Mide* 1118 Gua/ UN report detailing Taliban fighter deaths warns of force’s illicit funding – Report estimates 12,000 rebels are thought to have been killed, captured or wounded

Spy* 1119 Brennan Center for Justice/ What the Government Does with Americans’ Data – For the first time in one report, the Brennan Center takes a comprehensive look at the multiple ways US intelligence agencies collect, share and store data on average Americans

Pol* 1120 NYT/ Virginia Political Figure Stabbed as Son Takes Own Life, Police Say [more possible lack of health care victims] – R. Creigh Deeds, who was defeated in 2009 for governor, was in fair condition and his son was dead after what was described as “an attempted murder-suicide”

FBI* 1120 Chronicle of Higher Education/ The American Police State – A sociologist interrogates the criminal-justice system, and tries to stay out of the spotlight – In a book coming out this spring, Goffman, now a 31-year-old assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, documents how the expansion of America’s penal system is reshaping life for the poor black families who exist under the watch of its police, prison guards, and parole officers

Pol 1121* NYT/ GOP Maps out Waves of Attacks over Health Law [obstruction as a leading policy]

Spy 1121* NYT/ United States Can Spy on Britons Despite Pact, NSA Memo Says [the secret UKUSA agreement, managed by the NSA and joining together these country’s spy services, was nonetheless used by the NSA to spy on its closest and most trusted partners’ citizens] – Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Pol* 1121 Buzz Flash/ Harry Goes Nuclear – Enough of GOP Obstruction [Senate stops useless filibustering]

Spy* 1121 McClatchy/ Most of NSA’s data collection authorized by order Ronald Reagan issued

Pak* 1122 ABC/ Pakistan Doctor Who Helped CIA Charged with Murder [Pakistan is almost an Al Qaida nation]

Spy* 1122 UN/ Draft surveillance and human rights resolution moves to General Assembly committee for vote [Snowden is winning and the NSA is losing, will the US vote “No”]

Syr* 1122 Reu/ Six [probably Sunnite] Islamist factions unite in largest Syria rebel merger [since the Sunnite majority of Syria considers Assad, Alawites, Christians and Druze has infidels, they will be massacred if they loose the civil war]

Env* 1122 Gua/ Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man-made global warming emissions – Chevron, Exxon and BP among companies most responsible for climate change since dawn of industrial age, figures show [when you get to “Naming Names”, that means things are getting serious]

Eco* 1123 NYT/ US Retailers Decline to Aid Factory Victims in Bangladesh [money is money and you don’t pay it out if you don’t have to] – Walmart, Sears, Children’s Place and other American companies

Pak* 1123 Fox/ Hero Pakistani doc who helped get bin Laden hit with dubious murder charge [it’s quite logical when you consider that Pakistan is an Al-Qaida state]

Isr* 1123 Foreign Policy in Focus/ Running Off to War – John Feffer explains the “messy origins of the Israel” [it’s in well-documented history books, but who reads them]

Pol* 1123 McClatchy/ New Senate Rules Won’t Cure All the Delay and Disharmony [but at least obstructionism has been negatively sanctioned]

Eco* 1123 Too Much/ Switzerland – A Daring Bid to Stomp out CEO Pay Excess [by referendum]

Iran* 1124 NYT/ Accord Reached With Iran to Halt Nuclear Program


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