; 635 (80X), Crimea Checkmate; 639, Eastern Ukraine violence


635, The Rich and income gap; 637, Inequality, Thomas Piketty on capitalism; 640, Piketty, capitalism & inequality


631, Arctic Vortex; 632, Water Starting to Become Scarce; 640, Vermont’s anti-GMO law & Obama on coal pollution



630, Usual Troubles & Problems; 631, No Talks & More Colonies and Violence; 633, Hard-line Israelis & AIPAC against the World; 634, Talks Go Nowhere; 635 (27X), Israel boycotts; 637, Fatah-Hamas deal; 638, Kerry’s “apartheid” Israel; 641, 3 teenagers kidnapped


634 (21X), Is There US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela; 638, Venezuela troubles


630, Egypt – Crackdown Continues on Muslim Brotherhood; 631, Iraq – Government & Tribes Fight Al Qaida; 631, Egypt – Constitution Passes; 633, Iran – Nuclear Talks Continue; 633, Syria – Fighting & Talks Continue; 635, Syria – Rebel loses and government gains; 638, Syria – Assad advances; 640 (65X), Iraq explodes


632, Talking with Taliban as They Bomb You; 637, Afghan vote; 640 (29X), Taliban splits; 641, Pak military offensive



636, Big money takes over politics, More GOP vs. Tea Party; 637 (25X), Strains within GOP, Obamacare is working; 641, Cheney’s lost it, Detroit without water


635 (16X), CIA Torture comes back to torture the CIA; 636, CIA misled Congress, tortured & got no big info


633, Another Gun Case; 634, Bad Press for the FBI; 637, Guns everywhere; 638, Botched OK execution; 640 (48X), Gun violence; 641, Cops’ get bad press


630, Snowden Gaining against US Intel Establishment; 635, New NSA chief; 637, Snowden, Guardian & WP win prizes; 638, No USA-Germany deal; 639, NSA reform bill; 640, Snowden on NBC, NSA faces; 632 (28X), Obama’s “Reforms” & NSA “Illegal”


632, Hollande’s & His Women Problems; 634, Trial of Murdoch’s Brooks; 635, France opposition scandals, British government sex scandals; 638, Gerry Adams arrest; 640 (36X), EU rightwing vote; 641, Juncker in, Cameron out, Murdoch’s phone hacking


2014 First Half, Noteworthy Developments


630 (Afr, 54X, 0*, again up significantly from 22X) – South Sudan & CAR Bloodshed

631 (Afr, 28X, 0*, down significantly from 54X) – CAR & South Sudan Violence, Tunisia Calm

632 (Afr, 17x, 0*, down significantly from 28X), CAR, South Sudan, Nigeria & South

633 (Afr, 25X, 0*, back up significantly from 17X), CAR Violence as Muslims Flee, elsewhere Jihadists Attack

634 (Afr, 34X, 0*, up significantly from 25X), Anti-gay Uganda, CAR & South Sudan Violence, Nigeria’s Islamists

635 (Afr, 26X, 3*, down from 34X), Out-of-control jihadists in Nigeria Attacks, but jihadist loses in the North

636 (Afr, 11X, 0*, down significantly from 26X), Deadly blasts in Nigeria & Kenya

637 (Afr, 28X, 0*, back up significantly from 11X), Boko Haram spreads in Nigeria, Ethnic slaughter in South Sudan

638 (Afr, 32X, 3*, previously 28X), South Sudan killing, Nigerian schoolgirls, CAR attacks

639 (Afr, 42X, 1*, previously 32X), Boko Haram rules, South Sudan war continues

640 (Afr, 33X, 3*, 42X previously), Al Shabaab in Somalia & Boko Haram in Nigeria

641 (Afr, 23X, 0*, previously 33X), Rebel attacks in Kenya & Nigeria, Ebola virus spreads


630 (Asia, 28X, 1*, down slightly from 31X) – Trouble & Protests in Cambodia & Thailand

631 (Asia, 30X, 0*, stable) – Cambodia & Thailand Protests

632 (Asia, 33X, 0*, stable), Thailand Protests & Vote, Philippines-Rebel Treaty

633 (Asia, 15X, 0*, down significantly from 33X), Thailand Troubles, India, China & Koreas

634 (Asia, 30X, 0*, back up significantly from 15X), Thailand clashes, Korean Families Meet, China Crack Downs

635 (Asia, 36x, 0*, up from 30X), China knife attacks, Flight MH-370 disappears, Thailand’s instability

636 (Asia, 31X, 1*, down from 36X), Korean missiles, Malaysian jet, Thai protests, China’s military

637 (Asia, 30X, 1*, stable), Malaysia jet search, Japanese war shrine visits, South Korean ferry deaths

638 (Asia, 20X, 0*, 36X), Thai PM sacked, China rail station knife attacks

639 (Asia, 35X, 1*, previously 20X), Thai coup, Anti-Chinese violence

640 (Asia, 48X, 35X previously), Thai coup, Chinese expansion, India’s Modi & Tiananmen

641 (Asia, 14X, 0*, 48X), China continues to asset itself


630 (East, 24X, 2*, up slightly from 18X) – Putin Pardons or PR Ops for Olympics

631 (East, 6X, 0*, down significantly from 24X) – Ukraine Protests & Sochi Olympics

632 (East, 30X, 1*, up very significantly from 6X), Ukraine’s Violence & Russian Olympics

633 (East, 24X, 5*, down slightly from 30X), Bosnia, & Spotlight in Sochi Forgets Kiev Trouble

634 (East, 47X, 3*, up significantly from 24X), Olympics, West Gets Half of Ukraine & Putin the Rest

635 (East, 5X, 0*, now not including Ukraine), Chechen jihadist leader killed

635 UKRAINE635 (Ukr, 80X, 6*, a new topic, formerly in East which was 47X), Crimea Checkmate, Now the game moves to the East, and to the West

636 (East, 29X, 3*, significantly down from 85X), Ukraine lost Crimea & may lose more

637 (East, 58X, 8*, back up significantly from 29X), Eastern Ukraine conflict

638 (East, 34X, 1*, previously 58X), Kiev-EU-NATO-USA vs. Moscow-Putin

639 (East, 29X, 1*, previously 34X), Eastern Ukraine violence, Russia-China gas deal

640 (East, 34X, 4*, 29X previously), Pro-Russia rebellion continues in Ukraine

641 (East, 18X, 1*, 34X), Fighting continues in Eastern Ukraine


631 (Eco, 6X, 2*, down from 12X) – Chase Deal, More Fines & No Marijuana

634 (Eco, 8X, 4*, almost stable), Bankers Die, Bangladeshi Fund & Marijuana Bonanza

635 (Eco, 11X, 2*, up from 8X), GM recall, The Rich and income gap

636 (Eco, 11X, 2*, stable), GM flaw & US government oversight of big business

637 (Eco, 12X, 2*, still stable), Inequality, Banks and business do what they want, Thomas Piketty on capitalism

638 (Eco, 10X, 3*, 12X), Piketty on capitalism’s growing inequality

639 (Eco, 6X, 0*, previously 10X), Equity’s astounding corruption

640 (Eco, 13X, 2*, 6X previously), Piketty, capitalism & inequality

641 (Eco, 5X, 1*, 13X), Poverty & Business as usual


631 (Env, 13X, 0*, up from 8X) – WV Spill, Arctic Vortex & Aussie Heat Wave

632 (Env, 12X, 1*, stable), Water Starting to Become Scarce

635 (Env, 13X, 1*, up from 9X), GMO bans, Paris pollution, BP back at it in the Gulf

636 (Env, 11X, 0*, stable), Severe air pollution & climate change

638 (Env, 14X, 0*, 7X), GMO labeling, Climate change in the US

639 (Env, 14X, 0*, previously 14X), Floods, Fires, West Antarctic glacier loss

640 (Env, 6X, 2*, 14X previously), Vermont’s anti-GMO law & Obama on coal pollution

641 (Env, 5X, 0*, 6X), Pollution, disease & water


631 (Tech, 6X, 0, stable) – Net Neutrality, Censors & Pedophiles

635 (Tech, 2X, 0*), Internet oversight, Violent radicalization.

636 (Tech, 1X, 0*), US torture & US doctors

637 (Tech, 6X, 1*, up from 1X), Internet & Heartbleed

638 (Tech, 5X, 0*, 6X), US life expectancy, Polio Terrorism

640 (Tech, 8X, 2*, 4X previously), Sex crimes & World’s obese

641 (7X, 1*, 8X), Torture, Muslim Football, Facebook spying, Refugees, Drones


630 (Isr, 21X, 4*, up significantly from 5X) – Usual Troubles & Problems

631 (Isr, 24X, 6*, stable) – No Talks & More Colonies and Violence

632 (Isr, 11X, 1*, down significantly from 24X)

633 (Isr, 15X, 2*, up slightly from 11X), Hard-line Israelis & AIPAC against the World

634 (Isr, 8X, 3*, down significantly from 15X), Talks Go Nowhere, Drones & Boycotts

635 (Isr, 27X, 3*, up significantly from 8X), Israel boycotts, Intercepted ship, Continued killings and rockets

636 (Isr, 16X, 3*, down from 27X), Talks collapsing & Palestine seeks recognition

637 (Isr, 15X, 1*, stable), Fatah-Hamas deal boxes in Tel Aviv & Washington

638 (Isr, 12X, 3*, 15X), Hamas-Fatah peace and Kerry’s “apartheid” Israel

640 (Isr, 20X, 2*, 9X previously), Hamas-Fatah unity & Kidnapped Israelis

641 (Isr, 20X, 1*, previously 20X), 3 teenagers kidnapped & Presbyterian divestment


634 (Amer, 21X, 3*, significantly up from 3X), Is There US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela

635 (Amer, 17X, 2*, down from 21X), Bloody protests pushing for regime change in Venezuela, Salvador goes Left

636 (Amer, 12X, 1*, down slightly from 17X), USAID Cuban Twitter & Venezuela “regime change”

637 (Amer, 7X, 1*, further down from 12X), US’s Cuban Twitter, Still some Venezuelan protests

638 (Amer, 4X, 0*, 7X), Venezuela troubles


630 (Egypt, 20X, 0*, up significantly from stability at 7X) – Crackdown Continues on Muslim Brotherhood

630 (Mide, 34X, 0*, up very significantly from 14X) – New Violence in Iraq, Lebanon & Turkey

631 (Iran, 9X, 0*, stable) – More US-Iran Dealing

631 (Iraq, 20X, 0*, not a theme in the previous issue) – Government & Tribes Fight Al Qaida

631 (Syr, 19X, 4*, up significantly from 10X) – Rebels Fight Al-Qaida & Assad

631 (Egy, 9X, 1*, down significantly from 20X) – Violence & Protests as Constitution Passes

631 (Mide, 12X, 1*, down from 34X but which included also Iraq) – Lebanon Violence & Turkish Cops Fired

632 (Egy, 16X, 2*, up from 9X), Deadly Jihadist Attacks

632 (Syr, 23X, 0*, up from 19X), Peace Talks, but No Progress & More Violence

633 (Iran, 6X, 0*, up slightly from 10X), Nuclear Talks Continue

633 (Syr, 16X, 0*, down significantly from 23X), Fighting & Talks Continue, Homs Agreement

633 (Mide, 24X, 1*, down significantly from a combined 31X), Violence in Iraq, Egypt & Yemen, & Turkey Protests

634 (Egy, 11X, 1*, not an independent topic in the preceding issue), Tourists Killed, Government Changed & Crack Downs

634 (Iran, 9X, 1*, almost stable), Talks Continue Slowly

634 (Syr, 8X, 0*, down again significantly from 16X), War & Refugees Continue

634 (Mide, 15X, 1*, stable on a combined basis), Instability in Turkey, Violence in Iraq

635 (Syr, 14X, 0*, up from 8X), Rebel loses and government gains

635 (Mide, 40X, 0*, up from 35X), Turkey repression, Attacks and killings in Egypt and Iraq, Iran talks

636 (Mide, 33X, 0*, down significantly from 54X), Turkey’s Twitter, Egypt’s 529 death sentences, Yemen attacks

637 (Mide, 46X, 0*, up from 33X), Attacks in Egypt & Iraq, Syrian rebels in trouble

638 (Mide, 25X, 2*, previously 46X), Assad advances, Iraq bombs, Egypt sentences 683

639 (Mide, 29X, 0*, previously 25X), Violence in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen & Turkey

640 (Mide, 65X, 3*, 29X previously), Iraq explodes, Egypt vote, Syrian war & vote

641 (Mide, 57X, 0*, previously 65X), Iraq’s Shiite/Sunni civil war


631 (Paf, 19X, 3*, up from combined 7X for Pakistan and Afghanistan) – 10-year-old kamikaze & teenage hero

632 (Paf, 18X, 0*, stable), Talking with Taliban as They Bomb You

633 (Paf, 21X, 0*, up slightly from 18X), Negotiating & Releasing Bombers as Bombs Go off

634 (Paf, 20X, 2*, stable), End of Pak Talks & New Air Strikes

635 (Paf, 19X, 0*, stable), Jihadists have upper hand in both countries

636 (Paf, 17X, 2*, stable), Taliban talks & attacks, Afghan elections

637 (Paf, 24X, 2*, up from stability at 17X), Afghan vote, Pakistan’s deadly violence

638 (Paf, 12X, 1*, 24X), ISI-Taliban, Afghan vote and floods

639 (Paf, 7X, 1*, previously 12X), Taliban’s spring offensive

640 (Paf, 29X, 2*, 7X previously), Taliban splits, Bergdahl freed, Afghan vote

641 (Paf, 21X, 0*, 29X), Pak military offensive & Afghan vote problems


631 (DOD, 7X, 0*, stable) – Gitmo Anniversary

634 (DOD, 6X, 1*, up from 1X), Army Spies on Activists

635 (DOD, 7X, 1*, stable), No jail for General in sex trial

636 (DOD, 4X, 1*, down from 7X), Killings & Missile defense

637 (DOD, 3X, 1*, stable), Drone pilots.

640 (DOD, 5X, 1*, 2X previously), Veterans Administration scandal

641 (DOD, 2X, 0*, 5X), VA problems.


630 (Pol, 23X, 1*, up from 17X) – Obamacare Established & Marijuana Too

631 (Pol, 24X, 0*, stable) – Christie Mishaps

632 (Pol, 21X, 2*, stable), Abortion, Life Support, Food Stamps & Minimum Wage

633 (Pol, 13X, 3*, down significantly from 21X), No Debt Ceiling Fight & More Same-Sex Marriages

634 (Pol, 17X, 3*, up slightly from 15X), Gays Rights, “Thinking Man”/”Yelling Man” GOP Split

635 (Pol, 12X, 1*, down from 17X), “Thinking man’s” GOP vs. «yelling man’s” GOP

636 (Pol, 24X, 2*, up from 12X), Big money takes over politics, More GOP vs. Tea Party

637 (Pol, 25X, 1*, stable), Strains within GOP, Obamacare is working

638 (Pol, 17X, 0*, 25X), GOP’s Benghazi show trial, Bundy’s Buddies

639 (Pol, 13X, 2*, previously 17X), Koch brothers, “Most Mass Shooters Are Democrats”

640 (Pol, 19X, 4*, 13X previously), Bergdahl exchange, Cantor loss, Tea Party

641 (21X, 4*, previously 19X), Cheney’s lost it, Detroit without water


631 (CIA, 7X, 1*, stable) – Wash. Post, DEA Dealing & Water Boarding

634 (CIA, 4X, 0*, stable), Drones & Amazon

635 (CIA, 16X, 2*, up tremendously from 4X because of torture investigation problems), CIA Torture comes back to torture the CIA

636 (CIA, 3X, 1*, down from 16X), CIA misled Congress, tortured & got no big info

637 (CIA, 13X, 2*, back up significantly from 3X), Senate torture report, Drone killings

638 (CIA, 5X, 0*, 13X), Guantanamo, Torture and Drones

640 (CIA, 10X, 1*, 3X previously), Guantanamo, Torture, Drones & Allende/Chili

641 (CIA, 3X, 1*, 10X), Torture & Drones


630 (FBI, 28X, 6*, up significantly from 14X) – More Bad Press for US Cops

631 (FBI, 18X, 3*, down significantly from 23X) – Stealing FBI Files & Indian Diplomat

632 (FBI, 14X, 0*, stable) Executions, Shootings & Abuse

633 (15X, 2*, stable), Corruption, Bribery & Another Gun Case

634 (FBI, 11X, 1*, down slightly from 15X), Bad Press for the FBI

635 (FBI, 11X, 5*, stable), Police killings and surveillance, Indian diplomat re-indicted

636 (FBI, 10X, 1*, stable), Incarceration rates & Guns everywhere

637 (FBI, 28X, 1*, up significantly from 10X), Cops & pot, Killings by far right, Guns everywhere

638 (FBI, 26X, 5*, previously 28X), Botched OK execution, Bundy’s “militia”, 9-year-old arrested

639 (FBI, 15X, 3*, previously 26X), Bad cops, Chinese cyber espionage

640 (FBI, 48X, 8*, 15X previously), Gun violence, Cop & Rightwing violence

641 (FBI, 9X, 0*, 48X), Cops’ get bad press


630 (Spy, 33X, 4*, up very scientifically from 16X) – Snowden Gaining against US Intel Establishment

631 (Spy, 19X, 4*, down significantly from 33X) – NSA Spying Didn’t Stop Terrorists

633 (Spy, 17X, 1*, down significantly from 28X), NSA Increasingly under Fire & Snowden Low-Cost Tool

634 (Spy, 21X, 2*, up slightly from 17X), Yahoo Webcams, Google Cookies, France & Germany Targeted

635 (Spy, 18X, 1*, down from 21X), New NSA chief, Nothing new at NSA/White House but damage increasing

636 (Spy, 14X, 1*, stable), Costs mount, Reforms & prizes coming

637 (Spy, 14X, 3*, still stable), Snowden, Guardian & WP win prizes, Heartbleed revealed

638 (Spy, 7X, 1*, 14X), No USA-Germany deal

639 (Spy, 13X, 2*, previously 7X), NSA reform bill, No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald

640 (Spy, 21X, 4*, 13X previously), Snowden on NBC, NSA faces, Oliver Stone film

641 (Spy, 14X, 2*, 21X), Cellphone privacy, Assange & Verizon

632 (Spy, 28X, 7*, up significantly from 19X), Obama’s “Reforms” & NSA “Illegal”


631 (West, 16X, 1*, stable) – Hollande’s Women & France’s Bad Comics

632 (West, 12X, 0*, previously 16X), Hollande’s & His Women Problems

633 (West, 17X, 1*, up slightly from 12X), EU Corruption & Immigration in the News

634 (West, 16X, 0*, stable), Trial of Murdoch’s Brooks

635 (West, 10X, 1*, down from 16X), France opposition scandals, British government sex scandals

636 (West, 20X, 2*, up from 10X), Far right gains ground & not only in French elections

637 (West, 16X, 0*, down from 20x), UK, France and Italy

638 (West, 18X, 2*, 16X), Gerry Adams arrest, 2 new saints & 900 defrocked priests

639 (West, 8X, 1*, previously 18X), 26 women ‘in love’ with priests

640 (West, 36X, 4*, 8X previously), EU right-wing vote, Cameron & UK getting out

641 (West, 20X, 0*, previously 36X), Juncker in, Cameron out, Bugging, Murdoch’s phone hacking

*Legend: In the entry, “641 (Spy, 14X, 2*, 21X), Cellphone privacy, Assange & Verizon”, for example, “641” is the number of the issue of Intelligence, Secrecy & Power (ISP), “Spy” is the topic abbreviation, “14X” is the number of “Spy” entries in issue 641, “2*” is the number of noteworthy “Spy” entries in issue 641, “21X” is the number of “Spy” entries in the preceding number 640 issue, and “Cellphone privacy, Assange & Verizon” are the key words describing the contents of the 14 entries.