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N. 619, 24 June 2013
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Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 619, 24 June 2013


From 8 June to 21 June 2013 (14 days), 216 entries, 8,488 words, 18 pages. We continue with the two new “kids on the block” form the preceding issue: “Tur” (Turkey riots), “Ver” (Verizon , FBI, NSA eavesdropping scandal) and “Leb” (Lebanon spillover from Syria’s civil war).

The numbers for specific entries are: 54 Ver (“Verion”, US eavesdropping scandal), 20* (significant reports, see just below), 18 Syr (Syria), 16 Tur (Turkey), 14 Iran, 12 West (Western Europe), 12 Afr (Africa), 11 Afgh (Afghanistan), 11 FBI (FBI and US internal security), 10 Asia, 7 Pol (US domestic politics), 7 Isr (Israel/Palestine), 6 DOD (US Department of Defense), 6 Amer (Latin America), 5 Egy (Egypt), 5 Tor (US torture policy), 5 Eco (Economics), 4 Iraq, 3 Pak (Pakistan), 3 Env (Environment), 2 East (Eastern Europe), 1 Leb (Lebanon), 1 Can (Canada).

This issue’s significant entries are:

VERr (“Verion”, US eavesdropping scandal),
• Ver 0608 NYT/ Administration Says Mining of Data Is Crucial to Fight Terror [and who decides if it’s & “modest encroachments on privacy” or not]
• Ver 0608 ProPublica/ A Timeline of Mass Surveillance in America
• Ver 0609 NYT/ White House Plays Down Data Program [so it’s “just business as usual” or “nothing new, we’ve been doies it for a longtime”]
• Ver 0610 NYT/ Feinstein “Open” to Hearings on Surveillance Programs [it’s nice to be “open” but she can’t do much]
• Ver 0611 NYT/ Debate on Secret Data Looks Unlikely, Partly Due to Secrecy [and these are the people proposed for “oversight”, and they can’t debate the subject]
• Ver 0613 NYT/ NSA Chief Says Phone Logs Halted Terror Threats [that’s like saying “the hospitals and doctors aaved a few lives”]
• Ver 0617 NYT/ New Leak Indicates US and Britain Eavesdropped at ’09 World Conferences [nothing new after US/UK spying on the UN before the Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003]
• Ver 0620 CNBC/ Silicon Valley and Spy Agency Bound by Web Advances
• Ver 0620 NYT/ Obama Says Surveillance Helped in Case in Germany [one would hope that such massive eavesdropping would have at least a few “successes” to fustify its huge budget, but does no one have the right to judge its “cost efficienty” and its mistakes]

• Egy 0617 BBC/ Morsi gives Egypt governorships to Islamist allies – The most significant appointment is for the tourist hotspot of Luxor, where the new governor comes from a party set up by an extremist group that carried out deadly attacks on foreigners in the 1990s [will the names of the death tourists appear in the new travel borchures]
• Egy 0617 NYT/ New Governor Shock to Some Inside Egypt – The new governor of Luxor, Adel Asaad Khayyat, comes from the political arm of an Islamist group that once carried out terrorist attacks [against foreign tourists, so let the tourist industry decide whether or not to trust the islamist government]

TECH (Technology & Global Topics)
• Tech 0609 NYT/ How the US Uses Technology to Mine More Data More Quickly [little new information and no information of techniques involved, just “big is better” approach].
• Tech 0615 NYT/ Ecuador Legislature Approves Curbs on News Media – The measure, long sought by President Rafael Correa, would impose fines for coverage deemed by regulators as unfair [this would put Fox and Murdoch out of business, but then denying the Holocost and inciting racial hatred are illegal in many countries]

• DOD 0608 NYT/ Defense Contractors Battle to Get Windfall Contracts for Mexican Border Surveillance [economic crisis and deficit, but “business must go on” no matter what the “threat” to the USA]

• Pol 0618 NYT/ GOP Pushes New Abortion Limits to Appease Vocal Base [forget about women — ties that bind and money determine US polictics].

• West 0614 WP/ Britain tells airlines NSA leaker Snowden not welcome, should not be allowed [NSA and GCHQ still “joined at the hip” and NSA “runs British politics#]

• Afr 0609 NYT/ Dropped Charges in Deadly Rape Provoke Fury in South Africa, and Pessimism: Before she died, the victim provided the name of the man who assaulted her, but the case against him was nonetheless dismissed for lack of evidence [which may means he was a member of the ANC or the police]

• Isr 0620 Reu/ New Palestinian prime minister offers resignation[was it Fatah intrangency, or Hamas intrangency, or both]

• Syr 0611 NYT/ Syrian Teenager’s Public Death Reveals Growing Anger as Civil War Continues [jihadists are undermining anti-Assad support]

• Tur 0614 CBC/ No clear result after Turkish PM, protesters meet [but at least they met, which is quite different in the Middle East]



Intelligence, Secrecy & Power, N. 619, 21 JUNE 2013

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