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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 644, 15 September 2014


This issue of “Intelligence, Secrecy & Power” (ISP), number 644, covers from 16 August to 12 September 2014 and includes 40 pages of data in 468 entries or 21,200 words, and 34* noteworthy entries marked *. This ISP format provides information by topic and then by chronological listing of the media reports. In this issue, as with preceding issues, Israel/Palestine, but neither Syria nor Iraq appear as a separate topic, independent of the general Middle East topic. As such these different topics are not strictly comparable with the preceding issues of ISP where these topics may be separate. The numbers for this issue’s specific topics over the past month are: US DOMESTIC INTEL (FBI, 83X, 11*, previously 41X) Ferguson cop riot, “overpolicing” & killed unarmed black men; MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 71X, 1*, 42X previously) IS massacres but advance blocked; EASTERN EUROPE (East, 64X, 2*, 60X previously) Ukraine war and peace; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 58X, 9*, 79X previously) Ceasefire & international rejection of Israel; WESTERN EUROPE (West, 37X, 2*, 12X) Scotland vote & jihadists; AFRICA (Afr, 30X, 1*, 20X) Ebola, Boko Haram & CAR Deaths; ASIA (Asia, 22X, 1*, 34X) Thai junta, Peking vs. Hong Kong, Pak vs. India; US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 21X, 2*, 30X) Detroit, Terrorism threat & racism; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 16X, 1*, 18X) Another political crisis in Pak & in Afgh; ECONOMICS (Eco, 13X, 1*, 13X) Bad press for banksters; ENVIRONMENT (Env, 10X, 0*, 11X) Climate change; US EXTREMISTS (Naz, 8X, 0*, 6X) Once again active; GLOBAL TOPICS & TECH (Tech, 8X, 0*, 8X) Facebook, Ebola & Face food strikes; US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 7X, 2*, 15X) Torture & Senate report; US NSA SPY SCANDAL (Spy, 7X, 1*, 12X) Assange & cops spying too; US DEPT OF DEFENSE (DOD, 6X, 0*, 2X) Guantanamo; LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 6X, 0*, 4X).

This issue’s 34 significant entries are:

US DOMESTIC INTEL (FBI, 83X, 11*) Ferguson cop riot, “overpolicing” & killed unarmed black men
FBI* 0816 Gua/ Ferguson Shooting – Police under Pressure after Linking Michael Brown to Robbery [the cops are painting themselves into a corner by trying to find a justification for gunning down Brown instead of blaming the trigger-happy officer]
FBI* 0817 NYT/ Around St. Louis, a Circle of Rage [and “an overzealous police force”]
FBI* 0818 Gua/ US Dystopia Is Now – Police Chief Tells Detroiters to Buy Guns [why not dissolve the police and use the saved money to arm civilians]
FBI* 0818 Think Progress/ Police Officer Threatens To Shoot Reporter Live-Streaming Protests in Ferguson
FBI* 0827 RT News/ Dozens of Police Departments Suspended for Losing US Military-Grade Weaponry [where did it go or to whom did they sell it]
FBI* 0828 NYDN/ Guns still plague America like an incurable social disease – and Congress does nothing about it
FBI* 0828 NYT/ A 9-Year-Old at a Shooting Range, a Spraying Uzi and Outrage
FBI* 0831 Crooks and Liars/ Six Other Excessive Force Complaints Filed against Ferguson PD [Yes, it was a runaway police riot]
FBI* 0904 NYT/ Justice Dept. Inquiry to Focus on Practices of Police in Ferguson [the Feds have arrived on the scene, a little bit late, as usual]
FBI* 0908 FAS/ Can Body Worn Cameras Serve as a Deterrent to Police Misconduct?, CRS Insights, August 28, 2014 – [the Congressional Research Service has dared research the possibility of “police misconduct”]
FBI* 0910 NYT/ Mostly White Forces in Mostly Black Towns – Police Struggle for Racial Diversity [or is it just simply racism in the forces]

ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 58X, 9*) Ceasefire & international rejection of Israel
Isr* 0817 Truthout/ As Repression Escalates on US Campuses, an Account of My Ordeal with the Israel Lobby and UC, William I. Robinson
Isr* 0818 Reu/ Israel – A Jewish-Muslim wedding – A Muslim groom and his Jewish bride marry in a Tel Aviv wedding hall as police block a far-right protest outside [What? There are racist Jews?]
Isr* 0824 Renseignor-Radio Iran (0823)/ Egyptian intelligence services working with Mossad could be involved in the assassination of three Hamas commanders [Hamas has been a close ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, a deadly enemy of Egyptian intelligence]
Isr* 0829 NYT/ With Gaza War, Movement to Boycott Israel Gains Momentum in Europe [it’s also gaining momentum in the US, but the NYT doesn’t want to talk about it]
Isr* 0904 24news/ ‘Executed Gazans were not Israeli spies’ [first, Mossad would never publically recognize dead agents, and two, this report is a perfect Psy-Op to cause trouble and bad press for Palestinians]
Isr* 0904 NYT/ Steven Sotloff, US Hostage Slain by ISIS, Was Also a Citizen of Israel [why was a citizen of Israel in such a such a dangerous and fanatic jihadists area]
Isr* 0906 Truthout/ Israel’s Video Justifying Destruction of a Gaza Hospital Was From 2009
Isr* 0908 Israel rejects New Zealand’s new ambassador
Isr* 0911 Fox/ Cruz walks off stage after hecklers disrupt [pro-Israel] speech on Middle East Christians

EASTERN EUROPE (East, 64X, 2*) Ukraine war and peace
East* 0901 NYT/ Putin Urges ‘Statehood’ Talks for Eastern Ukraine [as the invasion goes on]
East* 0907 WJAC/ US to help Georgia boost its defenses [Washington “grandstanding” a bit too late since Tbilisi is within Russian artillery range]

US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 7X, 2*) Torture & Senate report
CIA* 0821 NYT/ In Raid to Save Foley and Other Hostages, US Found None [obviously due to poor intelligence]
CIA* 0905 The Intercept/ The CIA’s Mop-Up Man

WESTERN EUROPE (West, 37X, 2*) Scotland vote & jihadists
West* 0907 VOA/ UK Offers Scotland Greater Autonomy Ahead of Referendum [the separatists’’ campaign is “beginning to bite”]
West* 0910 NYT/ The Push to Keep Scotland in the Fold [the English Establishment is desperate to hold on to Scotland]

US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 21X, 2*) Detroit, Terrorism threat & racism
Pol* 0909 NYT/ Ferguson Sets Broad Change for City Courts [the crisis has moved from cops to politics]
Pol* 0909 The New Yorker/ The Twenty-Eight Pages, Lawrence Wright [Bush, the Saudis & 9/11]

US NSA SPY SCANDAL (Spy, 7X, 1*) Assange & cops spying too
Spy* 0905 The Intercept/ The US Government’s Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations, Glenn Greenwald

ASIA (Asia, 22X, 1*) Thai junta, Peking vs. Hong Kong, Pak vs. India
Asia* 0831 Renseignor-Radio Vatican (0830)/ Deployment by night of Chinese armor column to Hong Kong [a vote is coming up and the Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary isn’t that far away]

PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 16X, 1*) Another political crisis in Pak & in Afgh
Paf* 0906 Hindustan Times/ Pak army, ISI targeting India to hit Sharif, says former CIA analyst [Bruce Riedel, now director of the Intelligence Project at the Brookings Institution]

MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 71X, 1*) IS massacres but advance blocked
Mide* 0910 NYT/ Obama Ready to Authorize Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria [so Obama and Assad will be bombing the same enemy]

AFRICA (Afr, 30X, 1*) Ebola, Boko Haram & CAR Deaths
Afr* 0909 Africa Confidential/ South Africa – Spy tapes and spy exits [Zuma outs spy chiefs, again]

ECONOMICS (Eco, 13X, 1*) Bad press for banksters
Eco* 0911 Truthout/ An Economic Hit Man Speaks Out – John Perkins on How Greece Has Fallen Victim to “Economic Hit Men” [in economics, profits go to the rich and failures go to the people]



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The computer-assisted analysis of all ISP 2013 news entries concerning major national and international conflicts will soon be published. In the meantime, the ADI has decided to make available the entire data set as a full collection of the 22 “Intelligence, Secrecy and Power” (ISP) 2013 issues from 1 January 2013 to 3 January 2014 (numbers 609 to 630) for 35 euros. You can see “Contents” versions of these issues on the ISP Blog ( Payment is possible through Visa, Master or bank transfer by contacting the ADI at Full collections from previous years can also be made available for interested parties at reduced rates.

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