“Intelligence, Secrecy & Power”, N. 635, 24 March 2014 , Contents issue


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N. 635, 24 March 2014                                                        Contents issue
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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 635, 24 March 2014


This issue number 635, covers 1 March 2014 to 21 March 2014 and includes 32 pages of data in 17,207 words or 366 entries, and 28* noteworthy entries marked *. This format provides information by topic and then by chronological listing of media report titles. In this issue, as with the preceding ones, Israel/Palestine and Syria appear as separate topics, independent of the Middle East topic, but the latter now includes Iraq and Egypt as distinct from recent issues, and as such these different topics are not strictly comparable will the preceding few issues of ISP where these topics may be separate. The numbers for this issue’s specific topics are: UKRAINE (Ukr, 80X, 6*, a new topic, formerly in East which was 47X), Crimea Checkmate, Now the game moves to the East, and to the West; MIDDLE EAST (Mide, 40X, 0*, up from 35X), Turkey repression, Attacks and killings in Egypt and Iraq, Iran talks; ASIA (Asia, 36x, 0*, up from 30X), China knife attacks, Flight MH-370 disappears, Thailand’s instability; ISRAEL/PALESTINE (Isr, 27X, 3*, up significantly from 8X), Israel boycotts, Intercepted ship, Continued killings and rockets; AFRICA (Afr, 26X, 3*, down from 34X), Crimea Checkmate, Now the game moves to the East, and to the West Attacks, but jihadist loses in the North; PAKISTAN/AFGHANISTAN (Paf, 19X, 0*, stable), Jihadists have upper hand in both countries; US NAS SPY SCANDAL (Spy, 18X, 1*, down from 21X), New NSA chief, Nothing new at NSA/White House but damage increasing; LATIN AMERICA (Amer, 17X, 2*, down from 21X), Bloody protests pushing for regime change in Venezuela, Salvador goes Left; US FOREIGN INTEL (CIA, 16X, 2*, up tremendously from 4X because of torture investigation problems), CIA Torture comes back to torture the CIA; SYRIA (Syr, 14X, 0*, up from 8X), Rebel loses and government gains; ENVIRONMENT (Env, 13X, 1*, up from 9X), GMO bans, Paris pollution, BP back at it in the Gulf; US DOMESTIC POLITICS (Pol, 12X, 1*, down from 17X), “Thinking man’s” GOP vs. «yelling man’s” GOP; US INTERNAL SECURITY (FBI, 11X, 5*, stable), Police killings and surveillance, Indian diplomat re-indicted; ECONOMICS (Eco, 11X, 2*, up from 8X), GM recall, The Rich and income gap; WESTERN EUROPE (West, 10X, 1*, down from 16X), France opposition scandals, British government sex scandals; US DEFENSE DEPT (DOD, 7X, 1*, stable), No jail for General in sex trial; EASTERN EUROPE (East, 5X, 0*, now not including Ukraine), Chechen jihadist leader killed; TECHNOLOGY & GLOBAL TOPICS (Tech, 2X, 0*), Internet oversight, Violent radicalization.