“Intelligence, Secrecy & Power”, N. 636, 7 April 2014, Contents issue

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N. 636, 7 April 2014                                                      Contents issue
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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 636, 7 April 2014


This issue number 636, covers 22 March 2014 to 4 April March 2014 and includes 25 pages of data in 11,966 words or 250 entries, and 21* noteworthy entries marked *. This format provides information by topic and then by chronological listing of media report titles. In this issue, as with the preceding ones, Israel/Palestine, but not Syria, appears as separate topics, independent of the general Middle East topic which now includes Syria but also Iraq and Egypt as distinct from recent issues, and as such these different topics are not strictly comparable with the preceding few issues of ISP where these topics may be separate. The numbers for this issue’s specific topics are: MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 33X, 0*, down significantly from 54X), Turkey’s Twitter, Egypt’s 529 death sentences, Yemen attacks; ASIA (Asia, 31X, 1*, down from 36X), Korean missiles, Malaysian jet, Thai protests, China’s military; EASTERN EUROPE (East, 29X, 3*, significantly down from 85X), Ukraine lost Crimea & may lose more; US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 24X, 2*, up from 12X), Big money takes over politics, More GOP vs. Tea Party; WESTERN EUROPE (West, 20X, 2*, up from 10X), Far right gains ground & not only in French elections; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 17X, 2*, stable), Taliban talks & attacks, Afghan elections; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 16X, 3*, down from 27X), Talks collapsing & Palestine seeks recognition; US NSA SPY SCANDAL (Spy, 14X, 1*, stable), Costs mount, Reforms & prizes coming; LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 12X, 1*, down slightly from 17X), USAID Cuban Twitter & Venezuela “regime change”; ECONOMICS (Eco, 11X, 2*, stable), GM flaw & US government oversight of big business; AFRICA (Afr, 11X, 0*, down significantly from 26X), Deadly blasts in Nigeria & Kenya; ENVIRONMENT (Env, 11X, 0*, stable), Severe air pollution & climate change; US DOMESTIC SECURITY (FBI, 10X, 1*, stable), Incarceration rates & Guns everywhere; US DEFENSE DEPT (DOD, 4X, 1*, down from 7X), Killings & Missile defense; US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 3X, 1*, down from 16X), CIA misled Congress, tortured & got no big info; TECHNOLOGY & GLOBAL TOPICS (Tech, 1X, 0*), US torture & US doctors.